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Class Consciousness
refers to being aware of membership in a class
functional theory problems
the Functional theory of statification stressed how inequality helps society discover talent. However, it ignores the pool of talent lying undiscovered becuase of inequality. A final problem with the theory is its failure to examine how people pass advantages form generation to generation
1st myth about the poor
The overwhelming majority of poor people are African or Hispanic American single mothers with children
2nd myth about the poor
People are poor because they don't want to work
3rd myth about the poor
Poor people are trapped in poverty
4th myth about the poor
Welfare encourages married women with children to divorce so they can collect welfare and it encourages single women on welfare to have more children
5th myth about the poor
welfare is a strain on the federal budget
5 differences of Transnational coprorations from traditional corporations
1) Traditional corp. rely on domestic labor and domestic production. Transnational corp. depend increasingly on foreign production. 2) Traditional corp. extract natural resources or manufacture inductrial goods. Transnational corp. increasingly emphasize skills and advances in design, technology, and managment. 3) Traditional corp. sell to domestic markets. Transnational corp. depend increasingly on world markets 4) Traditional corp. rely on established marketing sales outlets. Transnational corp. depend increasingly on massive advertising campaigns. 5) Traditional corp. work with or under national governments. Transnational corp. are increasingly autonomous form national governments.
The dependency theorists say that exploitation by direct political control was soon replaced by new means of achieving the same ends;
substantial foreign investment, support for authoritarian gov., mounting debt
involves the spatial and institutional separation or racial or ethnic groups
the process by which a minority group blends into the majority peopulation and eventually disappers as a distinct group
Five Stages in the process by which conflict between ethnic and racial groups emerges and is resolved:
1)Invasion 2)Resistance 3)competition 4)Accommodation and cooperation 5)Assimilation
Race Continued
Race as "real" distinct categories do not exist. There are not such things as "pure" races. Race is still valuable to be studied to teh perception of the general public that it exists, as well as, having large impacts on peoples lives.
Second Shift
Arlie Hochschids terms to decribe the domestic work that occurs in addition to economic work outside the home. while this work can involve both men and women the bulk of the responsibilities for the 2nd shift fall on the women (typically)
Mens 4 Stratigies of resistance against the 2nd shift
1)waiting it out (not volunteering for the action) 2)Playing dumb (showing incompetence to domestic work) 3)Needs Reduction (an expression of diminished needs (no shopping doesn't need clothes)) 4)Substitute Offerings (Mechanism to encourage women to keep up their work in the 2nd shift.
Common Characteristics of a "Happy" couple
1) think of their spouses as their best friend 2)like their spouse as a person 3)think of marriage as a long-term commitment 4)believe that marriage is sacred 5)argree with their spouse on aims and goals 6)believe that their spouse has growm more interesting over the years. 7) stongly want the relationship to succeed 8) laugh together
Nicholas Stinnet found that happy familys"
1)spend a lot of time together 2) are quick to express appreciation 3) are committed to promoting one anothers welfare 4) do a lot of talking and listening to one another 5) are religious 6) deal with crises in a positive manner.
husbands and wives are equally likely to attack each other. However, the damage done by men is almost always much more than that done by women
Child Abuse
3 million U.S. children are reported to the authorites as victims of abuse or neglected each year
Offenders form most likely to least likely: Uncles, First cousins, falthers (esp. Step father), brothers, other relitives such as grandfathers and brothers in law. Brother-sister is more prevalent than father-daugher. Incest between mothers and sons is rare
Mortons Study of Skull size
1)colleted skulls of different races and packe them with shot to determine their volumes. 2) concluded that whites had the largest brains, then Asians, then Native Americans and finally African Americans. 3) the idea essentially was the brain size was an indicator of intelligence. 4)his ideas were used to justify two of the most oppressive forms of domination and injustice: colonization and slavery.
Three Problems with Mortons Study
1) morton claimed to be able to distinguish the skulls of white and black people by the shapes of the skull. However, even today this is difficult. 2)Mortons skull formed a small, unrepresentative sample. 3) 71% of the skulls morton identified as "Negroid" or "Negro" were womens compared to only 48% of the skulls identified as "Caucasian"
Results are scientifically meaningless
Education vs. Intelligence
1) at different points in time Jews and African american were found to have lower IQ scores than whites of europe decent of america. 2)in the case of jews and immigration restriction act was passed 3)in the case of Afican American some people have argued that funding should be cut to schools in inner-city areas
2 Problems with Education vs. Intelligence
1) Jewish IQ scores rose as Jews moved up the class hierarchy and could afford better education 2)Enriched education facilities have routinely boosted the intellecutal deveopment and academic acheivment of inner-city African american children

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