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joint warfare


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What is the mission of joint warfare
The nature of modern warfare demands that we fight as a joint team. This was important yesterday, it is essential today, and it will be even more imperative tomorrow.
what does the term "purple" mean
having knowledge of other services and joint operations
what is command and control and who has it over a joint force
the direction of forces by a designated commander for mission accomplishment; this is done by the joint force commander(JFC)
what is JTIDS
Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
what is J-STARS
Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
who is the immediate military staff of the Sec Defense
the joint chiefs
what made the JCS planners and advisors
the national security act of 1947
What did the Goldwater-Nichols DoD Reorganization Act of 1986 do to joint operations
1. enhanced the role of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
2. created the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who can replace the chairman
3. Removed the JCS from the operational chain of command(advisors only)
who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Gen Richard Myers, USAF
who is the Vice chairman
Gen Peter Pace USMC
who is the chief of staff US Army
Gen Eric Shinseki USA
who is the chief of naval operations
Adm Vern Clark USN
who is the commandant of the Marine Corp
Gen James Jones USMC
who is the Chief of Staff US Air Force
Gen John P. Jumper USAF
what are the fundamentals of joint warfare
-Unity of effort
-Concentration of Military power
-seizing and maintaining the initiative
-operations extended to fullest breadth and debth
-maintainin freedom of action
-sustaining operations
-Clairity of expression
-knowledge of self
-knowledge of enemy
-employment of friendly strength against enemy's weakness and avoind exposing friendly weaknesses to enemy strengths
what is unity of effort
all efforts directed toward the achievement of common aims
what is concentration of military power
to operate with overwhelming force in terms of both the quantity of forces as well as the quality of their training and planning
seizing and maintaining the initiative
continuing actions offensive in nature to gain military advantage
the ability to move forces quickly and easily
operations extended to fullest breadth and depth
pressuring the enemy to disperse forces over a broad area in order to complicate enemy planning
maintaining freedom of action
maintaining options for action by providing operational security and logistical support
sustaining operations
focused deployment of forces and standardized logistical support to sustain joint operations
clarity of expression
using common terms and procedures
knowledge of self
to know the capabilities and limitations of friendly forces
knowledge of enemy
understanding enemy capabiilities and intentions
employment of friendly strength against the enemy's weekness and avoid exposing friendly weaknesses to enemy strengths
knowing oneself and knowing the enemy
combined forces
forces joined by a formal alliance for a common, broad, long-range objectives
Coalition forces
from temporary agreements between nations
lead nations command
where a nation providing most of the forces leads the effort
dominant maneuver
is the multidimensional application of information, engagement, and mobility to employ forces
Precision engagement
use of systems that enable our forces to locate the objective or target and generate the desired effect
Full-dimensional protection
the multi-layered offensive and defensive capability to protect our forces and facilities
Focused logistics
the fusion of information, logistics, and transportation technologies to provide rapid crisis response
what does it mean to be purple
to have knowledge of other services and joint operations
what are combined forces
forces joined by a formal alliance for a long term period
what are coalition forces
forces that are joined under a temporary agreement between nations
what are the provisions of the Goldwater-Nicholas Act
-enhanced the role of the Chairman of JCS
-Created the Vice-Chairman of JCS
-removed the JCS from the operational chain of command
What is precision engagement
the ability of our forces to engage the enemy, evaluate the success of the engagement, and engage again if necessary
what are the three communication improvements
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