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Realism took off the ....
rose-colored glasses
what three things made realism more 'real' than other works?
accuracy, subject matter, and color and mood.
what was the subject matter of Realism?
facts od the modern world as they experienced it
What was the accuracy of Realism like?
precise imitation with no alteration
What is the color and mood of Realism like?
muted, dark, and almost somber look when portraying peasants and working class.
Who painted Arrangement in Black and Grey and Nocturne in Black?
Jame Whistler
What does fauvism mean?
wild beast
what means 'to fool the eye?'
Trompe l'Oeil
Who painted Gassed?
John Singer Sargent
Who painted 'The Agnew Clinic'?
Thomas Eakins
How did the public recieve 'The Agnew Clinic'?
considered it an anatomy lesson and a degradation of art. he was a butcher and it went completely over the line of what was acceptable.
Who was the greatest painter America produced?
Thomas Eakins
Who worked with and made watercolors an important art medium?
Winslow Homer
Who painted 'Summer Night,' a piece that displays a mother and child walking on the beach and tells a story?
winslow homer
what are the four categories of photography?
travel, war, documentary, portrait
Who painted 'Old Refrain,' a Trompe l'Oeil piece of a violin hanging on a wall?
William Harnett
What did Thomas Eakins strive to do?
get the anatomy right
Who saw shapes and blocks of color rather than objects?
James Whistler
Name the realist artists...
Homer, Whistler, Singer Sargent, Eakins, and Harnett
who painted a Parisian socitey girl with her shoulders showing (risque)?
Singer Sargent
what continent was Impressionism mainly?
Who was the only American impressionist artist?
Mary Casset
Who was the first important female artist?
Mary Casset
Impressionism's thoughts on colors...
color was not a permanent characteristic of an object and it was affected by the light
what does impressionism represent?
- an impression of a moment in time - an immediate visual sensation through color and light
How did impressionists use color on the paper?
they used pure colors side by side letting the viewers eyes mix the colors on their own.
In impressionism shadows were never...
grey and black. they were a mix of colors.
Who was the Documentary photographer and former police reporter?
Jacob Riis
Who made the first surviving photographic image? what was it off?
Niepce, a courtyard
What ae the six elelments of art?
line shape color/value form texture space
What are the six principles of art?
Balance emphasis/contrast movement proportion unity/variety rhythm/repitition/patterm
What are the two types of line?
implied: needed to draw but goes unnoticed decorative: obvious and part of composition
What are the two types of shape?
geometric: math class shapes, triangle, circle, square. 4 basic shapes- sphere cylinder, cube, cone Organic: shapes from nature
What are complimentary colors?
opposite on the color wheel
What are analagous colors?
next to each other on the color wheel
what are monochromatic colors?
tints and shades of one color
What are neutral colors?
black, white, grey, brown, tan
What are primary colors?
red, blue, yellow
what are the secondary colors?
orange, green, violet
What is value?
lightness and darkness of color
What is form?
making objects look 3-D
What is texture?
look of roughness
what are the two types of texture?
visual: looks rough but is flat Actual: is rough, can feel the texture
what are the four tricks of space?
perspective, lines from a vanishing point, size change, atmospheric perspective
do all artists use the principles of art?
what are the two types of balance?
symmetrical: same on both sides asymmetrical: different on both sides but still balanced
what is emphasis?
the focal point, the first thing you look at
what is contrast?
light against dark; bright against dull; etc...
what is movement?
how your eye travels across the painting
What is actual movement? give examples?
where an artist tries to catch movement. ex: de gas Dancers, war scene, boxers
What is proportion?
the relationship of objects in a painting.
what is proportion based off of?
realism: size they are in reality exaggerated: sizes are off for abstraction
what is varitey?
that which is different; contrast in colors and shape
What is unity?
elements of art used in a way thst mskes everything look like they belong together
what is pattern/repitition?
lines, shapes, and colors repeated in the exact same way
what is rhythm?
when some element in the painting is repeated to create a flow, movement is strong
What is the main theme of Prehistoric art?
was used as a language
What was the first art form (prehistoric art)?
What was the main theme of Egyptian art?
art of immortality; life after death
What characteristic was unique to Egyptian art?
torso faces front , but face is in profile, one eye faces forward
What was the Egyptians main concern with their art?
providing a comfprtabl afterlife for the dead.
What did Egyptian architecture surround?
the pharoahs and their 'eternal glory'
What were the main themes of the Art of Greece and Rome?
age if paraclese, order, clarity, man's dignity and worth was central
What was the explosion of Greece and Rome?
Greek architecture was...
fit for the gods
what culture made coasts of heads to further their empire?
