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Humanities units 6, 7 test review


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people are beast, at best, and the successful ruler is one who treats him accordingly
In his book Machiavelli concludes that??
"two treatises of government" to justify constitutional monarchy
John Locke wrote??
Italian artist similar to gentileschi
Caravaggio was an ???
rebuilt churches, sponsored hospitals, and commisioned public art works
what did the Medici Famil do?
Italian sculpturist
Bernini was??
A Polish astronomer and mathmatican that theorized that the sun was the stationary point of the universe (not the earth
Who was Copernicus?
his version of utopia were the sole injunction was to do what you wanted, but with manners.
Rabelais wrote about?
What technologist in the R period
light, natural light streaming into the interior
Jan Vermeer specialized in
"the assumption of the virgin" and used rich colors, and chubby cherubs
Reubens painted?
the enlightenment
what term was used to describe the intellectual, scientific, and personal advances
during the 100 year war between England and France
when was gunpowder first used?
A famous Italian poet known for his italian sonnets and love poetry
Petrarch was?
landscape paintings (view of Haarlem)
Van Ruisdael specialized in...
Printing, Gunpowder, and the compass
Chinese inventions that were imported to the west?
of the beauty of things
Nature was a form of worship to the humanistic god's because?
Men were the measure of all things (humanistic view)
Machiavelli believed that??
revival of intrest in the achievements of the ancient greeks and romans
Renaissance also means??
copernicus's heliocentric theory with his telescope
Galileo proved?
what scientist was in the R period
a christian Humanist who supported reformation in the church, but preferred to stay within the catholic church
Erasmus of Rotterdam
a respect for human achievement and commitment to the public good
what is Civic Humanism
created sacred images from the bible, communicates emotion and sadness
was a spanish writer who was for chivalry. he also fought in the crusades, and experienced in his own life the changes in R society
who used violent subject matters, and woman. also used contrast between light and dark for dramatic effect.
Gentieschi was an Italian artist who?
Protestants and Cathlics, later involving modern nation-states
the Thirty years of war started out between who?
rebirth. not in spiritual sense, but in the learning and art sense
What Does Renaissance mean
he reigned in florence, and he was a patron of some of the greatest artist & sculpturist of the period (died in 1442 ending rich florentine R)
why was Lorenzo de Medicus significant?
modern science
francis bacon is the founder of what
Greek and Roman
what subjects were frequently used in the art work of the R
promoted the study of platonism and advocated platonic love (a spiritual bend between Lovers of beauty)
Ficino was?
an Italian diplomat and author. Wrote the book "the prince" which examines technique of the ruling power
who was Machiavelli?
in the wealthy city-states of italy were wealthy bankers and merchants patronized artists, musicians, and scholars
The R's ideals were most visable were
a large dome with corinthian columns and twin towers.
Christopher Wren's, St. Paul's Cathedral was
Wealth of Nations (documents principles of capitalism)
Adam Smith Wrote??
Luther, Calvin
what religious reformers were in the R period
established a land trade route to India and China
What did Marco Polo do?
Marco polo, Columbus
explorers from the R period
the sun king
Louis XIV is also known as
the "divine right of kings." the kings of England and France ruled with absolute power that was claimed to be givin by god
what is absolutism?
chancellor of England who wrote a book about a perfect governement (a utopia) with a philosophy similar to communisum
Sir Thomas Moore
architects of IL Gesu
vignola and della porta were
Lenardo, Michael Angelo, and Raphael
what artist led the R period?
Trade, colonization, and the ecenomic interests of the nations
the whole world was open to european dominance and exploitation through...
classic writers, and was derived from the classical writers, and thrived under the republican government of Florence, Italy.
where did civis Humanism Come from
church in rome with the first representative of a new style of architecture: counter-reformation
IL Gesu (Church OF Jesus) was a
the universal law of gravitation, and invented calculus (math)
Sir Isaac Newton discovered

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