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Note culturelle


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next to your plate
place your bread
several courses
Lunch and dinner usually consist of
What year did France replace francs with euros?
Bon appétit!
Before you start to eat, wish everyone
la salle de bains
sink + shower/bath
after cutting a piece of meat
don't change your fork to the other hand
clay, bamboo, stilts
Côte d'Ivoire homes are
Notre-Dame de Chartres was built on a site where a cathedral had stood since the xth century
wood and painted bright colors
homes in Quebec are made of
because there is a charge for each phone call
why aren't there phones in everyone's room?
eggs are eaten at
Do you respond differently to different compliments?
European Union passport
type of passport
restaurants in the city are
huge, light-filled
It's great because it's
les toilettes
separate room
politely point
as for something __ and never __
lighter, meatless
evening meal
stone or cement blocks
homes in France are made of
national identity card
needed to travel within Europe
unacceptable gift
slowly enjoy
eat ___ and ___ the conversation
age, profession, salary, politics
topics to avoid
flying buttresses
special to Notre-Dame de Chartres
raise voice pitch
to form a question
small and made of cement blocks
homes in Martinique and Guadeloupe are
on or above
Keep your hands ____ the table
Romanesque, Gothic
The two towers are
separate from the house
kitchens are hot, so they are
main gathering place of the home
long pillow
fresh fruit
instead of closet
with a knife and fork
eat French fries, pizza, and fruit
candy, flowers
acceptable gifts when invited for a meal
friend, family, own age, younger
use tu
Notre-Dame de Chartres was built in the xth century
rich color
the stain glass windows have
Alors, on se tutoie?
Shall we use tu?
number of tvs per household
many people still prefer specialty shops for fresh food of high quality
Although convenience and lower prices are making supermarkets more popular,
homes in the cities

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