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English 8: literary terms


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Notes on dialogue for ATTWN
Tense and cautious. Secretive. Judging each other. Showy:they try to impress each other. Curious. British. Small talk.
stories that involve a suspenseful event.
Is a story with 2 meanings: first the literal meaning and 2nd a symbolic meaning. An extended metaphor. Persons, actions, objects in a story are connected with meanings that lie outside the story. The meaning has moral, social, religious, or political importance.EX: ants=working hard in society, communism
a dominant idea or central theme in a story. It is usually a recurring element in the story and helps develop story's theme.
*internal dialogue
when a character talks to himself.
How does a narrator make a story effective?
By spinning our a good plot and making the reader interested. He needs to relate to the reader. Humor helps.
using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning. A kind of humor.
something that occurs that previews an event.The use of hints in a story to suggest future action. It helps to build suspense.
series of events that happen in a story.
omnipresent narrator
an all knowing narrator who is not a character in the story and who can move from place to place - and pass back and forth through time.
dramatic irony
when the words and actions of the characters of a story have a different meaning for the reader than they do for the characters. The reader has a greater knowledge than the characters.
Genre is the French word for kind. All books are classified into different genres and each genre has different characteristics. Kinds of genre are 1.) mystery 2.) fiction 3.) romance. Dividing literary works into genres is a way of classifying them into particular categories.
The use of objects, characters, figures or colors to represent ideas.
Are objects, characters, figures or colors used to represent an idea. Something that represents something else. It has an exact meaning. EX: blue=sadness. Rose=flower, Rose=love.
topic or subject in a story

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