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Chapter Four

Illuminated Manuscripts


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copy deck
the finest Judiac illuminated manuscripts, containing Jewish religious literature, including historical stores and proverbs
Carpet pages
full pages of decorative design. This name was developed because densely packed design had an intricate patterning associated with oriental carpets
a well-educated scholar who understood Greek & Latin and functioned as both editor and art director, with overall responsibility for the design and production of the manuscripts
writing room during the early Christian era
King of the Franks and leading ruler of central Europe
Carolingian or Caroline miniscule
the forerunner of our contemporary lowercase alphabet, clear, practical and easy to write
interlaces created by animal forms
Gold leaf
a technique where gold was hammered into a fine sheet and applied over an adhesive gound
Classical style
pictorial and historical method of book illustrations
Book of Hours
Europe most popular book contained religious texts for each hour of the day, prayers, and calendar listings the days of important saints
Semi-uncials or half-uncials
a style that uses 4 guidelines, easy to write, had increased legibility, because the visual differentiation between the letters improved
manuscripts on vellum with a portrait of the author
a principle on religious oppositions to representations of living creatures
when a stroke soared above the principle line
(From the Latin texturum, meaning woven fabric or textrum) the favored name for the dominant mode of Gothic lettering
a page designed by Scribe Florentius bearing the words Forentius indignum memorae, which asks the reader to "remember the unworthy Florentius."
Qur-an or Koran
sacred book forms the divine authority for religious, social, and civil life in Islamic societies
a production letterer, who spent his days bent over a writing table penning page after page in a trained letter style
an illustrator who is responsible for the execution of ornament and image in visual support of the text
a two-dimensional decoration formed by a number of ribbons or straps woven into a complex, usually symmetrical design
small or "lowercase" letterforms
the Roman inch
an inscription usually at the end, containing facts about its production
Musical notation
marks used to denote pauses and pitch chages for chants and one of the important contributions of medieval graphic design
when a stroke sinked below the principle line
Scriptura scottia
the national letterform style in Ireland and still used for special writings and as a type style
Turba scriptorium
("crowd of scribes") assembled to prepare master copies of important religious texts
"I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end"
capital letters
Illuminated Manuscript
a term used to describe the vibrant luminosity of gold leaf, as it reflected light from the pages
Celtic style
an abstract and completely complex style; geometric linear patterns weave, twists, and fill a space with thick visual textures, and bright, pure colors are used in close juxtaposition
a graphic principle of decreasing scale of graphic information
rounded, freely drawn majuscle letters more suited to rapid writing than either square capitals or rustic capitals

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