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AP Psych-Allen


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Difference Threshold (just noticeable difference)
the difference between two stimuli that goes detected as often as undetected
Discrimination in Learning Theory
if two or more stimuli are simultaneously presented to the subject, and only one of them is associated with reinforced behavior regardless of behavior the one that was reinforced will be picked in the future
A psychological defense mechanism in which there is an unconscious shift of emotions, affect, or desires from the original object to a more acceptable or immediate substitute
Dissociative Disorders
mental disorders that affect consciousness, causing interference with general functions such as relationships and employment
Down's Syndrome
most common cause of mental retardation, caused by an extra chromosome (also referred to as Trisomy 21)
Dream Analysis
method of diagnosis patient's mental state by studying of his or her dreams (oneiroscopy), Freud
Echoic Memory
(hearing) where there is a breif mental echo that continues after an auditory stimulus has been heard. Type of short term memory that is a temporal memory lasting only breifly. ( someone reciting a list of numbers then stopping and asking you to repeat the last 4 numbers)
Effects of Marijuana
altered perception/general change in consciousness, mild euphoria, feelings of well beings, increased appreciation of humor, lethargy, stress reduction, introspection/metacognition, paranoia, increased awareness of colors/patterns, anxiety, increased libido, philosophical thinking, and increased recollection of episodic memory
Eidetic Memory
photographic memory, the ability to recall images sounds or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in seemingly abundant volume
Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy (ECT)
used for severe mental illness where a small electric shock is introduced to the brain, produces a seizure or convulsion, most effective treatment of severe depression, rapid relief
Elizabeth Loftus Research on Eyewitness Testimony
found that we don't see things accurately in the first place, and doesn't stay perfectly intact in our memory and the memory becomes transformed
Endocrine Organs and Hormones Secreted by Them
group of peptide hormones that bind to opiate receptors in the brain, reduce the sensation of pain and effect emotions, body stops producing opiates if synthetics (such as morphine or oxycodon) are used frequently
a physical alteration thought to occur in living neural tissue in response to stimuli,an explanation for memory
Episodic Memory
Memory of information about specific past events that involved the self and occurred at a particular time and place, the memory for episodes in your own life associated with emotions, declarative memory (semantic and episodic)
Equity Theory of Relationships
relationship outcomes, such as satisfaction and continued involvement, are based upon evaluations of how just or fair the distribution of costs and benefits are for each partner, four main propositions of equity theory indicate that partners judge the distribution of costs and benefits according to socially acceptable rules of fairness. When their calculations indicate they are in an inequitable arrangement, partners will become distressed and try to adjust the costs and benefits of the relationship to make the relationship equitable

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