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organization that reduced tariffs among its members which were the german states lead by prussia
feeling of patriotism, pride, inheritage, language, customes, beliefs, and culture
austrian emipre of the Hapsburg, ottoman empire, imperial russia
during most of the 19th century, eastern europe was made up of 3 large empires: ____, _____, and ______
Congress of Vienna - 4 major aims
1) restore balance of power. 2) take away freedoms gained by Fr. Rev. 3) put former monarchs back on thrown in europe 4) built a lasting peace.
The type of art that painters use to show how something looked "at a glance" using pure, shimmering colors to capture that first "impression"
Giuseppe Mazzini
instilled nationalism by saying that their Roman ancestors had ruled the greatest empire in the world.
leader of the unification movement
problems, war
because of the new threat from Napoleon, the Quadruple Alliance remained in effect. Formed in 1814 (AKA concept of Europe) it met to discuss ____ and prevent ____
Sigmund Freud
The psychologist who argued that emotional disorders can be traced to childhood experience
Prince Talleyrand of france
joined Metternich against Prussia Russia
Leopold van Ranke
The 19th century historian said that historical writers should use the methods of science to make the study of history more accurate and should study primary sources
movement for Italian unity(means resurgence)
Peter Tchaikovsky
Russian wrote "1812 overture" to celebrate Russia's victory over Napoleon
German Confederation
39 German States became the _____ which was an alliance of independent dominated by Austria. This upset german nationalists
Count Camillo Cavour
was prime minister of the kingdom of sardinia.
political philosophy that emphasized progress, reform, and individual freedom
liberal, nationalism
Matternich hated ____ ideas taht sparked Fr. Revolution. Austrians especially hated _____ because so many different people lived under Austrian rule.
Charles Dickens
An english novelist
accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna, independence, belgum, piedmont, lumbardie, venitia, france, finland, norway
1) switzerland regained its ____ 2) netherlands became a kingdom that included ____ 3) Sardinia received former Italian State of ____ 4) Austria gained Italian states of ____ and ____ 5) Prussia received some of ___ land 6) Russia allowd to keep ___ and large parts of poland 7) sweden received _____ 8) Britain kept its overseas possessions including Dutch Cape Colony in SA.
Charles Darwin
Came up with the idea that the fittest members of any species survived the longest and wrote about his theory of evolution in a book called "The Origin of the Species" and his theories contradicted the biblical view of creation and began a major controversy between religious thinkers and natural scientists
known as the upper class
a diplomatic who dominated congress of Vienna.
holy roman empire
the 1st german reich
before Congress of Vienna finished, napoleon's ____ days began.
european monarchs, charity, peace, ruling
Also in 1815, the ____ ____ agreed to follow christian principles of ____ and _____ in ____ their subjects and with each other. Britain was not a member of this.
reichstag, bundesrat
german parliament consisted of the ____ and the ____
known as the lower class
all of europe catches cold
Metternich supposidly said "Whenever France sneezes, ______." the likeliest meaning of his comment is whatever happens in France, spreads in europe
Vincent Van Gogh & Paul Gauguin
two of the most famous post-impressionist painters
another name for emperor
congress of Vienna
between September 1814 - june 1815, delegates from many european countries met in Vienna, Austria.
Red Shirts and Giuseppe Garibaldi
1000 red-shirted Italian patriots sailed from Genoa to Sicily determined to free kingdom from its Bourbon king.
the study on the mind and behavior
Restoration of monarchs, papal, burban, hapsburg
pope gained ___ states, ____ dynasty back on throne of France, and ______ dynasty still on the throne of Austria-Hungry
Pablo Piccaso
the spanish artist that led the cubist movement
the kind of 19th century art that looked at natural shapes and tried to paint them as geometrical forms
the great powers
great britian, prussia, russia, austria
2nd german reich
was created in 1871 with Prussia's king William I crowned Kaiser(emperor); Bismark became the 2nd most powerful man in the country
political philosophy emphasized tradition and established institution
Post Impression
Showed artists getting even further away from realism in paintings than impressionists did by using vivid colors and distorted images.
the study of inherited traits
3rd german reich
was under hitler
purpose of the Congress of Vienna
worked out a peace settlement
along with liberalism and nationalism\, another movement, called ____ swept over Europe during the late 1700's
Otto Won Bismark
prime minister of Prussia in 1862 under King William the I, opposed democracy and favored strong monarchy

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