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6. geo(review sheet)


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clear-cutting may cause flooding and what other problems
the gov. of the US and canada are similar in tht they both have
a constitution, supreme court, and cabinet to aid president/prim minister
what causes water pollution in the US and Canada?
acid rain
enslaved afriacan americans had what happened when they ran away to canada
they where protected my the canadian government
cobination of drama and music
NYC street name is internationally identified with popular theater
what are cities doing who have closed heavy industries
retoolong their factories for high-tech chage-over
it was puchased in 1867 as one of the US last frontie purchases
where are the population clusters in canada
along the coasts and inland waterways
carbon monxide from cars creates
acid rain
most ppl of the US or canada have roots tht originated where?
immagrants from europe,asia,or some other are of the world
aschcan school
artist who painted the grim realities of urban life.
what has transformed north american manufacturing techniques
robotics and computer automation
in 2001, traces of which poison in mail raised concerns for safty?
prices in a market economy are based on what principle of economics
supply and demand
affordable health care in which country is a problem
what two cultural elements are uniquely american?
skyscrapers and jazz
which countries are included in NAFTA
mexico, canada and the US
what is the largest export business for canada and the US
transportation equipment and machinery
since the 1970's the US and canada have reduced what around lake erie?
overgrowth of destructive algae
What has caused north america population to continue to grow
immigration from countries seeking freedom and better econmic opportinity
what does the Us give poorer countries in exchange for raw materials
technology and economic aid
what are the negative results of acid rain
destruction of forests, corrosion of buildings and decrease in fish populations
north amercan farms during the past 20 years have seen what trend
decrease in population
most ppl in the US enjoy
high standard living
abstract style
expresses the artist's emotions and attidutes without depicting recognizable images
great mineral resources, technological inventions, and immigrants in need of work contributed greatly to the rise of amerca as a
world power
what name was given to a group of safe house tht assisted people in getting their freedom?
underground railroad
what has helped american farmers today to not be so bound by geography and climate
advantages in farming technology
lousiana purchase
doubled the size of the US and also gave the US control over the mississippi river and acess to the far west
the leading exportor on beef
the USA
group of seven
showed the rugged landscape of canada's far north in bright, dynamic colors
what name is given to a system of trade in which individuals can operate and profit from business
free market economy
after 1776 the americans ruled themselves under a
constitutional republic
the gov of canada unties provinces and territories as one what?
what did americas inland and coastal waterways provide during the 1700's and 1800's
shipping and trade routes, resources for fishing industry and transpotation for growing cities
what is the relationship of canada and the US in respect to trade with each other?
we are each others gratest trading partners with the least restrictions
north amercan economies are based on increasingly
on high tech industries
a territory governed as an administrative or political unit of a country or empire.
what nation sold the US a large tract of land west of the mississippi
france under nepoleon
safe house
it helped thousands of escaping enslaved ppl make their way north to freedom
in the early 1800's what opened up th western US immigration and business?
the transcontinetal railroad
loyatal to the gov.
canadians and americans enjoy sophisticated systems of
communication,education and transportation
for about how many years have ppl populated america
10,000 yrs
a large number of early colonists of canada consisted of which group
loyalists who left american colonies
what canadian province wants to break away and form its' own country?
identify some ways tht canada and the US differ
population, population density larger in usa, climate colder in canada, and gv health programs---Canada is socialized

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