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History Exams

hey guys. here are the history vocabulary words for the exams for 8th grade.


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when the winner of a primary receives all of the delegates from the state that she won in
a formal statement of the principles, stands on major issues, and objectives of a party
Presidential Electors
people that make up the electoral college
a court order ordering someone to provide evidence for a case
Chief Administrator
President's role as director of federal bureaucracy
Direct Tax
a tax that has to be directly paid to the government by the person who the tax is given to
Balance the Ticket
when a presidential candidate chooses a running mate who will strengthen their chances of winning
people that were lead by Thomas Jefferson that wanted more power for the states
Electoral Votes
votes that members of the electoral college cast for President
a person that fills in a vacancy
when the bankrupt's assets are distributed to those who the debt is owed to
people that were lead by Alexander Hamilton that wanted a stronger central government
the right of authors to control the reproduction and use of their creations
when Congress assigns a particular amount of money for a cause
Presidential Succession Act of 1947
law on the process of presidential succession
Inherent Powers
powers that aren't really mentioned but can be lead to
Eminent Domain
the power of the government to take public land for public usage
Keynote Adress
a speech given at a national convention
Proportional Representation
when the # of delegates given to a participant in a primary goes with the percentage of the vote they receive
Design Patents
a patent that bans the unauthorizewd use of new and original designs for manufacturing articles
Implied Powers
powers that are implied in the Constitution but not specifically stated
Indirect Tax
a tax that's levied to goods or services
a general agreement
Commander in Cheif
President's role as commander of the armed forces
Plant Patents
a patent that protects certain invented or discovered plant type
to accuse someone in the government with misconduct
Chief Executive
President's role as the possessor of the executive power
Commerce Power
the power ot control trade insideand outside of the country
Presidential Succession
when presidential vacancies are fiiled
Cheif Legislator
President's role as creator of public policy
Deficit Financing
the governmental process of spending and borrowing money to make up for the money that the government doesn't have
severe criticism or expressed disapproval
Chief of State
President's role as the ceremonial head of government
Utility Patents
a type of patent that protects useful machines, processes, compositions of matter, and articles of manufacture
a right grants a person the right to use, create, and sell their creation
Electoral College
people chosen from the states and DC to select President and Vice President
a right that protects words, symbols, names, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services
Cheif Citizen
President's role as representative of the people
Cheif Diplomat
President's role as the spokesperson to the rest of the world
Public Debt
all of the money borrowed by the Federal Government that hasn't been repaid
when citizens from one country become citizens of another country
to find someone not guilty
lying under oath
Cheif of Party
President's role as leader of their party
Trade Secrets
information that companies and businesses keep secret to give them an advantage over their rivals
Necessary and Proper Clause
a clause that gives Congress the power to use all laws that are necessary and proper
Expressed Powers
powers that are specifically stated in the Constitution
a principle or fundamental policy
Legal Tender
any kind of money that has to be accepted if offered in a payment of debt

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