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The Versions command is located under the Tools menu.
Person to Person
You have additional options to return the document after the last recipient has viewed it and to track the progress of the document as it is routed from who?
Eight; reuses colors
Word uses different colors for up to ______ reviewers. If there are more reviewers, Word ______.
Clicking in the balloons in the markup OR open the comment pane and edit the text there.
How do you edit comments?
Stores frequently used text, graphics, and formats and is used as a pattern to create other similar documents.
Default Location
To make document templates easily accessible for workgroups they are store in what?
Tracking-- Revision marks appear in ______ color that the original text.
If several reviewers have tracked their changes for the same document, can you combine all the changes into one document?
No changes (Read only), Track changes, Comments, or Filling in Forms
Under Editing restrictions, you have the option to allow ______, ______, ______, or ______.
You cannot edit an earlier version of a document.
Digital signature
An attachment to a file, macro project, or e-mail message that certifies that the signer originated the document and that the information in the file is valid or that the macro project is safe.
1) opening the Tools menu and clicking Track Changes. 2) using the Track changes button on the Reviewing toolbar.
How can Revision Tracking be turned on?
When you ______ a document, you control the kinds of changes a reviewer can make by making it a read-only or comments-only document.
Allows you to control the process of sending a document to a number of people who need to review it.
Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar tab, Settings button
How do you change the spaces required between sentences?
Tools; Save As; Security Options
To save a document as read-only recommended or to restrict access to a document with passwords, click the ______ button in the ______ dialog box, the select ______ from the submenu.
If the document is displayed in Print Layout or Web Layout view, details about the changes are displayed in ______ in the margins of the document.
Read-only recommended
To protect templates from being altered, they can be saved as what?
If changes are made by different authors, will they show up in the document as the same color?
File Properties
Provides descriptive information about a document (document title, author name, keywords)
Hide it
What must you do to print a document without markup?
Markups are not displayed in the Print Layout, Web Layout, or Outline views.
Right-click on the revision and then select a choice from the shortcut menu.
What is a quick way to accept or reject a revision?
Open one of the documents, open the Tools menu, select Compare and Merge Documents. Locate the file to be compared, turn on the Legal blackline option, click Compare.
How does one compare documents?
Locked; Lock
All subdocuments are ______ when they are collapsed and display the ______ icon under the subdocument icon at the left of the subdocument title.
Is text you add displayed in color with an underline?
Color; strikethrough; balloon
Tracking-- The text you delete will be displayed in a different ______ with a ______ effect or in a markup ______ at the right side of your document.
If the user chooses to open the document as read-nly, the document can be edited.
Tools, Protect Document
How do you protect a document?
Master Document
Enables you to organize and maintain a long document by dividing it into smaller subdocuments.
Tools, Options, click Security Tab, click Digital signature
How do you get to digital signatures?
1) move to the next revision. 2) accept the revisions. 3) restore the original wording. 4) return to a previous revision. 5) accept or reject all changes.
How can you review revisions easily using the Reviewing toolbar?
The ______ toolbar contains the tools you need to work with master documents and subdocuments.
You cannot tell Word to automatically save a new version each time a document is closed and you cannot save a version anytime you want.
What allows you to edit a document while also keeping the original document intact?
Does Word show the difference between two documents when you use the Compare and Merge feature?
Clicking ______ on the View menu will display or hide all markup in the document.
Allows you to save multiple versions of the same document and record information about each version.
A separate document file.
Tools; Compare and Merge Document
How do you Compare and Merge a document?
a new name
To revise an earlier version, you must first open that version and save the document under what?
To view or change properties for a file, open the File menu and click Properties.
In the order
Routing-- You can choose to have recipients recieve the document one after the other ______ you have indicated in the To box.
Protect Document-- Before allowing others to review a document, you may choose to ______ acces to the document.
Revision Bar
A vertical line called a ______ ______ appears un the left margin wherever revisions have been made.
Make changes
If a subdocument is locked, you can view the document but you cannnot ______.
When a user makes changes to a read-nly document, he does not have to save it under a different filename.
Revision marks and comments.
Hold Ctrl and click the hyperlink
Collapsed subdocuments appear in the master document as hyperlinks. How can you follow these hyperlinks?
1) Members of a workgroup can work on the individual subdocuments at the same time. 2) The individual subdocuments can then be give consecutive page numbers and consisten formatting. 3) They can be printed with on click of the Print command
What are benefits of subdocuments?
1) move them around in the master document. 2) merge one or more into a single subdocument. 3) Split portions of a subdocument into separate subdocuments.
When subdocuments are collapsed, you can
To protect template from being altered, they can be _______ protected.
You cna send the document to all of your designated recipients at once.
Review, open, print, and delete
After saving multiple versions, you can ______, ______, ______, and ______ earlier versions.
Notes that are added wihtin a doucment by the author and reviewers.
Share their ideas and suggestions
The comment feature provides an easy way for reviewers to ______ without changing the content of the document.
Click Insert Comment button on Reviewing toolbar OR Insert, Comment.
How do you insert a comment?
Revision Marks
Indicates changes such as insertions, deletions, and formatting changing (character, paragraph)

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