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chap 12, 23, and reproductive


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another name for bath
avascular, diffusion
the epidermis is relatively ________, therefore all oxygen and nutrients must reach the epidermal cells by ______ of tissue fluids from underlying dermis
dietary sources or vitamins
how does the body obtain vitamins
these questions are a
malignant melanoma
most malignant and lethal skin cancer. this is a group of melanocytes that has muated to cancer. 5% of all skin cancers. begins as a raised dark lesion with irregular borders and appears uneven in color. typicall occurs in light skinned people who are exposed to uv radiation! melanoma is more likely to metastisize than any other form of cancer and kill whithin months of diagnosis.
1.2/1.1 mg
what is the DRI for vitamin b1 (men/women)
____ offers support to the nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles, and glands.
in a sauna, humidity ranges from 6% to 20 %, the air may be easier to _____ but can also be drying and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes
what means on the surface
a highly contagious infection caused by parasitic mites that crawl under the skin that causes itching at night. XXXXX
5/5 mg
what is the DRI for pantothenic acid (men/women)
sudden deep tissue vasodilation responds to restore _______
another name for vit b12
how often should you wear sunblock
flushes out debris and brings in oxygen
the alternation of cold application ( vasoconstriction and vasodilation) causes what to happen in the body
the internal and external therapeutic use of water and complimentary agents
are needed in smaller quantities
what are these contained in -> adipose tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings (meissner and pacihian corpuscles)
folate or folic acid
another name for vit b9
causes a stimulating effect and increases respiratory drainage
an inflammatory skin infection caused by staph or strep bacteria. characterized by raised, fluid filled sores that itch or burn. most common in childern occurs around the mouth, nose, and hands. highly contagious and can be spread by hand contact, handling contaminated objects such as linens, doorknobs and toothbrushes and of course massage. XXXXXX
vitamins are a group of _________ compounds necessary for the human body to function
initial cold and prolonged heat
what application increases heart rate
you must remove the cold application immediately after _______ to prevent tissue damage
foot baths are often used before
stretch marks
also called striae. result from extreme stretching of the skin from pregnancy, body building, sudden weight gain or severe swelling. not ci. no deep pressure
how do you know about temperature and comfort
are collections of melanocytes often referred to as a birth mark. some can be cancerous.
arthritic joints, sprains, strains, and bursitis
paraffin is indicated for what types of conditions
dietary reference intakes
initial cold
what application makes you want to go urinate
what type of stones are used in a hot stone treatment
1.3/1/1 mg
what is the DRI for riboflavin (men/women)
which vitamin can reach toxic levels
rust-colored water
filled with iron oxide used for its restorative effects
vitamin k (phylloquinone)
function: required for the blood to clot. also helps with bone formation
2/4 ( heat moves into the body... ) sauna, stram bath
dipped baths using a heated waxy mixture
21-27 days
the entire life cycle of a cell lasts
125-134 degrees
how hot is a pariffin unit kept
how hot is the water for a hot stone treatment
tea made from boiling parts of the plant ( bark and root)
____ are openings that allow passage for hair and specialized glands
how do you get an accurate reading of the water temp
premature aging
good nutrition, pleanty of fluids, and daily skincare. (sunblock!!! :)
posterior aspect
where is the dermis the thickest
A ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
superficial fascia or hypodermis
what is another name for the subcutaneous layer
surface, starved
because the epidermal cells multiply continuously, the new cells push the old cells towards the ______ and as they move further away from their source of nutrition, they become ______ and eventually die
what is the best massage stroke for a person with dry skin
vitamin e (tocopherol)
function: an antioxidant that is necessary for the proper function of the reproductive, nervous, and muscular systems. also plays a role in immune function, dna repair, and other metabolic processes
vichy shower
a water shower spraying from multiple overhead mounted shower heads
athletes foot, herpes simplex, impetigo, lice, papule, ringworm, scabies, and warts
list the contagious skin pathologies.
