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World History: Chapter 26 Section 2


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What treaty stripped The Ottoman Empire of all its territories except Turkey?
The Treaty of Sevres.
In what year what people invaded Turkey and took part of its land?
What was the sultan's reaction tot his invasion?
He couldn't do anything, their army was weak and they couldn't organize resistance tot he invasion.
After the Greek invasion and the Treaty of Sevres, young Turkish nationalists took action under the lead of whom?
Mustafa Kemal.
What did Mustafa Kemal and his leaders do in 1922 to the government?
They overthrew the sultan.
After the revolution of Turkey what did the young nationalists replace the Ottoman Empire with?
The Republic of Turkey.
Where did the nationalists of Turkey move the capital after their revolution?
From Constantimople to Ankara.
At first what kind of government did the Turkish nationalists intend on creating?
A Western-style parliamentary democracy with a strong executive.
What type of government was created in Turkey after the revolution?
A One-party dictatorship.
Who was the first president of Turkey as the one-party dictator?
Mustafa Kemal.
What did Mustafa Kemal want mostly to do with his new power in Turkey?
He wanted to industrialize Turkey and bring it up to become a strong power as those in Europe.
What were some reforms that Mustafa Kemal do to change his nation of Turkey to become similar to those of the West?
He prohibited the wearing of traditional clothing suck as the fez; he insisted that all Turks adopt family surnames; he gave women the right to vote; and he also abolished polygamy.
What name did Mustafa Kemal give himself?
What does Ataturk mean?
"Father of the Turks."
What was polygamy?
The practice of having more than one wife.
What were some other methods Mustafa Kemal tried to use to modernize Turkey?
He introduced west styles of measurment, such as: the Western calendar, the metric syste of weights and measures; and the Roman alphabet.
What dynasty ruled Persia since the late 1700s?
The Qajar Dynasty.
What did Great Britain and Russia do in Persia in the early 1900s?
They established spheres of influence in Persia, practically running the government.
What was the name of a persian army officer with strong nationalists sentiments that seized control of the voernment in a coup d'etat in 1921?
Reza Khan.
What is a Coup d'etat?
Seizer of power by force.
How did Reze Shah gain the title Reze Shah Pahlavi?
After he abolished the position of Shahs and named himself Reze Shah Pahlavi.
What did Reze Shah do in order to modernize his country and free it from foreign domination?
He stripped the Muslim religious leaders of much of their pwoer, reorganized and strengthened the army, built schools and hospitals, and gave women more rights.
In 1935 Reze Shah announced that his country, Persia, would be called by the name its people called it. What was this name?
What did Reze Shah do to any opposition he faced in his government?
He began to use a private police to supresses opposing political parties.
What new title did Reze Shah receive and why?
"Shadow of God." He believed he was divinely ordained. He believed he was appointed by God.
What affects did World War I have on the Africans?
It gave those who went to war an idea of what there was beyond their own villages and towns. It brought them home with new ideas and thoughts of the outside world.
With these new ideas that the africans aquired from experience in World War I, what did they do with this new gained knowledge?
They used their wisdom in Europe's nationalism and freedom and put it to work in their own towns and began to organize their anticolonial protest movements.
Did the Africans ever gain political freedom before World War II?
No, their colonial governments wouldn't permit them to Nationalize.
In what former German colony, then passed to Great Britain, did Africans fromt he lower ranks of the civl service form a civil servants' association.
What organizations were formed in Nigeria and South Africa similar to those in Tanganyika?
They organized Trade Unions especially railroad and dockworkers.
What did the colonial governments in Africa do to try and settle the nations unruly peace?
They tried to reward the tribal chiefs who had to work hard to keep the peace with pensions or positions of local power.
What is an example of what the tribal leaders in Africa were rewarded with for keeping the peace in these colonies?
Judgeshipsa and more.
What leaders in Africa tried and asked for independence rather than reform?
Nnamdi Azikiwe of Nigeria.
Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya.
Leopold Senghor of Senegal.
Who was the leader of the anticolonial movement in Africa?
Leopold Senghor of Senegal.
What did the anticolonial leaders try to do within Africa?
They tried to follow Ghandi's movements and tried to have their voices heard by using Western moethods of political organizization.
Were the three leaders of anticolonial organizations successful?

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