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Social Studies Review For Test- China


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Capital City
Population of China
1 Billion
Highest Mountain in China
Mt. Everest
Number of symbols in Chinese language
roughly 50,000
National animal of China
Giant Panda
Chinese philosopher famous for believing in respect
Island Nationalists fled to in 1949
Type of government China has
Why is the Gobi Desert cold?
Winds from the Siberian Icebox blow across the Gobi Desert
what does the word "Ming" mean?
Communist leader from 1949-1976
mao zedong
National leader in 1949, who fled to Taiwan
Chang Hi-Sheik
Ming Dynasty created what item?
Porcelain Plates
Ming Dynasty was famous for what?
Creating the Forbidden City
Great Wall of China was created in what dynasty?
Spread Christianinty across ancient China
Why were they successful in spreading Christianity?
clothing, language, and names
How much does the average Chinese worker make a year?
What is Democracy?
government by the people
What is communism?
society and buisnesses controlled by the government
Why is footbinding used?
for beauty
What are sweatshops?
factories that pay low wage
What are conditions like in a sweatshop?
Low wage for many hours, animal infestations, fire exits blocked, and unsanitary bathrooms.
Where are the summer olypics being held in 08?

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