90/75 mg
what is the DRI for ascorbic acid (men/women)
underneath the dermis
where is superficial fascia (hypodermis) located
vitamin d (calciferol)
builds and maintains strong bones
cold application
__________ is the safest, simplest, and most effective method for reducing pain and swelling in injuries and has replaced the use of heat in many clinics
upper intake levels
what is the largest organ of the body
what provides the coloring of our skin, hair, and eyes
salt glow
using wet salt
skin cancer
can be helped with early detection and treatment. avoid overexposure to the sun. dark skinned peeps have more melanin which make them less prone to skin cancer
what are nails made up of
3/4 (heat moves into the body... )infrared lamps
the skin has the ability to _______. (oxygen, CO2, fat solubule vitamins... a,d, e, and k.., steroids, resins of certain plants, organic suluvant, and salts of heavy muscles
skin pallor
and unnatural paleness or lack of color in the skin
5/5 mcg
what is the DRI for vitamin d (men/women)
age spots or liver spots
more common in older people. from sun damage. not ci
cold applications cause the skin to blanch initially resulting from _________; the skin then becomes hyperemic and a burning sensation may be felt as heat is carried to the application site by the blood stream in attempt to warm the area
what is another name for a hot pack
a, d, e, and k
fat soluble vitamins
lavender causes a ________ effect
steam baths are indicated for what condition
another name for vit b6
they must undergo chemical reactions within the body before they can function. ie: vit a
athletes foot
aka. linea pedis. is a contagious superficial fungal infection of the foot. characterized by discoloration and a ring of red tissue. local ci
____ means life
hands, face, lip, jaw, tounge, and genitals
what regions of the body have the most sensory receptors
another name for vit b7
steam canopy
_____ is an expensive way to offer steam treatments
needed in larger quantities
external application of heat for therapeutic purposes
which vitamin are filtered from blood by kidneys
increased blood flow
hot or warm application cause an initial action of _____
harm your client
extreme hot and cold can ________
what application decreases pain
vitamin e (tocopherol)
best sources: wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and hazelnuts
vitamin d (calciferol)
best sources: sunlight, cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
the blood doesnt have enough oxygen
sudoriferous glands
the function of ____________. -> regulates body temp and eliminates waste product
vasoconstriction causes the skin to look ______
10 parts water and 1 part bleach
if body fluids come in contact with therapy equipment clean it with _________
saline water
containing dissolved salts used for it purgative effects
sulfer water
used for its cleansing effects
an autoimmune disorder affecting blood vessels and connective tissue. fibrous degeneration of the connective tissue occurs in the skin, lungs, and internal organs. most common in middle age women. death may occur because of cardiac, renal, pulmonary or intestinal involvement. not contagious. not ci unless extreme
when you see stratum.... think of the layers of the
donate electrons to stabilize high reactive chemicals. they help stop tissue damage and decrease cellular function
what temp is cool
vitamin d
_____ stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food
dermis and epidermis
what are the two distinct regions of the skin
decubitus ulcers
aka bed sores. caused by constant deficiency of blood to the tissues usually over boney projections. occurs in bedridden patients. local ci
hair root plexuses
what is another name for hair follicle receptors
1st degree
burn that damages the epidermis. ie: mild sunburn
what happens in the firs 9-16 mins of a cold application
increasing and decreasing blood and lymph flow, hydrotherapy application can assist the body in ________
sebaceous glands secrete
another name for vit d
vitamin d
our skin synthesizes ______.
