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Cosmetology (Chemistry) Final Test


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The application Technique used to brush color or lightners is
Free form Painting
Special effects using darker colors than the natural color is
low lightners
Utilizes foil during lightning
weaving and slicing
The amount of density of the strands will determine whether a light or heavy amount of highlights are
subtle or dramaticw
after oxidated color
discard color
overlapping lightners can cause
Preliminary strand test should be performed at the
crown area
If the hair is not light enough it needs
more processing time
False color analysis needs to seen in a
well light with windows
Repeating back what the client is saying is
reflective listening
maintaining consistant results by
keeping accurate records
Temporary color should be applied to
clean towel blotted hairw
Semi-permanent colors that contain amiline deravative requires a
predispostion test
refresh the color of the hair by
color glazing
color applied to new growth only is
Base retouch
generally used during a cap highlight is
process that involves lightning and applying color is
double processing
parting size for double processing is
1/8 partings
Coloring hair back to regualar color is called
Provide a even base to replace a missing color is

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