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§upa - Jeopardy Terms - 19 - The Renaissance & The Reformation

A list of Jeopardy terms relating to the Renaissance and Reformation


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Chance to take Church Lands, Stop paying money to Rome
Economic reasons for rulers to oppose the Church and support Luther
Elizabeth I
The English Renaissance reached its height during her reign.
John Calvin
French-born leader of the Protestant Movement in Switzerland
Notable characteristic of Renaissance art
Index of Prohibited Books
List of books the Church forbade Catholics to read
Language of the Church reaffirmed by the Council
French Calvinists
Italian painter noted for his madonnas
Noted Spanish Renaissance author of plays, short stories, and novels, including Don Quixote
Author of masterpieces of English poetic drama genre
Religious faith chosen by most southern German rulers
Classical Writings (Greek & Roman)
Early knowledge studied by Renaissance scholars
Catherine of Aragon
First wife of Henry VIII
To have a son to succeed the throne
Why Henry VII wanted to end his marriage to his first wife
Florentine poet and story writer, author of The Decameron
Romeo and Juliet
Fictional young lovers of Verona, subjects of Shakespeare tragedy
Presbyterian Church
Calvinist church in Scotland
Henry VIII
Leader of the Church reformation in England
Painter and sculptor noted for his large works, such as the statue of David & the Sistine Chapel
Peter Paul Rubens
Flemish painter known for his large, lush style
John Wycliffe
English priest who declared the Bible was the authority, not the Church
"Father of humanism," Italian poet and classical scholar
Main philosophy of the Renaissance, focused on people
Country where the Renaissance began
John Huss (Jan Hus)
Bohemian priest burned as a heretic in 1415
Sculptor who carved natural postures and revealing individual expressions
Play, Drama
Form of literature and entertainment especially favored by the English people
van Eycks (Jan, Hubert)
Flemish oil painters who were brothers
Swiss city that was a center of Protestantism
Venetian artist noted for his rich colors
Church (only)
Who or what is qualified to interpret the Bible, according to the Church
Author of The Prince, a book advising rulers on how to keep power, by any means necessary
Johann Tetzel
Dominican monk who energetically sold indulgences in Germany
Church of England (Anglican Church)
National church established by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I
Pieter Brueghel
Great Flemish painter of the 1500s whose favorite subjects were the countryside and peasants
Roman Catholic
Religious faith of Queen Mary (Mary Tudor)
Anne Boleyn
Second wife of Henry VIII and mother of the future queen
Elizabeth I
Protestant queen who ended the pope's authority in the English Church
John Knox
Calvinist leader of Scotland
Ruling family of Florence
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)
New religious order founded by Loyola, or its members
Leonardo da Vinci
Renaissance artist, architect, and mathematician; he painted the Mona Lisa (La Gioconda)
Albrecht Durer
German artist known for his engravings and woodcuts
Printing Press
New machine that allowed books to be produced quickly and more cheaply
New way of showing objects in art as they appeared at different distances
Name for people who protested the decision to condemn Luther
Focus of Renaissance interest
Spanish city that was a center for Renaissance artists and poets
Lorenzo de Medici
Ruler of Florence called "the Magnificent"
Government ruled by clergy acting in God's name, as in Geneva
Check the Spread of Protestantism
Primary aim of the Jesuits
Italian who wrote a handbook on correct behavior titled The Courtier
Dutch scholar - translated the New Testament into Greek, wrote the satire In Praise of Folly
95 Theses
Luther's list of statements about his position
Body that examined people who disagreed with Church officials
Florence, Venice, Rome (Papal States)
The three most important city-states of the Italian Renaissance
Annul (it)
What Henry wanted the pope to do about Henry's marriage to his first wife
Council of Trent
Meeting of Church leaders that ended some of the Church abuses
Martin Luther
German monk who started the Protestant Reformation
Artist who created the sculpted bronze door panels of Florence's baptistery
Bible, Christian Tradition
The two true guides to religious truth, according to the Church
Diet of Worms
Meeting that condemned Luther
French writer whose comic adventure Gargantua and Pantagruel satirized outdated customs
The only true guide to religious truth, according to Luther
Calvin's belief about human fate; the opposite of free will
Wealthy Flemish people who were patrons of the arts
Book by English humanist Thomas More that described an ideal society
Hans Holbein
German portrait painter of the 1500s known for his photographic-like realism
Sale of Indulgences
Church practice that Martin Luther especially objected to
Ignatius of Loyola
Spanish noble who devoted himself to Church reform
Oil Painting
New type of painting pioneered and perfected by Flemish painters
Region where the Renaissance began in northern Europe
(Through) Good Works, Faith
How to achieve salvation, according to the Council of Trent
(Through) Faith (and faith alone)
The way to gain salvation, according to Luther
Religious faith chosen by most northern German rulers
(Counter) Catholic Reformation
The movement of reform within the Catholic Church
(Johann) Gutenberg
German who first printed books from moveable type

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