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Social Studies Chapter 5


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Thomas Paine
Who published the pamphlet Common Sense
Daughters of Liberty
Women in the ___ urged Americans to wear homemade clothes and produce their own goods.
a colonist who was determined to fight the British until America won its independence
A colonist who did not consider unfair taxes and regulations sufficient cause for rebellion
Paul Revere
Along with William Dawes, he alerted the minutemen that British troops were marching toward Lexington and Concord
George Greenville
____ was the Ehglishman who saw the American colonies as a source of funds for helping pay British debts and took action against colonial smuggling.
Boston Tea Party
The Sons of Liberty, disguised as Mohawks, dumped British goods into a harbor in an event known as the
___ were determined to fight for American independence
Samuel Adams
____ was the patriot who organized the Sons of Liberty to protest the Stamp Act and later taxes passed by parliament.
Protesting the Sugact, James Otis uttered the memorable phrase, "Taxation without ___ is tyranny"
Militia volunteers who could be ready to fight at a moment's notice
Acted rudely and sometimes violently toward the colonists
writs of assistance
what allowed British customs officers to search colonists' homes for smuggled goods
First Continental Congress
Delegates from every colony but Georgia drafted a statement of colonists' grievances and attended the
Townshend Acts
Daughters of Liberty took an active role in the protest against this
Informatin designed to influence opinion
Abigail Adams
Who sent her husband a letter demanding rights for women
incoming money
boycotts and protests
The colonists forced the British Government to repeal the various taxation acts enacted between 1764 and 1767 by using ___ and___.
George III
This king said the "blows must decide" who would rule America.
___ were determined to fight for independence.
George Washington
As commander of the Continental Army, he shaped the undisciplined militias into a trained force
groups of citizen soldiers
Following these battles, the colonists were divided. ___ did not consider unfair taxes and regulations good cause for rebellion
Intolerable Acts
The colinial name for laws that prohibited town meetings in Massachusetts was
April 18, 1755
On the night of ___ Dr. Joseph Warren saw British troops leave Boston.
William Dawes
Paul Revere and this man warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British were coming.
Boston Massacre
Anti-British feelings among the colonists grew more intense because of Paul Revere's engraving of the
gun powder
The next day, the British crossed the harbor and charged up Breed's Hill three times. The Americans ran out of ___ and had to withdraw.
Appalachian mountains
In 1763 Britan passed the Proclamation of 1763 which limited westward expansion and said that the colonist couldn't move west of the _______ and the colonists became angry.
French & Indian War
The King and Parliament thought the American colonies should help pay for the debts from the _______ so they will pass taxes to raise money to pay the debts.
Intolerable Acts
The colonists showed their feelings by referring to the Coercive Acts designed to punish Boston as the ___
John Hancock
Who was chosen as president of the Second Continental Congress
A formal expression of opinion
Parliament passed the ___ Act which said that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever."
victim of Boston Massacre
Crispus Attucks
Samuel Adams
Put up posters describing the Boston Massacre as a slaughter
Boston Massacre
Colonial propaganda referred to the shooting of five people by British soldiers outside a Customs House as the ___
George Washington
The first commander of the Continental Army was
Tea Act
This act gave the East India Company an advantage over colonial merchants.
In 1765 Parliament passed the ___ Act which taxed almost all printed materials in the colonies, including newspapers and playing cards.
King George III
Voved to punish boston and opposed compromise with American colonies
Thomas Paine
Wrote Common Sense
The ___ Acts taxed basic goods needed by the colonists which were improted into America from England.
Thomas Jefferson
Who was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence
Common Sense
Thomas Paine's pamphlet ___ inspired thousands to join the Patriots' cause
Ethan Allen
The Green Mountain Boys, who captured the British-held Fort Ticonderoga, were led by who
a rag figure
Warren alerted Paul Revere and William Dawes, who rode to ___ to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
to cancel
Patrick Henry
He persuaded the House of Burgesses to pass a resolution stating that it alone had the right to tax Virginians
Breed's Hill
On June 16, 1775 about 1,200 militia members set up fortifications at Bunker Hill and nearby ___ across the harbor from Boston
John Hancock
The first man to sign the Declaration of Independence was
___ did not believe rebellion was justified
Patrick Henry
____ was the man who persuaded the Virginia House of Burgesses to pass a resolution declaring the state has the exclusive right to tax its citizens. He did this in protest to the Stamp Act.
Bunker Hill
Colonel William Prescott led the minutemen who fortified ___ and Breed's hill near Boston.
homes for summgled goods
writs of assistance enabled Brittish customs officers to search
Thomas Jefferson
On July 4, 1776, delegates to the Second Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence drafted by
stamp act
this act ignored the colonial tradition of self-government
Protect the colonists' rights
The Olive Branch Petition asked the king to
Sir Thomas Gage
In April 1775 General ___ received instructions to take away the weapons of the Massachusetts militia and arrest its leaders
Samuel Adams
He helped to start the Boston Sons of Liberty and led them at the Boston Tea Party
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence
The document that proproclaimed the existence of a new nation in North America is known as the ___
Parliament first passed the ___ Act in 1764 to stop smuggling between the colonies and the French West Indies.
Battle of Bunker Hill
Although the British won this battle, they learned that defeating the Americans would not be easy.
a formal request
Ethan Allen
He commanded the Green Mountain Boys who captured Fort Ticonderoga
Lexington and Concord
In the first battles of the American Revolution, colonists clashed with British troops at the towns of ___ and ___
Stamp Act
The ___ taxed all printed materials in the colonies from newspapers to playing cards
townshend acts
goods being impoerted to the colonies
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