Who was the Greek and Roman patron?
Who was the middle ages patron?
What culture made many wall paintings?
who took the best and used it as their own?
Roman... created the Greco-Roman syle
What are the three types of Middle ages art?
Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic
What culture was the Reign of Religion?
The middle ages
Which middle age Art type was Islamic and interested in the soul, not body?
What culture made the 'body beautiful'?
What time of the middle ages was a wave of church contruction?
What time of middle ages looked for a desire of continuous exoansion of light?
What is the main theme of renaissance?
Rebirth of art as realistic, an attitude shift to that of the Greeks
Which culture/historic art period had vanitas (all is vanity) a their moral message?
What was the ornat age?
What was the main theme of Rococo
lifestyles of the rich and famous?
Who were the patrons of Baroque period?
church and aristocracy
time period and themes of 'the swing'?
Rococo; naughty and superficial
Who said photography would kill painting?
who invented the photo negative?
William Talbots
How did photography change art?
made it available to the working class, anyone could do it, needed to show things are real.
How did photography change to become art?
smeared vasaline on chemicals, scratched negatives, put chemicals on to simulate brushstroke
Who tried to break awy from amateur photographers?
Alfred Steiglitz
What is straight photography?
was not manipulated, clearly focused, accepted reality, used shadows and turning the pictures
who used straight photography?
What were the four changes in Art, influenced by Europe in 1890-1920
form, color, subject, freedom
What was the color and mood of the Romantic era?
colorful inviting landscapes and cheerful genre
what movement wanted to capture more substance and had a scientific as well emotional side?
How did Seurat change art as people knew it?
he liberated color
who only did seven paintings in pointalism and assigned emotions to color?
Who painted Starry Night and what was its movement?
Van gogh; post-impressionism
Who were the post-impressionism artists?
Seurat; Gauguin; Cezanne; Van Gogh; Toulouse-Lautrec
Who were the Expressionism artists?
Munch; Kandinsky; Klee
Who were the Symbolism artists?
Redon; Roussau
Who were the Fauvism artists?
Derain; Dufy; Rouault
Who fathered modern art?
Picasso and Matisse
Who painted 'The Scream'?
What was a mostly European movement that focused on extreme emotions through distorted color and form?
What was the forerunner of Surrealism and discarded surface appearance for imagination and differnt meaning?
What used intense, bright, clashing colors, distorted perspective and form, vigorous brushstrokes, sky yellow, ground purple, etc....
Who used dreamlike shapes and believed in expressing emotion in exaggerated technique? what was his movement?
Klee; expressionism
Who was the Russian painter that abandoned shape almost totally, used splashes of colors and heavy line, and did frehand improv along to music? What was his movement?
Kandinsky; Expressionism
Who was the post-impressionist artist that played with perspective, painted "Basket of Apples", and used formulas -was formalistic-?
What symbolist artist painted the jungle without first seeing it?
What rule did Matisse break?
color rule breaker
What rules did Picasso break?
space, shape, and perspective
Who is the 'king of modern art'?
What father of modern art painted with cubism?
who experimented with abstraction and surrealism because he had mastered realism?
Who used abstract shapes and collage after recovering from a surgery?
Who used color to express emotions rather than to protray reality?
What Ashcan Artist gave up baseball for painting
Who were the Aschan Artists?
Henri; Sloan; Glackens; Bellows; Luks
Who were the precisionist artists?
sheeler, demuth, O'Keefe
who painnted the voyage of life series?
thomas cole
two dueling 'isms' in early america?
neoclassicism and romanticism
the role of art in neoclassicism?
enlightenment and morally uplifting, inspirational
neoclassicism was the age of...
romanticism believed _________ is all.
romanticism showed the power of ....
romanticism valued
emotions, intutition, imagination, rebellion, freedom, truth, the individual
noeclassicism valued...
order, solemnity, reason, virtue
subjects of neoclassicism
greeka and roman history, mythology, history, patriotic figures
romantic subjects...
legends, medievl ideas, fantasy, horror, supernatural, nature, lanscapes, wild animals
Age of Sensibility is what movement...
romantic, being in touch with the senses
who painted the raft of medusa
theodore gericault
three artistic advances in romanticism...
chemical pigments, cllapseable tin tube, professional trade men prepared paint rather than artist
two main subjects of romantic painting?
nature natural man
romantic time period saw through....
rose colored glasses; better than they were.
who created a bridge between neoclassic and romantic art?
edward hicks
romantic artist who painted people of the west, and native americans
george caleb bingham
painted 'dash for the timber'
frederic remington
members of the hudson river school
thomas cole and albert bierstadt

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