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American History Part 3


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What is a cold war?
hostility, but no fighting
Who was the Cold War mainly between?
Soviet Union vs. United States
What was the Yalta Conference?
The conference at the end of WW2
What four things did the Yalta Conference do?
1) United Nations
2) Big Three split Europe in half
3) Germany would be split in two
4) Berlin would be split
What happened to the League of Nations during the Yalta Conference?
It was scraped out and the United Nations came about
Who were the leaders of the Big Three during Yalta Conference?
GB- Joseph Stalin
SU- Winston Churchill
How was Europe divided?
East Europe- Soviet Union
West Europe- Allies
How would Germany get split in half?
West Germany- Allies
East Germany- Soviet Union
How was Berlin split?
- East Berlin
- West Berlin
What happened with the Soviet Union after the Yalta Conference?
It became known that they were not planning to leave East Europe
What kind of governments were the SU setting up?
"puppet" governments
What three fears did the US have of the SU?
1) Communist
2) becoming a Super Power
3) want more territory
What did communists believe in should happen to the world?
Believed there should be a worldwide communist revolution
What was the Policy of the US (for 40 years) after WW2?
What was the word "containment" meaning?
- stop the spread of communism
- contain communism
What journal was the article "The Sources of Soviet Conflict" in?
Foreign Affairs
Who was the author of "The Sources of Soviet Conflict?
George Kennen
What article did George Kennen write?
"The Sources of Soviet Conflict"
Containment was the Foreign Policy during which wars?
- Korea
- Vietnam
Who was the Marshall Plan named after?
Secretary of State, George Marshall
Waht three goals did the Marshall Plan have?
1) Humanitarian
2) help European economies
3) (hoped) if the economies recovered, they would not turn communist
Why did the Marshall Plan want to help European economies?
so they would buy American goods
What were five new (scientific & technology) things in the 50's and 60's?
1) Discovery of penicillin
2) DDT
3) Polio Vaccine
4) Interstate Highway System
5) Television
Who discovered penicillin?
Alexander Fleming
What was Alexander Fleming looking for?
something to kill bacteria
Who created DDT?
Paul Muller
What is DDT?
a pesticide
What were two things that DDT helped with?
a) agricultural production increased
b) prevented disease
Who created the Polio Vaccine?
Jonas Salk
What created the Interstate Highway System?
the law: Federal Highway Act
What was the Interstate Highway System made for?
to move troops from one place to another
Who was the driving force behind the Interstate highway System?
Pres. Eisenhower
what did the Federal Highway Act make?
The Interstate Highway System
What did Paul Muller create?
What did Alexander Fleming dicover?
When should you change me?

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