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Basic Anatomy & Physiology Test Review


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What are the 4 basic word parts?
1. Word Roots 2. Combining Forms 3. Suffix 4. Prefix
Quanity... Primi-
Quanity... Uni-, Mono-
Standing erect, facing forward, arms at sides, palms and toes pointing forward.....
Anatomical Position
What does the combining forms mean? 1. Cardi/o 2. Gastro/o 3. Neur/o 4. Hyster/o
1. Heart 2. Stomach 3. Nerve 4. Uterus
Colors..... 1. Chlor/o 2. Chrom/o 3. Chromat/o 4. Cyan/o
1. Green 2. Color 3. Color 4. Blue
Colors..... 1. Erythr/o 2. Rube- 3. Glauc/o 4. Poli/o
1. Red 2. Red 3. Gray 4. Gray
Colors... 1. Leuk/o 2. Albino/o 3. Albumin/o 4. Melan/o 5. Purpur/o
1. White 2. Colorless 3. Colorless 4. Black 5. Purple
Colors..... 1. Xanthr/o 2. Cirrh/o 3. Lute/o
1. Yellow 2. Yellow 3. Yellow
Quanity... Ambi-
Both, both sides
Quanity... Bi-, di
Quanity... Hemi-
Quanity... Nulli-
Lying on bely, face down.......
Lying on back, face up.....
Unequal right and left portions.....
Superior and inferior portions....
The belly side of the body....
The back side of the body......
Pertaining to the front.....
Pertainig to the back.....
Uppermost, above, toward the head...
Lower, below, toward the feet....
Toward the head....
Toward the lower part of the body; the tail....
Nearest the midline, or the begining of the body structure.....
Farthest the midline...
Toward the midline....
Toward the sides.....
The 2 main cavities??
1. Ventral 2. Dorsal
The Ventral has 4 cavities, what are they?
1. Thoracic 2. Abdominal 3. Pelvic 4. Abdominalpelvic
Where are the reproductive organs located??
Pelvic Cavity
The clinical division of the Abdominopelvic Cavity??
1. Upper Right Quadrant 2. Upper Left Quadrant 3. Lower Right Quadrant 4. Lower Left Quadrant
The 9 Regions of teh Abdominalpelvic cavity?
1. Right & Left Hypochondriac 2. Epigastric 3. Right & Left Lumbar 4. Umbilical 5. Right & left Iliac 6. Hypogastric
Dorsal Cavity is divided into 2 sub-cavities that are??
1. Cranial 2. Spinal
The 5 levels of Organization
* CCTOS * 1. Chemical 2. Cellular 3. Tissue 4. Organs 5. Systems
The 11 Systems of the Body???
1. Skeletal 2. Muscular 3. Cardiovascular 4. Lymphatic 5. Urinary 6. Respiratory 7. Digestive 8. Nervous 9. Integumentary 10. Endocrine 11. Reproductive
Father of Medicine
Founder of American Red Cross
Clara Barton
Discovered Polio Vaccine?
Jonas Salk
"Father of Sterlization"
Joseph Lister (Lis is like liz)
Invented Pasteurization?
Louis Pasteur (answer is his name)
First Public Health Officer?
Created a Code of Ethics
Thomas Percival (percival for personal code of ethics)
Founder of visiting nurses?
Lillian Walk (Wald Walks)
Founder of Modern Nursing?
Florence Nightengale
"Savior of Women" discovered washing hands stops spread of bcteria
Philip Semmelweis (S for Savior)
Discovered Pennicillin?
Alexander Flemming (felm = sick... pennicillin cures)
King of Babylon - wrote laws concering practice of medicine?
Discovered that mosquito's spread Yellow Fever?
Walter Reed (Walter Reed Medical Center
Discovered the heart pumps blood?
William Harvey (heart for harvey)
Invented the Small Pox vaccine?
Edward Jenner
First Female Physician in the US?
Elizabeth Blackwell
Prine of Medicine?
Discovered Radium as a treatment for cancer?
Marie Curie (Curie for Cancer)
Known for using Anesthesia during medical procedures?
Crawford Williamson Long (anesthesia, out for LONG)
Father Of Modern Anatomy?
Invented Microscopes?
Anton Von Leeuwenhoek (microscopes has 10 letters... Leeuwenhoek has 12 letters)(lot of letters)
what is the cell membrane?
Thin layer of protien and fat that surrounds the cell
What is the Centriole?
(microtubule organizing center)... during cell division the centrosome divides and the two parts move to the opposite sides of the dividing cell.
the jelly like material outside the cell nucleus in which te organelles are located
Golgi body?
a flattened, layered, sac-like organelle that loks like a stack of pancakes... located near the nucleus.
Where the digestion of cell nutrients takes place
Spherical to rod-shaped organelles with double membrane
Nuclear membrane?
the membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
an organelle within the nucleus - it is where Ribosomal RNA is produced.
spherical body containing many organelles; including nucleolus. Contains DNA
sites of protien synthesis
Rough ER?
covered with ribosomes... transports materials through the cell and produces protiens in sacks
Smooth ER?
transports materials through the cell. it contains enzymes and produces and digests lipids and membrane protiens
fluid-filled, membrane-surrounded cavities inside a cell. fills with food being digested and waste material that is on its way out of the cell.

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