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The Taffetas Peggy lines


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It's like a dream come true!
We're honored to be performing the very show where we've seen so many of our favorite groups like...The Cardigans, The Chordettes, The Cadillacs...
And speaking of beauty...
We now bring you a word from our sponsor. Galaxy Beauty Products! Makers of...
Maybe the folks at home should stand up!`
All right, now everyone say "Cream Cheese!" That was just perfect!
Where are you Josephine? Are you out there?
I think we may have a shy audience member...
Who we like...
What we like...
I guess I'd have to say "Mamie Eisenhower".
I was going to say "Mrs. Eisenhower", but the woman I've most admired is our Mother.
Rock Hudson!
Troy Donahue!
We hope you keep reading about us in your Hit Paraders, listening to us on your 45's and loooking for us on your television sets at home.
And now, we'd like to thank all of the wonderful people at Spotlight on Music.
I have to admit that with each song, we grow a little more homesick!
But, I have to say, that during this short stay, all of you have been so friendly and have made the big city of New York feel so safe, just like our home away from home!
It's heaven!
Thank you. Hi, I'm Kaye.
Hello, I'm Peggy.
We get to sing all of the wonderful new songs...
And we get to travel, and see the great forty-eight! Of course, we can hardly wait to get a chance to perform in Europe and Hawaii. It's so neat to think that some day, we might be able to...
singing - Because I'll Think of you
Gee whiz!
Golly, thank you, Mr. Sullivan!
when we used to sing at the Moose Hall in Muncie!
That's our home town - Muncie, Indiana.
or helping us with the works to a new song...
Or taking flash photographs during the performance!
And what are your favorite pastimes? Peggy, why don't you begin?
Thank you Kaye! Well, our mother makes all of our beautiful clothes from patterns we pick from The Ladies Home Journal...I have blonde hair, and believe it or not, we each do our own hair styling...with the wonderful line of Galaxy Hir products. Now then, I would have to say my favorite pastimes include...learning to cook all of Mother's great recipes, especially her Fluffo fried chicken and biscuits, practicing my shorthand, and, oh yes, painting by numbers. Donna...
Okay girls? And we're...
The Taffetas!
I have them tucked away...right here in my heart!
And when I get back home, I have to get to work on my new piccalilli recipe for the Bell Jar Canning Contest!
I'll be waiting at the Muncie depot for...him...his ring...and his letter sweater. Otherwise...
Singing - you belong to me!
And you know, that day might not be so far away. It only took the bus 39 hours and four stop-overs to get us all the way from Muncie Indiana to New York City, New York!
The Taffetas!
All right. And now, just one more for "The Taffeta Scrapbook". So, could all of you in the studio audience just squeeze together? Just a little tighter...Don't you just love "togetherness"? I think I can get all of you in...
"What is the key to the Taffeta success"
Gee, I don't know if there is any one particular thing. I think it has to do with the way we were brought up. And, I believe it's in what we try to bring to all of you. I guess it can best be summed up in the Taffeta motto, "A smaile is a crooked line that makes everything straight."
If you're ever in Indiana, just look us up...
We're the only Taffetas in the phone book!
I'm Cheryl. And we're...
The Taffetas!
we wouldn't leave without a souvenir of our television debut for the familoy scrapbook
So, sir, would you be real sweet and take just one snapshot? Thank you! Have you ever used on of these before? Well, it's really easy. You just look through here, and when we say "The Taffetas!" you just push this button. Okay girls? And we're...
Golly, thank you, Mr. Sullivan!
And now before our spotlight goes out, I see we have time for just one more song. And, it's so new it hasn't even hit the air waves yet. We hope you like it.
singing - I'm gonna set you free!
And now, do you want to know what President Eisenhower is doing about our boys in Korea?
Well, we're so glad you've joined us for an evening of love songs and fun songs!
Of swing tunes and slow tunes!
And that we will be appearing next Sunday on his show! Isn't that just wonderful?
Oh dear me!
"What do the Taffetas have planned for the immediate future?"
Well, as a matter of fact, we leave for Muncie right after today's appearnace to be honorary "Bell Jar Queens" at the Bell Jar Festival in Muncie!

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