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Pearl Harbor date time
Dec 7 1941 7:58 am
Wesley Bishop's ship
Who asked congress to go to war and when?
FDR Dec 8
FDR's quote?
Dec 7 1941 a day that will live in infamy
Hawaii # of islands
Hawaii baecame state year?
When was jfk killed?
where was LBJ sworn in?
Air Force one
Whre did JFK die?
Parkland memorial hospital
Who was the First woman to swear in a pres?
Sarah Hughes
Who killed Jfk ad where
Lee Harvey Oswald in the texas school book depository
who shot oswald?
Jack Ruby
How do you get a purple heart
being wounded by enemy while in ccombat
What does vindicate mean?
to free your name
What does posthumously mean?
after death
What does deriliction?
to not do a job
Who were the two men accused of deriliction of duty for the pearl harbor thing
Kimmel (Navy) and Short (Army)
How many acres is Drumthwacket?
How many acres was drumthwacket origionally?
Who built drumthwacket when?
Charles olden 1835
what does drumthwacket mean?
wooded hills
Who was the first gov to live there?
Jim florio

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