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Taxonomy Test 2 Plant ID


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Clonal growth, aromatic, smelles like dead fish, strap-like petals, semi-spirally arranged, red flowers, signature plant for our area
Illicium floridanum Illicaceae
Bipinnate leaves, pepper vine
Ampilposus arborea Vitaceae
Basal eudicot, leaves palmately compound, red vine
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Vitaceae
5 segmented schizocarp, nutlets are fruits that spring up, oil used in perfumes, ornamental, showy flowers
Geranium carolinianum Geraniaceae
Yellow flower, large taproot, aromatic, related to broccoli, turnips and radishes, most diversity in Mediterranean
Raphanus raphanistrum Brassicaceae
Has ocrea, red flowers, disturbed area plant, nodes far apart
Rumex hastatulus Polygonaceae
Pinnate leaves with a terminal leaf, wood is rot resistant, used in railroad ties, white flowers with red buds, strong sweet smell, bee pollinated
Robinia pseudoacacia Fabaceae
White flowers, large leaves, basal flowering plant, long petioles, ornamental and aquarium plants, provides habitat, tropical and cold climate
Nymphaea odorata Nymphaeaceae
5 white to pink petals, tree or shrub, compound leaves, stickers, trailing stem, disturbed areas, ornamental, drupe
Rubus trivialis Rosaceae
Aquatic, still has a spathe, monocot, basal, yellow reduced flowers, produces berries, tropical areas, some can produce heat
Orontium aquaticum Araceae
5 notched purple petals, produce oils, related to mint, highly derived disturbed areas, non-native
Glandularia pulchella Verbenaceae
Narrow, serrate leaves, unisex flowers, erect catkins, aquatic, can be polypoid, aspirin from bark, monophylletic, related to Aspens, advanced eudicots, source of pulp
Salix Lavoliniana Salicaceae
Yellow Flowers, square stem, superior ovary, fruit capsule, related to poppies, most species highly poisonous
Corydalis micrantha Fumariaceae
Notched petals, small white flowers, petals are modified stamens, superior ovary, related to carnation
Cerastium glomeratum Caryophyllaceae
Square stem, eudicot, flowers with connation and adnation, sticky vine, white flowers
Galium aparine Rubeaceae
Yellow flower, clover-like leaves, pulvinus, caulescent, cleistogamous, 10 stamens, basically connate, outer stamens longer than inner whorl, oxalate crystals, star fruit
Oxadalis corniculata Oxalidaceae

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