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Data Processing Chapter 5


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Standard for most of today's monitors, using a suggested resolution of 800X600, 1024X768, and having the ability to display up to 16 milion possible colors.
super video graphics aray
Most of today'ws monitors are _________ and they provide a much better, flicker-free image.
An output device that produces text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper or transperancy film.
Takes the image that displays on a computer screen and projects it onto a screen so that an audiance of people can see the image clearly
data rojector
Allows only you to hear sound from the computer
Programs that encourage manufacturers to create energy-efficient devices that require little power when they are not in use.
Forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper by striking a mechanism against an ink ribbon that physically contacts the paper.
Impact Printer
In a color monitor, three dots- one ____, one ____, one ____- are combined to make up each pixel.
red, blue, green
A standard printer language designed to support the fonts and layout used in standard office documents.
PCL (Printer Language Control)
Components of a computer that produce music, speech, or other sounds, such as beeps.
Audio output devices
Powdered ink packaged in a cartridge
A color printer designed to produce lab quality pictures from any image that has been scanned or taked with a digital camera.
snapshot printer
A monitor with higher resolution displays a greater number of pixels which provides a _______ image.
Performs the processing and then sends the output back to the dumb terminal
Host computer
Hardsopy that can be printed in portriate or landscape orientation.
Transmits computer-prepared documents, such as a word processing letter, or documents that have been digitized with a scanner or digital camera.
Fax Modem
In recent years, _____________ have replaced many intelligent terminals.
Personal Computers
The goal of egonomics is to incorporate ______, _______, ______ into the design of items in the workplace.
comfort, safety, efficiency
The super Video Graphics Arrat (SVGA) stndard has ___ ______ possible simultaneous colors.
16 million
A device that performs both input and output because it consists of a monitor, a keyboard, and a video card
As iwth other types of memory, VRAM is measured in ________.
If the Web is worked on or multiple applications are used at one time, a user should invest in at least a ___ inch monitor
A self-service banking machine attached to a host computer through a telephone network.
The size of a monitor is measured ________________.
Diagionally from corner to corner
Used to record purchases at the point where the consumer purchases the product or service
Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal
The POS terminal used in grocery stores is a comination of an electronis cash register and a _________
Bar code reader
Electromagnetic radiation is greatest at the ____ and ____ of a monitor.
sides and back
A high-speed, high-quality non impact printer
laser printer
A letter, number, punctuation mark, ot any oyher symbol that requires one byte of computer storage space.
The speed of a dot-matrix printer is measured by the number of ____________ it can print.
characters per second
A lightweight thin screen that consumes less power than a CRT monitor. (Two common types: LCD, Gas Plasma)
flat-panel display
Many impact printers produce ______ print, which is used for such jobs as mailing labels, envelopes, ot invoices.
Near Letter Quality (NLQ)
Because of their reasonable cost and letter-quality print, ____ printers have become the most popular type of color printers for use in the home.
A display device that consists of a screen housed in a plastic or metal case.
CRT monitor
Sharpness or clarity
Converts digital output into an analog video signal that is sent through a cable to the monitor.
video-card or graphics card
A type of non-impact printer that forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink onto a piece of paper.
ink-jet printer
The primary advantage of a multifunction device is that ___________________.
If the machine breaks down, you lose all four funstions
Printer resolution is measured by the number of _______.
Dots Per Inch (DPI)
The speed of an in-jet printer is measured by the number of ______ it can print.
Pages per minute
While laser printers typically cost more than _______ printers, they are faster.
When printing a document, laser printers process and store ____________ before they actually print it.
the entire page
Some portable printers use ______ technology, while others use thermal or thermal wax-transfer
Ink Jet
A measure of image clarity. Distance between the pixels
dot pitch
The speed at which the monitor redraws images on the screen.
refresh rate
Two commonly used audio output devices are ______ and ______.
Speakers and Headsets
LCS monitors use ___ _____ _____ rather that traditional CRT monitors.
liquid crystal display
In windows, the resolution and other monitor characteristics can be changed using the _____ _____ dialog box.
Display Properties
A ________ transmits computer-prepared documents, such as a word processing letter, ot documents that have been digitized with a scanner or digital camera.
fax modem
If ____ software is available, documents received through a fax modem can be edited.

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