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Who led the Romans into France in 52 BC
Julius Caesar
How tall is Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe
15,771 feet/4,805 meters
How many people live in metropolitan Paris
About nine million
How many Francophone people are in the world
About 175,000,000
How long ago did the two Frenchmen, Joseph-Nicephore and Louis Daguerre, invent photography
150 years ago
Who crowned himself emperor in 1804
Napoléon Bonaparte
What was the profession of Coco Chanel
Fashion designer
Which king of France was known as the Sun King
Louis XIV
Who married Joséphine Beauharnais
Napoloéon Bonaparte
How do you say "Do you speak French?" in French
Parlez vous français?
Who led the underground resistance movement for those opposed to the Nazi takeover in France
General Charles de Gaulle
Which art movement do the painters Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste
What opera did Georges Bizet write that is considered hi masterpiece
What parts of the United States have Francophone communities
Louisiana and New England
Marie Antoinette was not French. What nationality was she
Where is la Guadeloupe located
In the Carribean
What did the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière invent
The movie camera an projector.
During World War II, what percentage of France's factories, machinery and
Who is Zinédine Zidane
A soccer player of Algerian origin who brought the World
What fragrant purple flower is grown for the perfume industry in the South of France?
Name a Francophone country in North Africa.
Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia
When did France play host to the World Cup for soccer
Couscous is a popular dish in France. Where did it come from
North Africa
When did gothic architecture originate in France
The 12 century
What is the largest island in la Polynésie française
Where does France's economy compare to the rest of the world
The 5th largest
When was Jacques Chirac elected president
What is the Spanish word for French
How many people were executed in the French Revolution
Who was made emperor in 800 AD
What Francophone countries are in Asia
Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
What is the German word for French
Who was the first president of the 5th Republic
Charles de Gaulle
Prior to the Roman invasion what was the language of the French people
Which family had the fleur de lis as a symbol
The Bourbons

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