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Chapter 26 U.S. History test r


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the passage of the 18th amendment didn't lead to
formation of Burau of Internal Revenue
the "new woman" of the 1920s accepted
social freedom and equality
rural people were most likely to apporove of
the main issue of the scopes monkey trial concerned the
teaching of evolutionary theory in public schools
the 19th amendment
recognized women's rights to vote
distributors of illegal liquor
developed a means of quick freezing for preserving food
clarence birdseye
brilliant trial lawyer who defended leapold and loeb
Clarence Darrow
kingpin of the chicago bootleggers
al capone
helped the prosecution in the scopes-monkey trial and even testefied as a bible expert
william jennings bryan
first to make a solo transatlantic flight
charles lindbergh
brought illegal booze accross the border into the U.S.
rum runners
what did stroh's make after its brewery was shut down?
ice cream
what was the name given to the illegal bars?
who were the two most famous prohibition agents. nicknames are acceptable answers
izzy and moe
what was the worst outcome of prohibition?
increase of gangs
what was the name of the famous detroit gang during prohibition?
the purple gang
name 3 of the mew laborsaving devices that reduced household toil for women?
electric mixer
gas stove
how did the flappers get that name?
their unbuckled boots made a flapping sound when they walked
what was the fad with their stockings?
they rolled them down below the hemline toward the ankles
why did many americans during WWI support banning booze?
the grains used to make booze could be used to feed solidiers and allies
what was the most famous women's group that spoke about the evils of drinking booze?
Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
what was the phrase used in referring to alcoholic beverages?
demon rum
How did the Feds nail Al Capone?
he didn't pay all of his taxes, the feds led an evasion to get him because of it
what was the name of the flapper hairstyle?
what was the critical mistake made by Nathaneal Leapold and Richard Leob when he and Richard murdered bobby franks?
he left his glasses in the park by Bobby's body. this led then to be identified and convicted
In 1914 henry ford announced he would pay his workers
how did henry ford believe that he could make a greater profit in the long run than someone who kept a high markup on his cars?.
he thought if they were cheaper, more people would buy them, and more would be sold
why did passerby who heard shots during the St. Valentines Day Massacure think everything was under control when the five capone henchmen emerged from the crime scene?
three were dressed as police officers, and two were in plainclothes. the two were led out in handcuffs so it looked like they had been arrested them for shooting the men in the garage
which amendment repealed Prohibition?
name an instant food available to housewives in the 1920s. include the brand name
aunt jemima's pancake mix
who was the first female to make a solo transatlantic flight?
Amelia Earheart
who married charles lindbergh?
ann morrow
why did a mob attack the house of Dr. Ossiam Sweet amd his brother henry?
they were black and had moved into an all-white neighborhood
what is the major weapon used by workers when a company refused to bargain?
they would strike
how did the baby ruth candy bar get it's name?
President Clevelnad amd his wife had always called their daughter baby ruth

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