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word smart junior 2-8


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머스 킷 1, n. a primitive shoulder firearm that was used before the modern rifle was invented. It was invented in the late 1500s and used into the 1900s. 머스킷총(구식 보병총)
머스 털 1, v. to bring together into one place; to call to come together, to summon 집합시키다:ex)The sounds of the morning trumpet solo mustered the sleeping troops together in the main plaza.
뮽 얼 에잍 1, v. to damage or seriously ruin, usually by cutting off or destroying somepart <물건을> 못쓰게 만들다:ex)The lawn mower plowed over the toy monster truck and mutilated it beyond all recognition
머 절 1, v. to prevent from speaking or expressing an opinion 입막음하다; n. a device that fits over an animal's nose and mouth to keep it from opening its mouth 재갈
미스 터 파이 1, v. to confuse or stump 당혹스럽게 하다:ex)The complex string of mathematical equations written on the chalkboard totallly mystified Earl, who had trouble even remembering his own age.
나 뤠이 털 1, n. the person telling an particular story 나레이터, 해설자
너엍 n. zero; nothing:ex) a man of ~ 별볼일 없는 남자; get a ~ 시험에서 0점을 받다
너 티 컬 1, adj. related to ships or sailing 항해에 관한:ex)Although he was eighty years old and blind, the old sailor's great store of nautical knowledge was extremely helpful to us on our voyage to the South Sea.
나이 adj. or adv. near or close in some way :ex)The fact that my stomach was growling indicated to me that the time was nigh for me to go and get some lunch.
님 벌 1, adj. quick and agile in movement or thought 재빠른:ex)The nimble child was able to complete the obstacle course in a new world record time.
넌 디 스크륍트 3, adj. without any qualities that stand out, rendering something difficult to describe 특징없는:ex)The bank robber's nondescript clothing allowed her to fade into the crowd easily and escape detection by the police.
눜 n. a hidden spot; a corner or recess that is part of a larger room 구석진 곳:ex)Billy kept all of his expensive baseball cards in a nook at the far end of the garage so that his little brother wouldn't find them and chew on them.
노우 션 1, n. an idea of how something should be 생각:ex)I had a notion that I should call my sick girlfriend after eight of her friends cornered me and said, "Contact Becky at home or you won't make it to sixth period."; an opinion 견해 ex)A fanatic about American nationalism, the patriot had the notion that everyone should only wear red, white, and blue clothes.
누 안스 1, n. a small, subtle change in something :ex)Adding just a pinch of pepper gave a spicy nuance to the strawberry cheesecake.
;The Australian boys' accents gave an interesting nuance to words like shrimp and leather tuxedo that I found quite exciting.
오우쓰 n. a promise to behave in certain way, calling on God or using some sacred item as your witness 선서:ex)placing his hand on the Bible, the witness gave his solemn oath that he would tell theh whole truth and nothing but the truth.; 맹세With all nine of us holding onto our only baseball bat, our team made an oath that we would practice at least once before next season.
어 블라이쥐 2, v. 의무를 지우다:ex)The law ~s parents to send their children to school. 법에 따라 부모는 자녀들을 학교에 보내지 않으면 안된다; 어쩔 수 없이 하게 하다:ex)We were ~d to obey him. 그에게 복종하지 않을 수 없었다; 은혜를 베풀다:ex)I am so much ~d to you for your kindness. 베푸신 친절 정말로 감사합니다
업 스터 닛 1, adj. stubborn; unwilling to change from a particular course or belief :완고한
오우 디 어스 1, adj. disgusting and nasty:ex)an ~ smell 악취; causing repulsion 밉살스러운
업 터 멀 1, adj. the best or most favorable 최적의
업 율 런트 1, adj. characterized by great wealth and abundance; rich 부유한
오우 퍼스 1, n. an artistic work of some kind, usually musical :ex)My favorite Beethoven opus is probably his Ninth Symphony, which he wrote when he was deaf. 작품(음악)
어 뤠이 션 2, n. a formal speech given at a special event 연설
올 키 스트뤠잍 1, v. to arrange a performance of an orchestra ; to arrange something that has many different parts 조정하다:ex)The travel agent tried to orchestrate the vacation plans of the four families so that they would all be in Paris at the same time.
