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Who is using the Internet?
Primarily Whites. Ppl over 50.
What are the social implications of the internet in campaigns?
Social sites are becoming more narrow. Only look at the sites you wanna look at.
What are the journalistic implications of the internet in campaigns?
Coverage is negative. Celebrity journalists and tabloid journalism.
Who had more ads total, Kaine or Kilgore?
Who used testimonial of attacks?
Who did Kilgore compare Kaine to in an attack ad?
Whos ads were less effective overall? Kaine or Kilgore?
Who used more contrast/comparisson ads?
Who dressed in more plain clothes in his ads, Kaine or Kilgore?
Who didn't do a good job with using "ads that extoll a candidate's virtues"? Why?
Dukakis in 88, because he was the virtually unkown candidate so he didn't do a good job of getting his story out.
Womens ads tend to stress __________ rather than attack others
their own strength
Womens ads are more likely to contain _______________
pictures of people, them touching ppl
females spend more time on what issues?
social issues, healthcare
female ads use more ____________
verbal strategies
what type of tv allows for better targeting?
cable tv
More money is spent on ______________ than any other medium
direct mail
What medium allows campaign to be highly selective in targeting audiences?
direct mail
what medium is used to get out the vote on election day?
what medium allows the caniddate to express themselves more fully than any other form of medium?
print ads

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