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7th Comic Book Primer


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copy deck
the person who writes the script from which the story will emerge
thought balloons
to show when people are thinking
the person who looks over the stories for errors as well as helps the creative team find direction for telling the stories
parts in the script where the writer tells what should be on each page
the person who colors the inker's and artists' work
the person who goes over the artist's pencil lines with ink to make them stand out
narratory blocks
little rectangles or squares where a narrator, may be a chacacter from the story, shares special information with us.
word balloons
to show where people speak
open panels
panels where one or more, or even all, of the sides are open to help show dramatic effect
the person who puts the words in the right places and makes them clearly legible; might also put in the sound effects.
the boss! The person all of the above must make happy
the person who draws the script, usually using pencils
all the written directions for how the comic book will get put together; the dialogue for the comic
splash page
usually a panel that takes up the whole page, used to help introduce stories or give special attention to battles or particular events

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