올 거 니즈 엄 1, n. a living thing of any kind 생물:ex)Scientists recently discovered small bacterial organisms that live at the bottom of the ocean and consume sulfur that rises up from underground vents.
오스 텐 테이 셔스 3, adj. flashy or showy for the sake of being impressive 과시적인:ex)Wearing fourteen brightly-colored glass rings on each hand is a little ostentatious for a trip to the local convenience store.
팩트 n. a formal agreement between two countries; a bargain 협정:ex)The A.N.Z.U.S. pact between Australia, New Zealand, and the United States pledged that each country would come to the aid of the others in times of economic or political crisis.; 계약 I made a pact with my brother to stop calling him "four eyes" if he would stop telling Janine Strong that I loved her.
패인즈 태이 킹 1, adj. involving great care and thoroughness 고생스러운:ex)The triple-bypass heart surgery on the hamster took five painstaking hours for the veterinarian to perform; 공들인 Our painstaking search of the entire house finally ended when we found Mom's lost ring in the clothes hamper.
팰 퍼 벌 1, adj. able to be touched or felt:ex)There was a palpable bump on Tracy's head after she accidentally hit herself behind the ear with the baseball bat. 만질 수 있는; very obvious 명백한:ex)The tension in the air between the two rivals was almost palpable.
팬 핸 덜 1, n. a small strip of land extending like the handle of a pan from a larger area of land(look at a map of Oklahoma or Texas) 미 좁고 길게 다른 주(州)에 뻗어 있는 지역 ((Texas, Idaho 등)) :ex)Any good student of geography knows that the panhandle of Florida extends west all the way to Alabama.; v. to beg for handouts or money on the street 구걸하다:ex)The city council passed a law that made it illegal for beggars to panhandle on any public property.
패 너 루아 머 3, n. a view of everything over a wide area 전경(全景)(complete view):ex)The family pulled over at the scenic overlook in order to gaze at the panoramic view of the Valley of Sponges that sprawled below them. ; a view of a long series of events or a period in time 전개:ex)The historian wanted to write a book that viewed the entire panorama of World War 2 through the eyes of a common Russian soldier.
퍼 러 덕쓰 1, n. a statement that seems to contradict itself, but still might be true 역설
팔 쓸 1, n. a package 꾸러미; something bundled up to be sent for delivery 소포; a section or piece :ex)The farmer bought the parcel of land between his property and the river so that he could take his cows down to the river to drink without trespassing on someone else's land
팔취 v. to make very thirsty and dry, usually by intense heat 바싹 말리다:ex)Playing a soccer game without stopping, in the Texas sun in July makes my mouth so parched that I feel like I could drink an ocean;
퍼 롸이 어 2, n. someone who has been kicked out of society; an outcast :ex)Jody became a pariah at work when her fellow employees learned that every day she stole her lunch from someone.
페 러 디 1, n. a comic piece that exaggerates the actions or characters of some other piece to the extent that it becomes absurd and ridiculous 패러디; a poor, weak imitation 서투른 흉내:ex)The hearing before the Student Council was a parody of justice because the council slept through our explanations and then promptly ruled against us.
팔 썬 1, n. a religious leader in charge of a specific area called a parish 교구 목사<영>
퍼언 n. someone used and controlled by others 꼭두각시:ex)The foot soldiers knew that they were merely pawns used by the government for purposes that they couldn't understand, but, at least it was a job.
피 큘 렬 2, adj. strange or unusual 이상한:ex)Saul thought it was peculiar that he lost his pack of blueberry gum right before he saw his two younger brothers blowing huge purple bubbles from their mouths.; weird; belonging specifically to one area or region(usually followed by "to") 특유한:ex)Language is ~ to mankind. 언어는 인간 특유의 것이다
펟 럴 1, n. someone who travels around selling goods 행상
피 비쉬 1, adj. irritable; easily annoyed 투정잘부리는:ex)A single mosquito bite was enough to make the peevish child bawl for hours.
