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Home Inspection Cards


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Pressure-treated lumber is required for structures subject to the enviroment or that may be affected by decay and termites. Some example are:
Sills on concrete or masonary walls.
Sills or sleepers on concrete or masonary slabs in direct contact with the ground
wood embedded in grade or areas subject to conditions conductive to decay and termites.
All structural lumber used in residential construction is required to be graded by an approved agency
Some common imperfections of lumber include:
pitch pockets
A home inspector must be familiar with registered grade trademarks
Hardwood trees are slower growing and live longer than softwood trees
Stain fungi and decay fungi are two major fungi that occure on wood
Fungus is a plant with chlorophyll
What does a fireplace smoke shelf do?
Prevents downdrafts from blowing smoke into the room
What do weep holes in a brick veneer house Provide?
an outlet to drain the moisture condensing behing the brick.
How are purlins installed by builders?
Nail braces between rafters and joists at a load-bearing wall
What is a roof truss
Is an assembly usuall consisting of a lower chord and upper chords, "W" diagonals, and gusset plates.
How can an inspector determine whether plywood is approved for exterior use?
Grade Mark
A Proper approval agency stamp accepted for pressure treated wood is what?
What factors are important in providing sufficient draft in a chimney?
Chimney height and flue size
Which type of food uses hip rafters?
The maximum moisture content of framing lumber is what?
19 Percent
Expansion joints are required when EIFS terminates against a dissimilar material?
The minimum distance a sprinkler or shrub should be from the foundation with EIFS siding is?
24 inches
Thermal conductivity is a problem with metal frame houses in cold climates.
When outside air cools metal studs, the resulting condensation may cause what:
streaking on the drywall
moisture and mold
rusting and failure
A tile roof is rated by ASTME-108 as a Class what?
When inspecting a cedar shake roof from the attic, the inspector should optimally see only what?
the felt underlayment or plywood subroof
A roof structure designed for wood shingles will be adequate to support a slate tile roof.
On an asphalt shingle roof, if the nails show what has been installed improperly?
The roof
Where would you find a cricket on a roof?
On the high side of a drainage obstruction such as a chimney
in the low valley or flat roofs to prevent pooling
Under mechanical equipment which discharges water and/or restricts drainage.
Pressure-treated wood shingles and wood shakes have what rating?
Class C
Flat roofs are required to meet minimum performance requirements when exposed to external fire situations.
Asphalt Shingles are tested for performance in high winds of how many miles per hour?
Flat roofs should completely drain in how many hours to have proper drainage?
What is the minimum sloper-per-foot recommended for a flat roof?
1/4 inch
Soffit vents should be blocked in the winter?
Roof expansion joints are used to do what?
minimize stress and movement effects of a building's components.
Prevent the stresses of splitting the roof membrane.
Accomadate contradiction as well as expansion.
What consists of two triangular pieces of plywood joined to form a level ridge that extendeds from the center of the chimney back to the wood deck?
A square of roofing material covers how many square feet?
What does a "Class A" UL rating mean in roofing material?
Fire rating
The top layer of bitumen into which the aggregate is embedded on an aggregate-surfaced built-up roof is what?
Flood Coat
Composition shingles are not recommended on roof slopes greater than what?
The butt edge of an asphalt shingle is called the what?
An inspector should not walk on a tile or slate roof?
Polyvinyl chloride pipe is used with hot water.
A fullway valve is also called a what?
Gate Valve
Sewage ejectors are designed for sanitary systems are what?
for systems that are below the city sewage system.
are for where the drain field is higher than the septic tank.
Gas water heaters are required to have a flue baffle.
Where would you find a tempering valve in a solar water-heating system?
In the water line between the storage tank and standard water heater.
A commode loose at the floor on a slab foundation needs what?
to be reset with a new seal.
The purpose of a sewer vent is what?
To allow sewer gasses to exhaust above the roof.
what plumbing device is prohibited?
Moving part trap.
The temperature/pressure relief valve on a water heater is a what?
A safety valve to prevent explosions.
Whater heaters located in the attic should always set in a drain pan.
Sprinkler systems have a backflow preventer to protect against contamination of what type of water?
Where should the water shutoff valve be on a water heater?
At the cold water inlet
An air chamber provides what in plumbing?
An air cushion to minimize water hammering
Which plumbing device is used to remedy water hammering?
An air chamber.
When checking a jacuzzi bathtub you should do what with the water?
