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Analyzing the requirements
analyze current system, determine what is needed for new system, build logical models
Apple vs. PC
Use different information sets, Apple's developed by PowerPC and PC's developed by Intel
single digit 0 or 1, used to represent transmission speeds
group of 8 bits, used to represent storage space
Cache memory
most frequently used data are placed in the cache; a small amount of very fast memory
Clarity in SS design
Simple, unified, ordered logically, different fonts and colors used for emphasis, balanced in shape
clock speed
speed of central processing unit, measured in hertz
Conditional Formatting
Using color within cells to adhere to conditions specified by the user
CPU writes data to main memory via
data channel or bus
Cathode ray tubes (traditional tv screens); liquid crystal display (much slimmer)
Defining the system
complete feasability study, assemble a team, choose methodology, define goals and scope, develop project plan
Designing the components
Identify potential solutions and evaluate them, select hardware/software, develop application specifications (programs, data storage, procedures)
Domain name
human friendly IP address; IP address put into words so we can remember it
Dot Pitch vs. Pixel Pitch
CRTs use dot pitch (distance between pixels; the smaller the better picture); LCDs use pixel pitch 
Efficiency in SS design
All formulas calculated by Excel, data entry and analysis made simple, output easy
software that is installed into devices of output
Fixing any problems
Operate equipment, make back-ups, provide help to users, fix bugs, optimize for speed and security, revise software as necessary to meet changing business needs
Flexibility in SS design
SS can be modified easily if the environment changes
Horizontal vs. vertical market application software
horizontal: capabilities for many markets; vertical: software serves one specific industry
IEEE 802.3
Ethernet, the most popular LAN standard
IF Function
IF(condition, true_value, false_value)
Purchase and install software, write program code for applications, test the applications, finalize documentation, train users, convert data, convert to a new system
IP address
logical address (ex: street address), may be temporary
LAN hardware
Network interface card, switch, hub
Layers of the TCP/IP 

1. Physical 

2. Data Link

3. Internet

4. Transport

5. Application 

used by scientists and engineers, and used mainly for web servers; free to use (no license fee)
Local area networks connect via
a switch (a special purpose computer that receives and transmits messaging on the LAN)
MAC address
physical address (ex: longitude/latitude), unique
Mac OS X
Used for art
memory swapping
using unused memory to supply memory to programs that need it
predetermined set of steps used often to develop something with each repeat trial more efficient than the last
Narrow band vs. Broadband
56 kbps vs 256 kbps
2 or more computers/devices that communicate with each other
network interface card
installed in each device on a LAN to connect 
operating systems
computer program that controls all the computer's resources
Other methodologies
Rapid Application Development, Unified Process, Extreme Programming
random access memory, volatile
Relative cell reference vs. absolute cell reference
relative: cell references change; absolute: cell references do not change, formula is FIXED
Remember when making charts...
Chart 1 idea at a time, start at 0, label clearly, scale correctly, show relevant time frames, order data chronologically
SDLC does not work for ____ systems
Spreadsheet Design Goals
Clear, Flexible, Efficient, Verifiable, & Accurate
Systems Development 
Define system, analyze requirements, design components, implement, make changes if user demands them
set of rules that govern communication on the internet, ensures reliable communication between different machines
Time required to read data from a disk

1. rotational delay, how long it takes the data to rotate under the read head

2. seek time, the time it takes the read head to find the right circle 

virtual or private pathway over a public or shared network from the virtual private network client to the VPN server
Types of charts
Pie, Line, Bar, Column
Types of networks

LAN: all in single location

WAN: different geog. locations

Internet: a network of networks

Types of Operating Systems
Single user, multi-user
Types of software
Application software, system software, firmware
used by scientists, engineers
Verifiability in SS design
prevents input of bad data, helps user understand contents
VPN uses ____ to ensure data transfer is private
When to use a column chart
to show comparisons over different time periods of the same category
When to use a horizontal bar chart
to show comparisons at one point in time
When to use a line graph
to show growth over time
When to use a pie chart
to show proportions of a whole
used for business servers
You should have no more than ___ pieces in a pie chart
7, largest to smallest starting at noon and going clockwise
___% of SS made by experienced users have significant errors
____% of all spreadsheets contain show-stopping errors

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