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Roaring Twenties


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Beginning with World War I, the shirt of African American population was called
The Great Migration
Besides the right to vote, the Indian Citizenship Act, gave to Indians
legal protection
What type of music emerged from the Mississippi delta region?
the blues
A fashionable young lady of the 1920s was a
The process of returning to a peacetime economy is called
What city was the center of African American achievement in the 1920s?
A form of buying on credit was
installment plan
Many Fundamentalists disagreed with Charles Darwin's
theory of evolution.
The law passed by Congress to enforce the 18th Amendment was the
Volstead Act.
A fear of a communist revolution in the U.S. led to the
Red Scare.
Farewell to Arms
Ernest Hemingway
Early movie theaters charged admission of a nickel and were called
"Father of the Blues"
W.C. Handy
Harlem Renaissance poet
Langston Hughes
The Model T was
Ford's most famous car.
The 1920s scandal involving Albert Fall and government oil fields was called
Teapot Dome.
Which amendment made the "transportaion, manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages" illegal?
The purpose of the National Origins Quota Act was
to limit immigration.
Fear and hatred of foreigners was called
"America's Sweetheart"
Mary Pickford
In the 1920s, many young Americans moved out of the country to live, especially to France. They were called
Olympic gold medal winner in 1912
Jim Thorpe
The 19th Amendment gave the right to vote to which group?
A famous woman aviator was
Amelia Earhart
"Steamboat Willie"
Mickey Mouse
People who supported Prohibition were called
An _________ wants to destroy all government.
Because this type of music was popular, the 1920s are often called the
Jazz Age.
What group of Americans most missed out on the prosperity of the 1920s?
To end Prohibition, which amendment was added to the Constitution?
Nations signing the Kellogg-Briand Pact agreed to outlaw
The Spirit of St. Louis was
Lindbergh's plane
Nations meetingin Washington agreed to limit the size of their
Anarchists and immigrants convicted of murder and robbery, they were executed in the electric chair of Massachusetts.
Sacco and Vanzetti
Who was the Attorney General who ordered raids in immigrant neighborhoods?
A. Mitchell Palmer
Homerun hitter
Babe Ruth
A film with sound was called a
The first woman to swim the English Channel was
Gertrude Ederle
Jazz trumpeter known as "Satchmo"
Louis Armstrong
Author who captured the spirit of the Jazz Age
F. Scott Fitzgerald
"Empress of the Blues"
Bessie Smith
Who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic alone?
Charles Lindbergh
What happened to high school enrollment in the 1920s?
dramatically increased
Ohio President with many scandals in his administration
Warren Harding
Fear of another war led many countries to agree to limit their weapons which is called
"The Tramp"
Charlie Chaplin

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