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64 Verbs


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Acabe con la leche.
I finished off the milk.
Se nos acabo el dinero.
We've run out of money.
Se acabo
Its over. I'm out of it.


Esta agotado.
We're out of it.
Esta acabado
Its finished.
He's washed up.
Acabo de comer.
I have just eaten.
Acababa de comer cuando llegaste.
I had just eaten when you arrived.
to dawn
Como amaneciste?
How did you sleep?
(from "how did you dawn")
Amanecio muerto
he died in his sleep.
Pedro anda gritando tu nombre.

Anda corriendo

Anda en coche
Pedro's going around shouting your name.
Ya no ando con ellos.
I don't hang around with them anymore.
Por donde andas?
Where are you at?

Let's get moving! o That's fine.

Way to go.
Andale pues!
Have a nice day!
to feel like, craving, urge
Se me antoja una pizza.
I'm dying for a pizza.
Por que no vas a ir al cine?
Porque no se me antoja.
Why aren't you going to the movies? Because I don't feel like it.
Dejame una dona; luego se me va a antojar.
Leave me a donut; I'll probably feel like having one later.
Bajar de peso

Me baja la maleta por favor?

lose weight

Get my suitcase down please?

Turn it down (the volume)or slow down (the speed)
Quepo yo?

Cabe decir.

No cabe duda.
Will I fit?

It's worth mentioning.

There's no doubt.
Se me cayo el vaso

Caer bien, caer mal.
I dropped the glass.

I like, I don't like.
Te caigo en la tarde.

Es que me cayeron.
I'll drop in on you in the pm.

They just showed up (negative).
Me puede cambiar un billete de a veinte?
Can you change a twenty?
Cambiar de idea

Cambiar de opinion

Cambiar de casa (mudarse)

Cambiar de ropa
change one's mind

change one's opinion

move to another house

change clothes
Coger - vulgar, replace with:


to fornicate

to take

to grab
to be familiar with, use with proper nouns and all specific people, places and things. se "saber" for everything else.
La pimera vez que lo conoci.
The first time I meet him. (use conocer only for first encounter. After that, "encontrar".
Le encontre en el cine.
I met him at the movies.
They met me at the train.
Me recibieron en el tren.
Quedar en verse o

Quedar en encontrarse
for planned get-togethers
Quede en verme con unos amigos en el centro.
I met (up with) my friends downtown.
Creo que tienes la razon.
I think you're right.
Ni creas que te voy a ayudar.
Don't expect me to help you.
Creo que si o no.
I think so.
Ana se quedo para quedar a sus ninos.
Ana stayed home to watch over the kids.
Dar en la torre.
They beat the pants off them.
Dar a la calle
to face the street
da igual

da lo mismo
It's all the same to me

It does not matter
dar coraje

dar la lata
to make mad

to perter or to be a pain
Estan dando la segunda parte de Arma Mortal.
They're showing the second part of Lethal Weapon.
Darse por vencido
I give up
Darse cuenta

Perdon, no me di cuenta de que estaba estacionando en su pie.
To realize.

Sorry, I didn't realize I was parked on your foot.
Dile que venga

Dile que estamos aqui.
Tell him to come here.

Tell him we're here.
Dejenos entrar

Entremos o vamos a entrar
Let us in

Let's go in
Dejame en paz

Leave me alone

Drop it.
Deja ver o

Dejame ver
Let me see
Que lo disfruten
that you enjoyed
Enjoy yourselves.

dormir o dormirse

to go to sleep
La fiesta duro toda la noche.
The fiesta lasted all night.


putting in

taking out

kicking out
echar a perder
to spoil
Echame la mano.
Give me a hand.
Echale ganas, hijo
Give it a good effort, son.
Echar la culpa
to blame
Se lo encargo mucho
I'm really counting on you.
Te encargo unas aspirinas?
Can you get me some aspirin?
Me equivoque de telefono.
I made a mistake about the phone no.
Espero que venga
I hope she comes.
Espero a que regrese.
I'll wait for her to come back.
El esta de malas.
He's in a bad mood.

Voy a estrenar la camisa que me regalaste.
Display something

I'm going to wear (1st time) the shirt that you gave me.
Me guarda la maleta?
Put my suitcase away?
Cuidate la maleta?
Keep an eye on my suitcase?
Habia veinte personas en el auto.

Never use habian
There were twenty people in the car.
Hubo un choque en la carretera.

Never use hubieron
There was an accident on the highway.
El habla

This is he
Hazte de cuenta

Haz de cuenta
Pretend that

Let's say that

Se hace el loco para no ir a carcel.
to become, to act like

He pretends to be crazy to avoid going to jail.
No te hagas
Don't give me that
No te vayas a meter en lios
Don't go getting yourself in trouble.
Logre reparar la tele
I managed to fix the television.
Cuando tiempo lleva aqui!
How long have you been here?
Es el senor que lleva lentes.
He's the man with the glasses on.
No me llevo con ellos.
I don't get along with them.
Take it
Manda hacer unas copias.
Have some copies made.
Vamos a meternos.
Let's go inside.
No te metas con mi hermana.
Don't get mixed up with my sister.
Yo te nota
So I see
Si quiere ir parado
If you want to travel standing up.
El coche se paro.

Pare el coche.
The car stopped.

I stopped the car.
Me parezco a mi padre.
I look like my father.
Estan pasando la nueva pelicula.
They are showing the new movie.
Pidele que se vaya.
Ask him to leave.
Pedir prestado
to borrow
Me prestas tu pluma?
Can you lend me your pen?
Aqui me quedo
I'm staying here
Quedese con el cambio
Keep the change.
Me quede en blanco.
I don't understand it at all.
Este saco no me queda.
This coat doesn't fit.
Perdon, donde queda la plaza?
Excuse me, where is the plaza?
En que quedamos?
So what's the deal?
Queda bien
to be on one's good side
Cuando quieras, donde quieras, como quieras
whenever you like, wherever you like, however you like
Fue con querer o sin querer?
Was it on purpose or by accident/

to break intentionally

to break accidentally
romper con el novio
break up with sweetheart
de haberlo sabido
if only I had known
que yo sepa
as far as I know
la sopa sabe bien
the soup tastes good
sigue creyendo en Santa Claus
he still believes in Santa Claus
Quien sigue?
Who's next?
Como sigues?
How are you getting along?
Siento haber llegado tarde.
Sorry I'm late.
Que cerveza sea
Whatever or any beer they have.
No sirve mi telefono.
My telephone does not work.

Suele ir al cine saliendo del trabajo.
to be in the habit of

He usually goes to the movies after work.

suena el timbre

No, pero el nombre me suena.
to sound or ring

the doorbell is ringing

No, but the name rings a bell.
Sueno con serpientes.
I dream about snakes.
Tarda el tiempo que quieras.
Take as much time as you want.
Tarde en llegar porque habia mucho trafico.
I'm late getting here because there was a lot of traffic.
El tren esta tardando en llegar.
The train is late arriving.
Me toca
my turn
tratar de

trate de dormir
to try

I tried to sleep
No vale la pena
Its not worth it.
Mas vale tarde que nunca
Better late than never
Lo veo dificil
It looks difficult
Se ve bien
He, she it looks good.
Se ve que son grandes amigos
You can tell they're great friends.
Volver + infinitivo

Gracias, vuelvo a llamar mas tarde
to repeat, do it again

Thanks, I'll call again later.
Vuelve a intentar.
Try again.

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