prolonged cold
what application softens the fascia
32, 124
water temp below ____ and above _____ can cause tissue damage
3rd degree
destroys the epidermis. not painful. usually requires skin grafting. local ci
salude per auqa
the letters SPA were scribbled on marble walls of ancient public baths of rome, this coded message was translated to mean _________ which literally means health or healing through water
what is the main component of connective tissue
B ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
means severe itching of the skin. its caused by many things. local ci
carbs, lipids, and proteins
the three macronutrients
vitamin b1 (thiamine)
function: aids in communication between nerves and cells. helps the body metabolize carbs and fat to produce energy. essential for normal growth and development. helps maintain proper funtion of the heart, nervous, and digestive systems
hubbard tank
when water immersion is combined with light exercise, a ________ is used
contrast methods
____________ are beneficial because it intensifies the circulatory effects on the tissues. also helps remove metabolic waste
what temp is hot
1/4 (heat moves into the body...) hot packs, immersion baths
212 degrees
water turns to vapor at ______
homeostasis, hydrotherapy
the bodys ability to maintain ______ is the key the unlocks the benefits of _______
external, therapeutic application of cold
the application of cold packs followed by full range of motion
a mixture of volcanic ash and wax is called
a chronic form of acne
herpes simplex
aka cold sores or fever blisters. highyl contagious viral infection. triggered by uv radiation, hormonal changes, or emotional upset. XXXXXXX! ( and i dont mean X as in ****... dirty susan!!)
900/700 mcg
what is the DRI for vitamin a? ( men/women..)
water soluble vitamins
are able to move freely across cell membranes, allowing them to be absorbed directyl into the blood
hydrotherapy and spa techniques
are ways for massage therapists to increase your repertoire of modalities
another name for b2
20 minutes
more than ______ of cold application can cause tissue damage. frostbite and hypothermia
heat moves into the body in _____ methods
vitamin b1 (thiamine)
best sources: green peas, spinach, liver, beef, pork, navy beans, nuts, pinto beans, bananas, soy beans, goji berries, whole grains, breads, yeast, the aleurone layer of unpolished rice, and legumes
characterized by red, flaky skin elevations covered by a thick, dry, silvery scales. it is not contagious but exacerbated by stress. not ci
16/14 mg
what is the DRI for niacin (men/women)
keratin, melanin
the skin also provides waterproofing through protein called ______ and uv protection by a substance called _______
2nd degree
burn. symptoms are swelling, blistering, and pain. may scar. healing time is 7 days to 4 weeks. very painful
2/3 alcohol and water
how do you make a homemade cold pack. get a zip lock bag filled with _____________
uv light
what stimulates the formation of melanin
105-120 degrees
how hot is a steam bath
aka contusion. the discoloration is caused by a blow. local ci
vitamin k (phylloquinone)
best sources: veggies: collard greens, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, and salad greens
two million
how many sweat glands do we have
whirl pool
for soaking
tension and insomnia
a sauna is indicated for what conditions
E ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
170-210 degrees
how hot is a sauna
most water heaters are set at
one of the functions of the skin is ______. it forms a physical, biological, and chemical barrier.
gate theory
both hot and cold application reduce pain and discomfort through the
increased circulation
rosemary causes ___________
basal cell carcinoma
accounts for 75% of all cancers. characterized by lesions that begin as small, raised nodules that ulcerate. primarily caused by EXCESSIVE exposure to SUNLIGHT. this type is the least dangerous( but the most common) and rarely metastiasizes or spreads
a _____ results from the dermis and epidermis separaring because of friction
free radicals
they take electrons from other chemicals in cells. reducing their ability to function causing tissue damage
hair follicles
what are pouchlike depressions that enclose the hair shaft
sweat glands are called
poor nutrition or disease
what is happening if the nail has white spots
aka verruca. is a mass of cutaneous elevations caused by a contagious virus. some can be cancerous. local
ie: wart, zit (with no pus in it) local if wart
when the arrector pili muscles contrat it causes
D ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
a chronic dermatitis or inflammation of the skin characterized by redness, watery discharge, crusting, scaling, itching, and burning. may be hereditary but is not contagious. not ci unless areas are open and watery
a specialized hot pack consisting of a canvis pouch filled with silicon granules. they are 165 degrees!
skin tags
are just tiny flaps of skin most common in middle aged women typically located around the neck, upper chest, armpit, and groin. some are genetic; others are a result of clothes rubbing on skin. not ci
another name for b3
fast growing
F ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
it may irritate certain conditions
why is heat contraindicated for certain conditions
heat applications cause the skin to become ________ ( increases blood flow) this results from dilation of blood vessels; perspiration is produced in an attempt to cool the body
hydrotherapy (externally)
by using ________, the internal flow of water (blood and lymph) can be changed to assist the healing process, move oxygen and nutrients to a desired location, and remove toxins
physiological effect
the greater the difference between the body temp and the water temp, the greater the________
32 degrees
water turns to ice at ________
pantothenic acid
another name for vit b5
sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda
what are the 3 most commonly used minerals added to water
C ( abcdef method of mole assesment)
vitamin d
signals the intestines to absorb more calcium to support bone growth
ascorbic acid
another name for vit c
albinism- cannont produce...
