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Renaissance Test


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used the ancient Greek ad roman form of free standing sculpture, first large free standing nude since Romans
Cosimo's son, grandson ______, ad great grandfater ruled after his death
most recognizable part of the Mona Lisa
give a painting the illusion of distance
leo offered to sell his ideas in times of crises, but was often _____ at the unbelievable ideas
Hans Holbein the Younger
specialized in super relaistic detail, won great success in England painting portraits
painted mostly Madonnas and portraits, died at age of 37
characteristics of the Renaissance
Love of Classical Learning, enjoyment of Worldly pleasures, celebrationf othe individual
ideal man
educated, charming, polite, witty, dance, wirtter of poetry, singer, music, rider, wrestler, swordsman
Cosimo Medici
beautified Florence, artistic and scholarly projects
Mona Lisa
portrait commisioned by Florentine merchant, but was never delievered
used technique of perspective
enjoyment of worldly pleasures
material luxuries, away from religion and more to the secular, love and enjoy life, extravagances
portraits, autobiographies
new art forms that showed the interest of the individual
Bapistrey;s Bronze Doors
50 years to complete, 22,000 florins, scenes from Bible
trained uner Ghiberti briefly
Leonardo di Vinci
invented his own plaster that dries slower, but the paintings are chipping away
Cosimo Medici
ruled Florence from behind
conditions that encouraged the Ren
trade, influx of knowledge, independent city states, merchant class
Albrecht Durer
brought the Italian realism influence back to Germany. Helped spread Renaissance style and inspire others
Bapistrey's Bronze Dorrs
created by Lorenzo Ghiberti
reasons for Ren.
trade, influx of knowledge, powerful merchants, independent city states
italian reniassance
rebirth of classical greek and roman
favorite artist of Pope Leo X
painted the private library of Pope Julius II
The Courtier
Ren. man standard was set by which book
painted the famous "School of Athens"
set the standard for what every educated indiviual should now
Dome of the Cathedral of Florence
created by Brinelleschi
Dante Alighieri
The Divine Comedy
scholar who studied the writting of the ancient Greeks and Romans
dante, middle ages, vernacular
____ changed the writting of peoams by bridging the ____ ____ and the Renaissance. He wrote in _____ and written Italian, which inspired the writers of the Renaissance
Renaissance Man
individual who strove master almost skill and art
Machiavelli's view on human nature
ppl are selfish, ficklem and corrupt
Leo's ______ contained pics of flying machines, scuba devices, and other inventions
celebration of the individual
portrait paintings and autobiographies
got access to ___ from the Church, but Leo often grave robbed
eyes, dead fetuses
Leo dissected ___ and ____ ____
Dome of the Cathedral of Florence
370 ft tall, twice size of Hagia Sophia, revival of Roman architecture
wealty merchants were attraction to the Renaissance ideas of individualism and worldly pleasures made ____ the artistic center of N. Europe
Leonardo di Vinci
"the Last Supper"
Importance of the Divine Comedy
The Last Supper
wall of monastary in Milan, faces and hands inspired by ppl on the strret
many ____ artists studied in Italy, yet kept teir own unique style
Cosimo made the first public _____ in W Europe
created by Donatello
Governmnet of Florence
Medici family "ruling", city council (loyal to Medici), Merchant Families
ideal woman
classical education, write well, paint, make music, charming, dsnt seek fame, entertain men
pope moved to _____, and the churhc lost influence
when needing inspiration Raphael often dropped in on ____ at the Sistine Chapel
"THe healing of the Crippled and the Resurrection of Tibitha"
masaccio painted this
"the Father of the Modern Painting"
artistic center of N. Europe
Merchants, bankers, Arts
main bussinesses of Renaissance Florence
Jan van Eyck
used new oil based paint that allowed him to create a variet of subtly colors in clothing and jewels, exceptionally realistic detail
collected taxes, welfare programs, support armies, support art
independent City states ran own affairs:
Library of Pope Julius II
Early Renaissance Art
focused mainly on realsim and the human form, artists began to sign their art
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
captured everyday scenes- such as: weddings, dances, harvest, and the change of season
royal courts
invited artist to work in their realms, hired artist, decorators, and arcitects
Medici rule ends when the ____ King attacks Florence during an invasion of northern Italy
cultural/ intellecutal leaders of the Renaissance, revivied Greek and Roman tradtions, centered on the classics
merchants dominate after the fall of the ____ system in N Italy
Cosimo Medici
wealthiest man of his time/ merchant
The Courtier was written by

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