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Russian Lit Final


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M and M: Written a novel about the meeting of Pontius Pilate and Yeshua Haz-Nozri and is put away in psychiatric ward where Bezdomny meets him
M and M: Master’s lover and trapped in a loveless marriage, the hostess of Satan’s Grand Ball, devoted completely to the master
Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz
M and M: Head of literary beaurocracy MASSOLIT, his death is predicted by Woland, and is hit by a streetcar
Ivan Nikolayevich Ponyrev, Homeless or Bezdomny
M and M: Young poet who is eventually put into a psychiatric ward and, though used to be a follower of Berlioz, he is changed by the Master’s novel, used to be a blatant materialistic but becomes a sort of holy fool (madness linked to God)
Stephan Bogdanovich Likhodeyev (Styopa)
M and M: Director of the Variety Theatre and Berlioz’s roommate
Ivan Savelyevich Verunukha
M and M: House manager of the variety theatre, turned into a creature of darkness but eventually forgiven and restored to humanity
Grigory Danilovich Rimsky
M and M: Treasurer of the Variety Theatre, ambushed by Verunukha the night of Wolan’s performance and is forced to escape by train
M and M: Margarita’s maid who is later turned into a witch
Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoy
M and M: Chairman of the House Committee at 302B Sadovaya Street-former residence of Berlioz
M and M: A "foreign professor" who is "in Moscow to present a performance of 'black magic' and then expose its machinations". The exposure (as one could guess) never occurs, instead Woland exposes the greed and bourgeois behaviour of the spectators themselves. Satan in disguise
Behemoth (Begemot)
M and M: An enormous black cat, capable of standing on two legs and talking. He has a penchant for chess, vodka, and pistols.
M and M: “ex-choirmaster” and Woland’s assistant
M and M: Fanged member of Woland’s gang
M and M: Beautiful red-headed witch, maid, purple scar on neck
M and M: pale and black-goggled, angel of death
Pontius Pilate
M and M: Roman Procurator of Judea
Yeshua Ha-Nozri
M and M: Wanderer and his name means “Jesus of Nazareth”
M and M: Head of the Roman secret Service in Judea, would be Woland because of the 3 guys and one girl in the murder, head of the secret police/King of the lower depth
Matthew Levi
M and M: Levite and former tax collector, follower of Yeshua
Joseph Kaifa
M and M: High priest of Judea
Judas Iscariot
o Testified against M and M: Yeshua and later killed on Pilate’s orders
the Judas of Moscow, killed on the spot

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