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cultures ch.3 civil war


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Andrew Johnson
-president after Lincoln's assassinated. -impeached:1 vote short.
William T. Sherman
-led "March to the Sea" through georgia and sc:scorhced earth policy:burned Atlanta -introduced total war -destroyed all resources as they advanced
Civil War Amendments
13th:end slavery. 14th:define citizenship(born or naturalized) 15th:all men can vote
Mathew Brady
show pics from battlefields. -photojournalism
single bloodiest day -22,719 died
Missouri Compromise
1820: slavery won't extend N of 36 degrees latitude
Gettysburg Address
-honor of the dead. -battle cry to finish war
Habeas Corpus
right to know why arrested -Lincoln suspended to stop opposition
Ulysses S. Grant
-"Battle of Atrition" in west(outlast enemy) -commander of forces -defeated Lee
Emancipation Proclamation
-Jan. 1863. -freed slaves(in rebelling states.) -over 180,000 blacks in the union army
Ku Klux Klan
-secret group:terrorized blacks & supporters; keep them from exersizing rights. esp voting rights
1860 election
Lincoln(rep) won in 4 way race
Compromise of 1850
-Cali became free state -allowed new territories; Utah & New Mexico decide for themselves
northerners against war
Cost of Civil War
617,128 DEAD : 1,030,000 casualties
Fort Sumter
-first shots of civil wat, fired by south -april 1861
Confederate States of America
-reaction to election of Lincoln. -6 states, later 4 more.
-July, 1863. -Lee wanted victory on union soil. -3 day battle. -turning point of the war. -51,112 died.
John Brown
1856:ani-slavery leader. -wanted to lead slave revolt -killed 5 in Kansas. -tried and hung
Lincoln's Goal
preserve union(unite)
Radical Republicans
-controlled congress after civil war. -wanted to punish South
Jefferson Davis
president of confederacy
Richmond, VA
capitol of Confederacy
Anaconda Plan
strangle S. -blockade -take Mississippi River
South Advantages
-better military leaders. -knew terrain. -troops passionate
Freedman's Bureau
-established by congress after civil war to help blacks. _schools. _find families. _find jobs, _fair wage. _clothes/shelter
Election of 1876
-Sam Tildon(dem):population vote. -R.B. Hayes(rep)electoral vote. -deal:Hayes as pres. if troops removed from S.
Clara Barton
-nursed the wounded -founded american red cross
Andersonville, Georgia
prisoner of war camp; 100 died per day
Uncle Tom's Cabin
1852: -Harriet B. Stowe -Day to Day life of a slave -portrayed evils of slavery -angered N&S
Dred Scott
slve in free state for 4 years. supreme court ruled: a) not citizen, can't bring case b) missouri compromise-unconstitutional
Appomattox Courthouse
April 1865: Lee surrendered to grant.
North Advantages
-most factories. -more people. -more supplies(food, weapons, railroads) -better navy

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