Fill the tub a minimum of 2 to 3 inches above the nozzles.
The purpose of the sacrificial anode tube is to protect the water heaters from what type of damage.
Instant hot water heaters are tankless water heaters.
An advantage of an on-site aerobic plant over a conventional on-site sewage facility is what?
It does a better job of handling dissolved organic waste.
Grease traps require more frequent maintenance than a septic tank.
A private water well shall be a minimum of how many feet from a septic system?
Electricity is sold in quantities of what?
Kilowatt hours
As the resistance of a circuit increases, the current flowing in the circuit will increase?
To determine the amount of current in a circuit, you must consider the what and what?
Voltage and resistance
Direct current flows only from negative terminal to positive terminal.
Transformers can be used only on direct current.
To operate a load from two different locations would require what?
two three-way switches
Every switch,receptacle, and wire splice must be in a junction box.
Three items that are required for an electrical circuit are what?
A source, a path and a load.
Alternating current is generated by what?
Electromagnetic induction.
Non-metallic cable, also called what is a set of insulated electrical conductors and may have a bare grounding conductor held together by a plastic cover.
Romex Cable
What are the four types of electrical insulation?
Rubber, mineral, asbestos, thermoplastic
A conduit's function is to do what?
confine arcing or sparking to protect against fire damage
What kind of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter may be used in residential properties?
Receptacle,Circuit Breaker, Plug-in
The primary function of a switch is to do what?
Open and close an electrical circuit
Any inducted draft fan must start moving air through the heat exchanger within five seconds after the combustion starts.
The six properties that regulate the comfort of persons inside a building are what?
Temperature control, filtration, noise reduction, outside air control, humidity control, and air circulation
An oil furnace regulates its draft using what that is installed in the vent pipe?
barometric damper
A cracked heat exchanger or rusty burners cause formation of carbon monoxide. What other situation results in the formation of this dangerous gas?
Draft hood spillage
When inspecting a gas furnace, what color should the flame be?
A heat exchanger does what?
Passes air over the outside of the exchanger and picks up heat energy from the surface
What is the simplest method to check heating elements on an electric furnace?
Use and Amprobe
A solar water heating system using a liquid heat transfer fluid should have well-insulated pipes.
To compensate for thermostat override, a thin wire resistor called the what is located near the bimetal coil?
Heat Anticipator
In comparing the heat values of propane and butane we can conclude what?
Butane burns hotter than propane
What is a chemical reaction that occurs when fuel gasses combine with oxygen and ignite?
What is the transfer of heat with the movement of fluid?
On most furnaces, the limit control is calibrated to shut off the burner if the air reaches what temp?
200 degrees F.
Check valves are designed to do what?
Prevent thermosiphoning
Air trapped in a solar water heating system may cause what?
The fluid to stop flowing
Homes with a basement should not have a floor furnace installed.
When mercury is contaminated it will do what?
Produce a film that insulates the electrodes
Heat is a form of energy
Electric air filters remove particles larger than how many microns?
The thermopile thermostat generates direct current of 500 mV or 750 mV
The Trane Company manufactures its own scroll compressors?
Which equipment manufacturer uses a bar graph on the thermostat to indicate the RPM of the compressor?
A compressor pumps refrigerant only what state?
When a heat pump is in heat mode, the indoor coil becomes the condenser coil. This is accomplished through what valve?
If frost or ice accumulates on the outdoor coil of a heat pump while it is in heat pump mode, what is usually defective?
Reversing Valve or defrost control
Regarding heat pump operation, when the heat pump's heating capacity exactly matches the house heating loss it is called what?
balance point
What are the advantages of a scroll compressor over a piston compressor?
Suction and discharge process are separated
Smooth compression and discharge
does not require any valves
The purpose of a condenser is to?
remove heat from refrigerant
Reciprocating compressors are what?
Hermetically sealed with current and temperature protectors built in.
The droop compensator's function is what?
To lower the thermostatic droop in heat pumps.
According to the EPA, what unit is the most efficient heating technology?
Geothermal heat pump
On a Trane XV1500 the variable speed motors are DC voltage motors.
A low ambient kit consists of what?
A pressure switch, and a thermal sensor.
Groundwater heat pumps may use water from ponds, rivers, and lakes.
A run capacitor is a device that does what?
Stores electrical energy.
The water source heat pump equipment is desinged to operate with water temperatures between_____45 degrees F and _______degrees F?
