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Health Knowledge Bowl - Common Health Occupation Skills - Set One


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If you state that a pulse is irregular, what are you describing about the pulse?
If you state that a respiration is deep or shallow, what are you describing about respiration?
Which measurement of blood pressure indicates the pressure in the arteries when the heart is contracting?
If you are a lifeguard at a pool and rescue a victim from the bottom of the pool, what would you check first?
What is the term for the soft tip at the end of the sternum?
xiphoid process
In CPR, how deep should compressions be on an adult's chest?
1 1/2 to 2 inches
What is the ratio of compressions to breaths in one-rescuer CPR?
15 to 2
How should you care for a victim of heat stroke?
immediate cooling
What is the term for a major epileptic seizure?
grand mal
What is the type of wound in which the skin is scraped?
What is the type of wound in which the skin edges are jagged, irregular or there is blunt tearing or breaking of the soft tissues?
What is the type of wound in which the skin is pierced by an object?
What is the type of wound that results when tissue is forcibly separated or torn from the victim's body?
When you are applying a gauze bandage, what is the first thing you do?
anchor it
You find an unconscious man in a car that is burning. He is not breathing. His leg is broken. What do you do first?
move him to a safe location
You have examined an accident victim carefully. The victim is breathing. What is the next thing you should check for?
In the ABC's of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, what does the "A" mean?
What is the name of the artery that you use to check the pulse in adult CPR?
What is the phone number that is frequently used to provide a community-wide, coordinated means of responding to an accident or sudden illness?
What is the standard position for giving care for shock?
supine with feet elevated
How long do you wash a chemical burn of the skin?
at least 5 minutes (five may be written out)
In what position should you place an unconscious victim to keep fluids from blocking the airway?
What direction do you push on a victim's chest for CPR?
straight down
What is the most common obstruction in the airway of an unconscious adult?
What is the rate of chest compressions for a baby?
at least 100 per minute
What is the ratio of compressions to breaths in both babies and children?
5 to 1
What is the most effective measure to use to stop severe bleeding?
direct pressure
What type of wound causes the greatest threat of tetanus?
What first aid measure should you use with clothing that is sticking to a deep heat burn?
leave it alone
After you give two full, slow breaths, how often do you give breaths to an adult in rescue breathing?
once every five seconds

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