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Word War II Southgate High School


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What was the age for draft?
(When men had to serve in the military) in WWIU
Draft age 21-36 years
How was WWII financed? (paid for).
Taxes were raised 41%
War Bonds sold
What was D Day?
When the largest group of Allied ships and watercraft landed in Normandy France to begin the European invasion against the Central Powers.
What was the Battle of the Bulge?
The largest battle in Western Europe during WWII and the largest one the US Army fought. This was when the Nazis knew they had lost the war.
What was the Battle of Stalingrad?
The turning point of the war in Eastern Europe when the Russian Red Army defeated Hitler's men at Stalingrad
What is the United Nations?
A group of most of the world's countries started in 1945 to promote peace and economic growth in the world
What was the Battle of Midway?
The last battle where Japan was able to attack in the Pacific front of WWII because the US sunk their ships and crashed Japan's planes.
Who was General MacArthur?
General MacArthur was the U.S. war commander (leader) on the Pacific front of WWII
Who was General Patton?
General Patton was the U.S. war commander (leader) who took over Sicily and Italy during WWII.
Who was Eisenhower?
General Eisenhower was the U.S. war commander (leader) in the North Africa Front of WWII who fought against the German leader Rommel
Who was Yamamoto?
Admiral Yamamoto was the Japanese commander (leaders) who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor
Who was Rommel?
Rommel was the German commander (leader) who fought in North Africa and was defeated by General Eisenhower of the U.S.
What was the date of D-Day?
June 6, 1944
When was the beginning of Germany's invasions? When they invaded Poland?
September 1, 1939
When did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
December 7, 1941
When was V-E Day (Victory in Europe)?
May 8, 1945
When did the U.S. bomb Hiroshima?
August 6, 1945
When did the U.S. bomb Nagasaki?
August 9, 1945
When was a peace treaty signed with Japan?
September 2, 1945
What were victory gardens?
Gardens U.S. people planted to save on buying food during WWII
What was a GI?
American solider (government issued clothes, weapons)
There were 16 million GIs
What was the Atlantic Charter?
When President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill put down their "rules" for WWII
Who was Stalin?
Leader of Russia (the Red Army)
Who were the Allies?
England, France, U.S., Russia
Who were the Central Axis or Powers?
Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Japan
Who was Hitler?
German Chancellor (leader) who believed Germans should be pure blooded
What was the Holocaust?
Hitler's solution to kill the Jews, gyspies, and others who were bad for Germany
Who was Kaiser?
Man who built warships (liberty ships) for the U.S. Navy
What was the War Produrction Board?
People in charge of war support in the U.S. Changed factories to making army tanks, weapons, uniforms, and other things soldiers needed
What were war bonds?
The government sold bonds for one price, that were worth more money after 10-20 years to raise money for war
What was a U-Boat?
A German submarine
What was a Wolf-Pack?
German submarines that traveled together to attack ships
What was "unrestriced" attacks
The Germans attacked war ships, passenger ships, and business ships in the Atlantic Ocean
Who was John Lewis?
Leader of the United Mine Workers who went on strike in 1943
What did Ford Motor Company do?
Built war planes at a plant in Willow Run, Michigan
What was the cost-plus system?
Paying companies to make things needed for war. Government paid them and then bought the items.
What were kamikazies?
Japanese piolets who would put bombs on their planes and then crash into U.S. ships
What was the Battle of the Coral Sea?
Battle where the U.S. won keeping Japan from invading Australia
What was the Bataan Death March?
Japanese made prisoners of war march while they killed them or starved them and tortured them.
When did Germany surrender?
May 8, 1945
What was the Yalta Conference
A meeting held with leaders of Allied countries to decide how to punish Germany for starting the war.
When did Hitler kill himself?
April, 1945
What was the Battle of the Atlantic?
Fighting the German U-boars (submarines) in the Atlantic
What was the Battle of Leyte Gulf?
The biggest sea battle in history where the Japanese navy was destroyed.
What was the Battle of Guadacanal?
A battle U.S. won in the Pacific and then they started jungle warfare
What was the Manhattan Project?
Development of the first atomic bomb
What was the Battle of Iwo Jima?
The bloodiest battle of the war
What happened to African American soldiers after WWII?
They came home to U.S. and had more discrimination
What happnned to Mexican Americans during WWII?
Were discriminated against. Worked during war, but after war, they lost their jobs. Became farm laborers after war
What happened to Japanese Americans during WWII?
They were placed in internment camps because U.S. thought they were Japanese spies
What happened to women during WWII?
They got many different types of jobs and made more money
Who were Nisei?
U.S. Japanese Americans who were born in the U.S. with Japanese immigrant parents
What was a ghetto?
An area where all the Jews had to live in a city
What was a death camp?
Camps set up where Jews were killed by gas or other ways.
What was a lconcentration camp?
Camp where enemies of Germany were taken amd made to work like slaves
What was Kistallnacht?
Night where Nazis destroyed Jewish businesses and homes and then blamed the Jews.
What were the Nuremberg Trials?
Trials where the Nazis who killed the Jews were punished.
What were the Nuremberg Laws?
Laws made for the Jews limiting their freedoms.
What is genocide?
Killing of an entire ethnic group or culture (like the Jews)

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