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Psychology test 1

This is a review for our upcoming test on theories and I added stuff about feral children.


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Secondary Trait
attitudes or preferences, only appear in certain situation or circumstances (ex: phobias)
Oxana Malaya- Ukranian dog girl
found in 1991, age 8, found in dog kennels outside her home, dog mannerisms, abandoned by mother
Classes of feral children
1. the children who wander off and live in the wild on their own. 2. the children who are nutured by animals in the wild.
when a person rejects the truth about something unpleasant that has happened
when a person's thoughts or feelings that embarrass them are projected onto someone else
Clasical conditioning
pavlov's dog experiment
Anal Expulsive
opposite of anal retentive, messy and disorganized
Anal Stage
age 2-3, when toilet training and controlling bodily wastes are key issues, learning to be potty trained.....future: Anal retentive or anal expulsive
Anal Retentive
holding everything in and obsessive about neatness and cleanliness
The Id
your primary or primitive drives, what makes you want something you cannot have, has no regard for reality or consequences (ex: your hungry no money the Id would tell you to steal)
who developed the five factor theory
McCrae & Costa
Bandura experimetn
Bobo doll, 4 rooms: 1,corner; couldn't play with bobo 2.attack dolls with toys with adult 4. no adults; kids were allowed to do whatever
Latency Stage
nonsexual, involved in asexual activities like sports and have same sex friends
Electra Complex
girls compete with their mother for the father's attention
Defense Mechanisms
the ego, in attempt to suppress the unacceptable needs of the id, has developed a system the Ffreud refers to as, Defense Mechanisms, These stragey deny and distort reality, which in some instances guard agianst anxiety.
when an unwanted memory or emotion is thwarted by the person
Reaction Formation
when an emotion creates unconscious anxiety and is flippe dinto its opposite in consciousness
open to experience versus Implusiveness
The Ego
balances the fantasies of the Id agianst realities of the real world. It controls your impulses, tries to avoid pain and disleasing things, SELF-PRESERVATION(EX: you don't steal because its agianst society)
Victor the wild boy
captured in janurary 1800, estimated to be about 10 years old, his desires did not go beyond physical needs, he could not speak or understand human language, he preffered raw food and ripped off any clothes that were put on him, "incurable idiot", never learned speech, made mini progress in social behavior, put through numerous tests psych and physic
talkative/outgoing or silent/shy
Oral Stage
first years of life, babies experience the world through mouths....future: adults seek gratification in smoking, overeating, or nail biting.
feral children
a child who lived in isolation starting at a very young age and there by has remained unaware of human behavior and language
Structural Theory
consists of 3 theoretical provinces of the mind, The Id, The Ego, The Superego
when someone (reverts) to a former stage of psychological development
3 trait levels
1. Cardinal trait 2. Central T 3. Secondary T
Sigmund Frued created what other theory besides psychosexual?
structural theory
Learning Theory
in psychology and education, a learning theory is an attempt to describe how people and animals learn
Freud's Psychosexual stage theory
Oral, Anal, Oedipal(Phallic), Latency, Genital stages
Gorden Allport
father of trait personality, found 4,000 words in the dictionary describing personality traits, determined that there are 3 levels of personality traits
when someone focuses their attention and emotions upon objects, animals or other people
Idiocy before isolation(nature)
language defienct, untidiness, unattached to other, ani al-like sounds, ingesting "nasties", insensirity to temperature
good nature/cooperative/friendly relationships or irritable/abrasive/hostileness
Name the five factors
Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Nuaratiscism,
Five factor theory Adulthood
older adults lower in N,E,O and higher A,C than adolescents and college kids (could be generation)
worriers/complainers/high anxiety
Five factor theory Childhood
Defense Mechanisms (LIST)
Represssion, Projection, Displacement, Reaction Formation, Regression, & Denial
Persevering or quick to quit
seems improbable that chance would lead to so many cases, children who have mental deficiences would have a very difficult time surviving in the wild.
Genital Stage
occurs during puberty, interested in opposite sex, when stages complete you should end up a caring and warm person
Central Trait
Most common and forms the basics of personality (ex: smart, funny, and shy)
Can the factors be inherited
largely inherited
The Superego
internalized moral values, prohibitions, and ideals of the person. The repository of your ego ideal. where your conscience "lives", is responsible for the feeling of guilt
Oedipal (Phallic) Stage
ages 3-6, unconsciously wishes for the parent of the opposite sex and wants to get rid of the same sex parent,
Cardinal Trait
dominates a persons life, but is extremely rare. It would be a persons most obvious trait
Oedipus Complex
named after the greek legend of king oedipus. Boys are unconsciously attracted to their mothers
significance of feral children
entertainment, development of behaviorism and behavior modification, conclusions about sensitive periods, provide for an experiment that can never be ethically planned on conducted by scientists

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