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Japans 551


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u (鵜)
a cormorant
uchiiwai no okurimono (内祝の贈物)
a little present as a token of a family celebration
uchiakebanashi (打明け話)
a confidential talk
uchijini suru (討死する)
to die in battle, to be killed in battle, to fall on the battlefield
uchi ni inai (内にいない)
to be out, to be away from home
uchihorobosu (討ち滅ぼす)
to destroy, to wipe out
uchikata hajime (撃ち方始め)
ubuna (初な)
innocent, naive
ubaguruma (乳母車)
a baby carriage, a baby buggy, a perambulator, [Infml.] a pram
uchibori (内堀/内濠)
an inner moat
kokoro o ubawareru (心を奪われる)
to be fascinated/charmed, to lose one's heart to
uchiawase o suru (打合せをする)
to arrange, to make arrangements, to fix
uchiawase (打合せ)
an arrangement, arrangements
ubau (奪う)
to take away, to rob, to deprive; [人目を] to dazzle; [野球でヒットを] to win
uchiawasekai o hiraku (打合せ会を開く)
to hold a preliminary meeting/conference, to hold a consultation
uchikeshi (打消)
a denial, negation
uchiawasekai (打合せ会)
a preliminary meeting/conference, a consultation
uchikata yame (撃ち方やめ)
Cease fire!
uchiage (打上げ)
shooting up, sending up, launch, a display [of fireworks]; the close [of a run]
uchibu (打歩)
[Com.] a premium, an agio
ubazakura (姥桜)
a faded beauty
uba (乳母)
a nurse
uchiakeru (打ち明ける)
to tell, to confess, to disclose, to confide
uchikeshi no (打消しの)
ubugoe o ageru (産声をあげる)
to be born, to see the light (of day)
uchikesu (打ち消す)
to deny
uchikin toshite harau (内金として払う)
to pay on account
uchidenokozuchi (打出の小槌)
a mallet of luck, a cornucopia, an Aladdin's lamp
uchidashi (打出し)
[興行の] the close; embossed work
uchi ni iru (内にいる)
to be in, to be at home
uchi (内)
the inside, the interior; in, inside, within, indoors; one's home/house; in, within, during, while, before; of, between, among, out of
uchijū (家中)
the whole family; all over the house
uchigeba (内ゲバ)
an intra-group strife, an inter-group strife
uchikatsu (打ち勝つ)
to conquer, to overcome
uchiai (打合い/撃合い)
a fight, an exchange of shots
ubugi (産着)
clothes for a (newborn) baby
uchigawa (内側)
the inside
uchidome ni suru (打ち止めにする)
to bring to a close, to bring to an end
uchibarai toshite (内払いとして)
as part payment, in partial payment, as earnest money
uchiau (打ち合う/撃ち合う)
to fight, to exchange blows, to exchange shots
uchidasu (打ち出す/撃ち出す)
to open fire; [模様を] to emboss; [政策を] to announce, to publish, to disclose, to hammer out; [原則を] to lay down; to end, to close
uchikina (内気な)
shy, bashful, reserved
udoshi (卯年)
the year of the Hare
ubaikaesu (奪い返す)
to take back, to recover
ubuyu o tsukawaseru (産湯をつかわせる)
to give a (newborn) baby a bath
uchiagehanabi (打上げ花火)
a skyrocket
uchikaesu (打ち返す)
to strike back, to beat back, to hit back, to give a counterblow; [波が] to roll [on the shore]; [綿を] to rewhip
uchiiri (討入り)
a raid, a break-in
ubaiau (奪い合う)
to struggle
uchibenkei (内弁慶)
a lion at home and a mouse abroad
kyōchū o uchiakeru (胸中を打ち明ける)
to speak one's mind frankly
uchiharau (打ち払う)
to beat off, to shake off; to drive away
uchibari (内張り)
lining, ceiling
ubuge (産毛)
downy hair
ukai (鵜飼)
cormorant fishing
uchihimo (打紐)
a braid
uchikake (打掛け)
an uchikake, a long outer garment
uchigawa no (内側の)
inside, inner
uchihishigarete (打ち拉がれて)
crushed [by one's misfortunes]
uchiageru (打ち上げる)
to shoot off, to fire off, to let off, to set off, to send, to launch; [波が物を] to throw up on the shore; [興行を] to finish, to end, to close
uchideshi (内弟子)
a private pupil, an apprentice

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