jockich and ringworm
athletes foot is the same fungus that causes...
prespiration, sudoriferous glands
our skin helps regulate the bodys temperature by allowing heat to dissipate and through _________ by specialized glands called _____. this is also a way to eliminate wastes
can compression wraps help you loose weight
spa tub
similar to a whirl pool but the water is treated to remain clean and sanitary for multiple uses
prolonged heat
wheras _________________ application depresses blood flow and increases swelling and inflammation
____ contributes to the color of the skin, hair, eye iris, and absorption of uv light
the skin recieves _______, such as pain, pressure, heat, cold etc.
hot tub
for soaking without the agitated water
moisten mucus membrane
a steam bath at 100% humidity helps what ______. however, it may be more difficult to breathe
body wrap
the principle behind a _______. raise their temp so they can sweat. it gets rid of wastes and open pores
oil glands are called
a boil or abscess caused by the staphylococcal bacteria in a skin gland or hair follicle. local ci
what temp is tepid
which types of vitamins need to be consumed on a daily basis
4/4 ( heat moves into the body...) diathermy, ultrasound
prolonged cold
what application causes a deep response
aka tinea corporis. a fungal disease. characterized by itching, scaling, and painful lesions manifested as a red ring patch. XXXXX
what temp is cold
arrector pili
what is the name of your hair muscles
thickened cone-shaped skin resulting from repeated friction or pressure primarily over toe joints and between toes. not ci
which vitamin are found in water compartments of fruits and veggies
what are the pliable fibers called
is the universal solvent, and the electrolytes of the body follow the flow of ______
sitz bath
a sitting bath with the water covering the hips and coming up to the naval
coenzymes, hormones, and antioxidants
what are some of the ways that vitamins function in the body
another name for vit k
8.33 lbs
how much does a gallon of water weigh
the moon shaped structure at the base of the nail is the
another name for vit b1
pain. nociceptors
what do free nerve endings detect
menstral relief and post childbirth pain
a sitz bath is indicated for what conditions
deep tissue vasodilation
if cold application continues after 16 mins sudden __________ occurs. lasting 4 -6 mins
which vitamin is found in fats and oils
tea made from steeping the parts of the plant
sudoriferous glands secrete
russian bath
steam cabinet where the head is exposed is called _________
skin pigment
vitiligo- partial or total loss of
highly contagious. XXXXXXXXXX
body scrub
decreased blood flow
brief cold application causes initial action of constrictions blood vessels causing_______
what temp is very hot
a skin disease of the sebaceous gland with an increase in the amount of oily secretions. local ci
circular friction
ice massage combines use of ice with _________
caused by pressure of friction. do not drain. local ci
body polish
increases blood flow
prolonged cold application produces a reaction that stimulates dialation of blood vessels causing _______. this also reduces swelling and decreases inflammation
fat soluble vitamins
require specific carrier molecules to be transported through the body for storage in fat cells or in the liver
coldness, cooling, burning, stinging, aching, and numbness
during a cold application what sensations are being felt by the client
15-30 minutes
one cycle of cold application ( vasoconstriction adn vasodilation) takes about _________.IT IS CALLED THE HUNTING RESPONSE <---
another name for vit e
adequate intakes
another name for vitamin a
a pimple (filled with pus ;)) local ci
squamous cell carcinoma
more agressive than basal cell carcinoma. 20% of cases. common in sun exposed areas are in the mouth or on the lips. wear sunblock everyday. uv still gets through clouds
what temp is painfully hot
5-10 minutes or until numb
how long does an ice massage last
prolonged cold
what application numbs the skin

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