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social stratification aka
structured social inequality
economic stratification
the division of a society into two or more social classes
global stratification
the division of the nations of the world into richer and poorer categories
a belief that legitmates existing patterns of structured social inequality
Social stratification
the division of a large group or society into ranked categories of people
aka and definition
the ideology of competitive individualism
each has equal opportunities to achieve in America
What are the two types of structured economic inequality?
closed systems open systems
closed systems
type of economic stratification that is based on ascribed statuses and permit very little if any social mobility.
open systems
type of economic stratification that focuses on achievement and permits substantial upward and downward mobility.
caste system
distinct groups whose membership is determined entirely by birth or ascription
Deficiency theory
theory that explains differences in property, power, and prestige as the direct consequence of individual variations in ability.
deficiency theory suggests
became later known as
social inequality is inevitable and desiriable
Social Darwinism "Survival of the fittest"
Davis-Moore thesis is a _______ theory of stratification
What is the Davis-Moore thesis
inequality serves two vital functions
1) it motivates people to work hard
2) it ensures that key statuses in society will be occupied by highly capable people (and they will receive more rewards)
Means of Production
whatever is used in society to create wealth
Difference between Marx and Weber
Marx believed class mattered only
Weber said you can have one without the other (class, power, status)
capitalists; ruling class, factory owners
industrial workers; sold their labor to bourgeoisie to survive
Class consciousness
knowing what class you're in and becoming aware of the true implications of your class position
False Consciousness
anything that retards the growth of class consciousness
Cultural capital
attitudes, language patterns, and consumption preferences that help to define their class location
Status inconsistency
a situation in which an individual occupies several ranked statuses, some of which are evaluated more positively than others
Modernization theory
the less developed nations may be placed somewhere along an evolutionary path mvoing toward full modernization and that all will eventually come to closely resemble the US and other "Advanced" nations
Dependency theory
high income nations are the ruling class and middle and low-income nations are the proletariat. Wealthy countries reap all the advantages; the continued prosperity of the industrialized world comes from the exploitation of lower income nations
continuing economic influence from colonizers after independence is declared
Cultural Imperialism
when the continuing influence of high-income countries keeps the cultures of their former colonies from developing
World-Systems Theory
all the worlds nations have become integrated into a single system of capitalistic economic interdependency with different nations and multinational corporations playing different roles in a global division of labor.
three theories of global stratifcation
world systems theory, modernization theory, dependency theory
high-income nations located mainly in Europe and North America.
former colonial nations whose primary role in the world economic system is to supply raw materials and labor for the global assembly line.
What are the 3 loosely related indicators, or measures of socioeconomic status?
1) income
2) occupational prestige
3) education
2 categories of property
income, wealth
what is the difference between wealthy and income?
income: salaries, rents, interests, dividends
wealth: net assets (homes, land, auto, jewelry, stocks and bonds)
___% are working class

___% are working poor
underclass (who they are, %)
3% no experience in job market, unemployable, support is public assistance
Absolute poverty
a life-threatening lack of food, shelter, and clothing.
the Feminization of poverty
the growing percentage of poverty population that is made up of women
Child Poverty
how many poor are chidren?
the Culture of Poverty
the poor are socialized in childhood by their parents and peers to accept a distinctive way of looking at the world.
What is social mobility?
a change in an individual or group's position in a stratification hierarchy, most commonly a class system
Types of Social Mobility
Intergenerational, Intragenerational, vertical, horizontal, structural
Intergenerational social mobility
an individual's class position compared to that achieved by his or her parents or grandparents
intragenerational social mobility
changes in people's social standing over their lifetimes
Vertical mobility
being above or below in status of a parent or family member
horizontal mobility
when someone moves from one status to another is this roughly equal in rank
structrual mobility
mobility that is a consequence of a change in the range of occupations that are available in a given society
Where is the class struggle in the US taking place today?
What is the diff. between CC and FC?
FC keeps you from kowing CC
Who is the Supercore? Why?
US because we have space weapons
Who's trying to become a core?
How many phases/goals are there in Guerilla warfare?
Who is "involved" in a guerilla war (on the guerilla's side)?
What is another name for a guerialla war?
What is the goal of Phase One in guerilla warfare?
convince the rebels to revolt
What is the goal of Phase two in guerilla warfare?
securing villagers loyalty
What is the goal of Phase 3 in guerilla warfare?
guerillas tactical fighting
What is the goal of Phase 4 in guerilla warfare?
guerillas become a conventional army
What is the correct formula for social attraction?
effort -> appreciation -> value
What is the Power Elite?
Business, Govt, Military
Village of Milai
took 3 forces to take out guerillas (mines and snipers)
Terrorism is a
state sponsored activity
Conditioning index
interaction over time (knowing the league youre in)
Saturation/Deprivation by ____ says
Homans: the more often a person receives a reward, the less valuable any further unit becomes
3 things you can do in a relationship
1) establish
2) maintain
3) dissolve
Attraction has __ dimensions:
Principle of Least Interest
The person with the least interest holds the "power" in a relationship because they have the least to lose
in maintaining a relationship there is
jealousy, communication, stimulation
What are the Six Stages of Love?
1) Romance
2) Early Commitment
3) Power Struggle and Conflict
4) Resolution and Acceptance
5) Commitment or Ethical Love
6) Mature Romanticism
What is the best "skill" needed to get thorugh a POWER struggle?
What ist he average time that one partner listens to the other partner?
14 sec
In COMMITMENT or ETHIC LOVE, what characteristic defines this state?
their partners willingness to stand by them, to love them during idfficult times
how are truth and propaganda related?
Propaganda is based on truth
What is TOTAL propaganda?
TV, radio, newspapers say all the same things/stories
How is TOTAL propaganda acheived?
How is propaganda like a stream?
it catches people in its current; the swiftness of the current further reduces outside references: less resistance
What eventually led to the plotters downfall in the Bruinswick affair?
the victims all owned a Bruinswick tv and the investigators found the device which emitted the ions.
4 functions of Sport
1) provide entertainment
2) promote socialization
3) promote identity
4) promote miliary preparedness
2 types of sport
good, spectacle
corrupt sports (professional)
Lombardi Ethic
"winning isnt everything, its the only thing"
Halo Effect
winning = virtue
_________ promoted Physical Education
President Eisenhower (dwight)
putting minority races in less important roles (Racism in sports)
tipping point
can no longer stack - have too many minorities to
Title IX
women's equality in sports in any education program in USA
the stereotype on women athletes

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