펜 이 씰 린 3, n. a compound found in a kind of mold that is used to cure a variety of bacterial disease 페니실린
퍼 뤠 니 얼 2, adj. living indefinitely ; perpetual 장기간 계속되는:ex)Until dams were built, flooding on the Coloraado River was a perennial problem that prevented settlers from building anywhere near the river.; appearing again and again :ex)Even though old Stasson was ninety, thte perennial candidate ran for president for the twentieth consecutive time.
펄 퍼 트뤠이 털 1, n. someone guilty of committing a crime 범인:ex)The police knew that Gomez was the perpetrator of the tobacco store robberies when they saw that he was slowly building a house for himself out of cigars.
펄 플렠쓰 1, v. to confuse or bewilder 당황하게 하다:ex)The strobe light, fog machine, and deafening music of the disco completely perplexed the simple goatherder who had never seen a lightbulb before.; to puzzle through(손으로 더듬어 빠져나가다) excessive complication :ex)The question of how the escape artist was able to free herself from the iron trunk that had been shot into space perplexed everyone in the audience.
펄 씨스 턴트 2, adj. refusing to give up 악착같은; stubborn and undaunted 끈덕진
페취 얼 런트 1, adj. ill-tempered and spoiled :ex)Realizing he was no longer the center of attention, the petulant child screamed at the top of his lungs.; bratty 버르장머리 없는
피 넘 어 넌 2, n. an unusual occurrence or event 현상:ex)The ~of the glowing lights over Farmer Ben's wheat field was explained when Benny was caught painting moths with glow-in-the-dark paint; something wacky[엉뚱한] that happens 황당한 일:ex)The phenomenal child wrote her first major symphony when she was only two years old.
필 로 써 피 2, n. a study of the basic truths that govern the world and society 철학; a value system by which you live 인생 철학
픽 먼트 1, n. a specific substance that provides a characteristic color to an object, such as hemoglobin (red) in blood 색소:ex)Chlorophyll converts sunlight into food in plants, and is also the pigment that makes them green.
핕 v. to set against in a competition 겨루게 하다:ex)The opening round of the karate competition pitted Frank "Walking Pain" Fantos against Maurice "Choppy Dog" Smoot.; to mark with depressions 움푹 들어가게 하다:ex)We used an icepick to pit the pumpkin with holes that made it look as though it had two eyes, a nose and a very small mouth.
플라 저 벌 1, adj. appearing to be reasonable and true 그럴듯한
플루 미쥐 1, n. the feathers on a bird 깃:ex)The male peacock spread out its colorful plumage in an effort to attract a certain female peacock he had his eye on.
펀 덜 1, v. to think about something for a while; to carefully consider 곰곰이 생각하다
프뤼 싸이스 2, adj. exact in execution; direct and clear; right on the nose 정밀한; 조금도 틀림없는; 바로 그:ex) at the ~ moment 바로 그때에
프뤧 어 털 1, n. an animal that hunts and eats other animals for its survival 육식동물
프뤠 디 쎄쓰 얼 1, n. the person who came before another person in time, such as the former person to have a certain job 전임자
프뤼 딬 어 먼트 2, n. a difficult, unpleasant situation that is hard for you to get out of 곤경:ex)After my sister faked an illness, I knew there was no escaping the predicament of baby-sitting my eight cousins for the whole weekend.
프뤰 이쓰 1, n. a fundamental fact or facts 전제:ex)Once the witness admitted he was lying, the whole premise of the case against K.O.Hertz fell to pieces.
프뤠 줌 2, v. to assume that something is true ..라고 생각하다:ex)When he heard the knock on the door, Derek presumed that it was his next-door neighbor returning the rake he had borrowed.; to take for granted :ex)Because I had finished all my chores and homework, I presumed that my father wouldn't mind if I took the car. Boy, was I wrong.; to do something without asking permission 감히 ..하다:ex)How could you presume to take my car without asking me?" Dad demanded.
프뤼이 텐쓰 1, n. a false action or reason that's used to deceive 구실:ex)Citing national security as his pretense, the brother stole his sister's diary and ran off to read it to his friends.; an unsupported claim :ex)My mother used the pretense that she had to ask us a question in order to try and find out what we were talking about in our Secret Treehouse Club meeting.

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