45 and 90
In many thermostats currently manufactured, an amber light illuminates when the thermostat is put into the emergency heat position.
When is a start kit necessary?
When the voltage supply is low.
The _______ is the most expensive and functionally important part of a complete refrigeration system?
What are the two basic types of residential-sized evaporators?
Slab type and A-coil
The operation of a dishwasher requires _________.
Hot water, Strong detergent and water pressure
Exposed metal on dishwasher racks and tubs is not a defect as long as the dishwasher operates. T or F
If the thermostat probe is misaligned in the oven, false temperature readings result.
T of F
The kitchen exhaust system may be vented into any chimeny. T or F
Central Vacuum systems are dry vacuums only. T or F
During cleaning, self-cleaning oven temperatures vary from what to what?
900-1,150 Degrees F
When operating a disposal, flush it with ample water from which tap?
Cold water tap
The batch disposal is energized by a _______ at the disposal
Twist Top
When inspecting a gas cooktop with an electronic igniter turned to the "lite" position you should hear a ________ noise before burner ignition.
Solid flat cast iron elements are different from other conventional coil elements because ________.
Cast Iron elements have twice the surface area
Cast Iron elements are slightly elevated and sealed into the cooktop
Cast Iron elements transfer heat evenly and there is no need for them to become red-hot to cook properly
Frost build-up in a freezer usually indicates an air leak or a defective defrost heater.
T or F
Radiant heat elements cycle down if the cooking surface exceeds what temperature?
400 deg F
When inspecting a non-vented kitchen exhaust, you should find a(n)__________ filter for filtering odors and grease vapor.
A clothes dryer must vent______.
to the exterior of the habitable area
The recommended water temperature for a dishwasher is__________.
140 degrees F
If the oven clock is inoperable,you would expect_______.
The automatic timer to be inop
The self-cleaning feature to be inoperable
The minute timer may be operable.
Micorwave ovens use________.
electromagnetic energy
In the oven's electronic pilot controls, the silicon carbide glow bar must reach what temp to open the safety valve?
2,000 deg F
An Ice maker would require a water turn-off valve if the pressure exceeds ___________.
100 pounds per square inch.
Before cast iron elements are used for the first time they must be what?
Microwave ovens are use what type of energy?
electromagnetic energy
What determines pump size for a pool?
Size of the pool and size of the filter
The GFCI is needed only on a vinyl-lined Pool? T or F
The Device located in the pool wall that collects oils, floating algae, leaves and debris from the water's surface is called the what?
Surface skimmer
A venturi jet is part of a ________.
The pool circulating pump should ________________.
Have a strainer basket in place.
Be the proper size to overcome all resistance in the plumbing system.
Not require you to prime the pump
The three most popular filters used on pools and spas are what?
High-rate sand filter
Cartridge Filter
Diatomaceous Earth Filter.
The concrete pool is the most popular in-ground pool because of its what?
Design flexibility
What is/are the advantages of a fiberglass pool over a concrete or gunite pool?
Low Mnx
Easy to clean
Prevents Algae formation
What is the most economical fuel used in pool heaters?
Natural Gas
A pool must be what depth to be equipped with a diving board?
7 1/2
The swimming pool water should be checked how often during the summer months?
three-to-four times a week.
If a swimming pool were found to be one inch or more out of level, what would be the potential promblem?
ground water or expansive soil
A sauna should be equipped with a _____ and _______ to monitor temperature and humidity
Thermometer and hygrometer
Subterranean termites are found______.
Throughout the United States
Presence of subterranean termites is indicated by ________.
shelter tubes
Presence of drywood termites is indicated by ________.
fecal pellets
Termites develop through three growth stages, which are ________.
Egg, nymph, adult
Subterranean termites require moisture, favorable temperatures, and a wood supply.
Powder post beetles attack only seasoned hardwoods.
Initial evidence of carpenter ant infestion is often a small pile of sawdust debris that has sifted down from the gallery enterance.
Common places for carpenter bees to nest are _______.
Carpenter ants are always black.
Wood-boring beetles have four life stages
In many areas an inspector mush have a special license to perform wood destroying insect inspections.
Drywood termites build shelter tubes.
The life cycle of the woodboring beetle is________.
a few months
three months to one year
20 to 30 years
Formosan termites can penetrate mortar, asphalt, rubber, plastic, etc.
The most common termites are ________.
subterranean and drywood
Carpenter bees eat wood.
Carpenter bees hibernate in the winter

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