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Chemistry Prelim 1


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Two observations leading to Dalton's theory
1. mass conservedin chemical process 2. chemical compound have fixed mass ratios of elements
Dalton's Atomic theory # 1
elements composed of atoms
Dalton's Atomic theory # 2
atoms have different elements have different mass
Dalton's Atomic theory # 3
atoms combine to make simple whole number ratios
Magnetic force
acts on moving charge, force perpendicular to velocity
Thompson's Experiment
used cathode rays to demonstrate ration of mass/charge on e-
Milikan oil drop
oil drops with x-rays, charge on electron
Rutherford's experiment
massively charged particles, in nucleus, protons
structural formula shows...
failure of Rutherford's model
it didn't explain bonding or excitation of atoms
Atomic Spectra
change element, different colors
Black Body Radiation
heated solid emits light with colors that vary by temperature
Photoelectric Effect
threshold frequency less that frequency, e- fly off
deBroglie Wavelenth
lambda = h/p
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
uncertainty times position is greater than or equal to h/4pi
orbital p
orbital d
orbital f

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