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What is the normal RBC count
5.4 million/drop in males and 4.8 million/drop in females
Which are the most abundant of plasma proteins
albumin, globulin and fibrinogen
What is the function of transferrin
To transport FE+3 in the bloodstream
What is the total blood volume in liters of the average adult
5-6 liters in males and 4-5 liters in females
What does the suffix penia indicte
When blood vessels are damaged, what methods do the body use to correct it
vascular spasms, platelet plug formation and blood clotting (coagulation - formation of fibrin thread)
What Vitamin corelates with prothombin and what does prothombin do
a glycoprotein produced in the liver and necessary for the coagulation of blood. Vitamin K is essential for the synthesis of prothrombin.
What is fibrinolysis
dissolution of a clot
Which leukocytes are granular
eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils
Why might someone with a disorder preventing the absorption of fat from the intestine have uncontrolled bleeding
Because Vitamin K is fat soluable and absorbed through the lining of the intestine and into the blood if absorption is normal. Normal clotting depends on Vit K
How does thrombus differ from embulis
Thrombus is a clot forming in an unbroken blood vessel and an embulus is a clot air bubble or fat from a broken bone or debris found in the bloodstream that moves from its site of origin
In what group do natural killer cells belong
What is erythropoitin , where is it synthasized and what does it do
A hormone released by the kidneys that stimulates RBC production
What antibodies are in type AB blood
They have no antibodies to attack RBC's
Which WBC's are most abundant and least abundant
most - neutrophils, least - basophils
In which organs are the macrophages responsible for phagocytizing worn-out red blood cells
spleen and liver
What are the functions of plasma proteins
maintain blood osmotic pressure, antibodies to bind foriegn substances, and clotting
Define hematocrit
The percentage of total blood volume occupied by RBC's
What part of hemaglobin carries O2 and what part carries Co2
Each Heme can carry one O2. Globin carries Co2
What is the initial stimulus for vasoconstriction that occours in hemostasis
damage to smooth muscle, pain, substances released by activated platelets
What cells and protien are responsible for the transport of Oxygen
Red blood cells carry the oxygen carrying protein hemaglobin
Which leukocytes are agranular
lympocytes and monocytes
Why is type O considered the theoretical universal donor
They have neither a nor b antigens on their RBC's
What is chemotaxis
The chemical attraction of WBC's to a disease or injury site
What are the functions of blood
transportation, regulation and protection
What may pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells become
Blood cells
What is thrombosis
clotting in an unbroken blood vessel
What formed elements are fragments of megakaryocytes
What is the relation of hemoglobin and bile pigments
When the FE is removed from the heme, the non-iron portion is converted into billiverdin and then to billirubin
What is the stimulus for erythropoiesis
Tissue hypoxia
Which WBC's are phagocytic
neutrophils, eosinophils, and monocytes
What is the size and shape of a normal erythrocyte
biconcave disc measuring 7-8 microns in diameter
What is the main component in the buffy coat of centrifuged blood
WBC's and patelets
In ABO blood typing, where are the antigens located
On the surface of RBC's
What percent of the total body mass does blood constitute
What is cyanosis
blue/purple skin discoloration due to not enough O2 in blood. Best seen in nail beds or mucus membranes
Describe erythropoiesis
RBC's break down in spleen or liver, the globin breaks down to amino acids and the Fe is removed from heme and attaches to transfirin and is transported to liver/spleen and when it leaves there the Fe goes back to red bone marrow where new rbc's are made and released

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