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Basic Military Requirements CH 9


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What is the most common form of salute?
The Hand salute
How is a salute rendered in civilian clothing?
By placing the right hand over the heart.
Do you salute officers when you are in civilian clothing?
No only the flag or National anthem.
Can you salute with your left hand?
Only if the right is injured.
How do you salute when running?
Slow to a walk.
How do you salute if carrying a load in both hands?
Look at the officer and render a verbal greeting.
Can you salute while smoking?
Do you salute an officer who is uncovered or has full hands?
Yes he will return a verbal greeting.
When working with Army personnel and they salute indoors should you?
When walking with an officer and a senior officer approaches when do you salute?
When the junior officer begins his salute
What space between you and the officer is considered appropriate to begin a salute?
About six paces
What is the farthest you should salute an officer?
As far as you can recognize the uniform of an officer.
How long do you hold your salute?
Until one is returned or until you are six paces past the officer.
When boarding a ship which do you salute first the OOD or the Ensign?
The National Ensign
When leaving a ship who do you salute first the OOD or the Ensign?
When the progress of a senior
officer may be blocked, Officers and enlisted personnel clear a path by calling out ________ and stand at attention facing the senior officer until he/she passes.
Which side of an officer do you pass when overtaking?
The left
When over taking an officer what do you ask?
By your leave Sir/Mam?
Do officers in vehicles return salutes?
Only if the vehicle is stopped.
Do you salute an officer who is in civilian clothes?
In a crowded gathering when do you salute an officer?
When addressing or being addressed.
What are the three rifle salutes?
Present arms
Order arms
At right shoulder arms
What are Honors?
Salutes rendered to individuals of merit, such as recipients of the Medal of Honor, to high-ranking individuals, to ships, and to nations.
What are passing honors
Honors (other than gun salutes) rendered on occasions when ships, officials or officers pass in boats or gigs, or are passed (flag officers or above) close aboard.
Passing "close aboard" is equivilent to what distance?
600 yards for ships
400 yards for boats
What does Manning the rail consist of?
Ship’s company lining up at regular intervals along all weather deck rails.
Are side boys paraded at night?
No only 0800 to sunset excluding Sundays.
How many guns will be fired for a President?
Who receives an even number gun salute?
No one gun salutes are always an odd number.
What is the normal interval for a gun salute?
5 seconds
What is the interval of a gun salute on President's day, Memorial day and Independence day?
1 minute
How many guns are fired for President's day, Memorial day, or Independence day?
What time does the gunsalute for President's day, Memorial day, or Independence day begin and end?
Begins at 1200
Ends at 1220
A ruler of a foriegn country receives how many guns?
What time is morning colors?
What time is evening colors?
If you are in civilian clothes during colors what should you do?
Come to attention and place your right hand over your heart.
What command is given five minutes before each colors?
What flag is hoisted five minutes before each colors?
The PREP pennant is hoisted to half mast.
On ships in port what flag is flown from the bow?
Union Jack
On ships inport what flag is flown from the stern?
The National Ensign
What flag is flown from a Yard Arm to denote captains mast?
The Union Jack
The national flag is always hoisted ______ and lowered _______.
If your ship is visiting a foreign country when is their National Anthem played?
Immediately following morning colors
What is different about the ensign flown on national holidays?
It is the largest National Ensign of the command allowance
(Holiday colors)
The Ensign flown on National Holidays is known as_______.
Holiday Colors
Do ships under way carry out colors?
No. The flag is flown 24 hours a day at the mainmast
What is the name of the ceremony conducted by ships leaving port?
Shifting the colors
When mourning the loss of an official the flag is flown at ______.
Half Mast
To position the Ensign at half mast it should be _______.
Hoisted sharply to the truck and lowered ceremoniously to half mast.
How should an Ensign be lowered from half mast?
Hoisted sharply to the truck and lowered ceremoniously.
What command is sounded immediatly following colors?
Carry on
When are command pennants half masted?
Upon death of the Commanding officer
Where is Washington's tomb located?
Mount Vernon, Virginia
Are you required to render a salute if you hear the National anthem being played on some ones television?
No, only during ceremonies.
What musical selection is played to honor the president?
Hail to the Chief
When accompying an officer which side do you sit or walk on?
Where do enlisted personnel eat?
A messing Compartment
Where do officers eat?
A Wardroom
What is the part of the ship where officers have their staterooms and wardrooms?
Officers Country
What is the part of the ship where chief petty officers have their living spaces and mess.
CPO country
What is the general rule when entering a boat, room, or vehicle?
Enlisted in first
Officers out first
When boarding a boat where do seniors sit?
In the aft
Aboard ship, the CO is addressed as _______, regardless of rank.

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