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What material is used to make government-issue dress white jumpers and trousers?
Navy Twill
In what year was the Purple Heart founded by President Washington?
Division officer are required to inspect the uniforms of nonrated personnel at regular intervals for what reason
As part of the PQS
Which of the following information is marked on uniforms?
Both Name and Social Security number
Which of the following is the purpose of the armed forces ID card under article 17 of the Geneva Convention?
As a means of identification for POWs
Occupational groups are identified by what means?
A group mark, which is worn on the left sleeve of jumpers and white summer shirts
What is the largest size stencil authorized for marking clothing
1 inch
The neckerchief is made from which of the following materials?
Black acetate
A pace consists of a full step of what length for (a) men and (b) women?
(a) 30 inches (b) 24 inches
Talk is permitted when you are in which of the following formation positions?
When large medals are prescribed for wear with the dress blue uniform, the uniform is known as
Service dress
According to grooming standards for women, what is the maximum length of fingernails (as measured from the tip of the finger)?
1/4 inch
Battle of Midway; Adm Yamamoto vs Admiral Nimitz. Japan attacked US at Midway Island in attempt to sink carriers. Japan lost 4 carriers, US lost 1 (USS Yorktown).
June 4-7 1942
first commissioned aircraft carrier
USS Saratoga
The birthplace of the Navy
Philadelphia, PA. Continental Congress passed first navel legislation here.

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