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Chap. 4 Quiz World History I


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What is the Colossus of Rhodes
A statue of Helios
where is the island of Rhodes
off of Greese
why was the Colossus of Rhodes built
celibrate a victory
Statue of Rhodes inspired
statue of liberty (torch)
artist who designed Statue of Rhodes
distruction of Colossus of Rhodes
earthquake - stayed in pieces b/c belived Zeus didn't want to pick up peices - later Arabs used for scrap meatal
who carved statue of Zeus
where is the statue of zeus
Olympia, Greece
in hands of statue of Zeuse
statue of Nike in left
cepter in right
statue of Zeuse made of
carved from ivory, covered w/ gold
Myth of Statue of Zeuse
Emporer Constantine wanted to move to constantinople - wodden base filled w/ mice - noise - thought was haunted
who was Mausoleum of Halicarnassus built for
king Mazolus (satrap)
wher was Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Halicarnassus - modern city of Bodrum in W asia minor
what is Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus description
collumns, rectangular, step pyramid on top, lots of statues
sarcophagus in Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
in middle, marble, statues of greek myth & history
Hanging gardens made of
mud bricks & stone
plants above ground
roots in roof
water for Hanging gardens
from Euphrates by pully system
Hanging gardens built for/by
Nabuchadnezzer-for wife
Temple of Artemis in
Temple of Artemis looks like
lots of collumns - 1 left
Temple of Artemis rebuilt
7 times - destroyed in battle-wanted favor goddess
Ephesian Artemis
goddess of fertility
Pyramids for
son Khafre
grandson Mankare
3 Queen pyramids
Geography of greece
3/4 mountains
short Rivers
little arable land
long coast
climate of greece & efect
mild - spend a lot of time outdoors
meetings, plays
affect of mountains
effect of sea
traders, fishers, pirates
Sir Arthur Evans
British - evidence that was a civilization - Minoan
Minoan city
Minoan Women
higher status than others
minoan trade
ships - had wood
ships guarded creete - no walls
w/ Egypt & mesopotamia
End of Minoans
don't know how
tidal wave?
Mycenaean invasion?
Mycenaeans lived
Balkan Pen.
Mycanaeans from
central asia - migrated b/c pop. growth
Mycenaean kingdoms
hiltop, walled fortress, estates & vilages outside
Mycenaean palaces
centers of gov. & production-had artisans
Mycenaean artisans
leather, clothes, jars (olive oil & wine), bronze sword, oxhide shields
Mycenaean taxes
records of all people
form of - wheat, livestock, honey
Mycenaean trade
w/ minoans - adopted parts of culture
"dark ages" began
Dorians invaded (iron weapons) - less advanced - trade & skills & writing stopped
reaction to "dark ages"
many flead to Ionia - kept cuture - had phoenician alphabet - bards
Civ. after "dark ages"
Helenic - after 1st greeks
blind poet
Iliad & Odessey
Trojan war
Paris & Helen
10 yr seige
trojan horse
Heinrich Schliemann
German archiologist
Troy was real
Mycenaean king Odysseus
10 yrs to get home to wife
Iliad & Odessey in schools
show values:
loyalty, love, exelece, bravery
Gods human qualities
marriage, kids, jelousy, murder, lying, quareling
Zeus - olimpics
Dionysus - theatre
1st theatres
open air, audiance on hillside then permenant w/ seats
city-state (& surrounding area)
hill in middle of city w/ temple to local diety
& foot of acropolis - public square
occered in agora
choose oficials, meetings, artisans & merchants
rights of citizens
vote, hold office, own property, speak for selves in court
people who participated in gov.
citizens had to
surve in office
defend polis
after "dark ages" - big pop. - sent out - farmed - sent back grain - farmers in polis did other crafts
cash crops
in polis
wine, olive oil
nedded less workers
1st - issued by merchants
then by polis
Ionian pottery
exported, based on Mycenaean, birds/humans/geometric lines
disputed between commoners & aritocrats
debts - lost land - debt slavery
rows of foot soldiers w/ shields
rule by wealthy - not hereditary, not land
How common people became more valuble
footr soldirs - backbone of army
unrest caused
seize power & rule by self
meaning of tyrant today
good rulars became harsh
gov. by people
where is sparta
pelponnesus pen.
why is sparta militaristic
invaded neibors for food - slaves - revolt
spartan slaves
artisans & merchants from caonquered (in sparta)
ambitions of spartans
men - good soldiers
women - mothers of "
why sparta didn't have a wall
believed if defended by spartan soldiers, don't need one
life of spartan men
7 - start training
20 - sent to frontier
30 - marry
60 - retier
women in sparta
healthy & strong - as much food as brothers (differnt)
did gymnastics, wresleing, boxing
freedoms of women in sparta
shopping, dinners w/ non-family members there, own property, express opinoins
could sparten women take part in gov.
rular of sparta
2 kings
the Assembly in sparta
all male citizens, passed laws, decisions about war & peace
5 ephors
(sparta) overseers, elected by assembly, public affairs, veto legeslation
Council of elders in sparta
28 men over 60, proposed laws, supreme court
how sparta lagged behind other greeks
shunned philosophy, science, arts; discourge trade (to be self-reliant)
importants of spartans
good athlets, soldiers important
location of athens
Attica Pen.
1st gov of athens
monarchy then arisocracy
athens' main problem
friction between classes
free foreigners in athens couldn't own lands
or participate in gov.
a plan of gov
athenian constitution
all free ahtenian-born males vote -> reduced conflict
law code - harsh - written down
canceled debts - outlawed debt slavery - limited amnt. of land a person could own - promoted industry & trade
athenian councel of 400
aristocrats, draft stuff for assemblies approval
divided up estates, loans for poor
power to assembly, all citizens part of, equal before law, freedom of speech
Athenian assembly
supreme court, pass laws, appointed generals
ahthenian council of 500
open to all citizens, daily gov buissiness
anthenian lottery
every year, choose members of council, had to surve, believe elections unfairly favored rich
athenian jury system
majority vote, large size so not influenced by threats or bribes
each yr. citizens of athens wrote down name of bad politition - if appeared 6,000 times - could be exiled
piece of baked clay unsed in ostracism
athenian education for girls
no formal, household duties from mother
athenian education for boys
rich - tutors
others - private school
most - debates in assembly in agora
ahtenian boys learned
arithmatic, geometry, drawing, music, gymnastics, in teens - rhetoric
the art of public speaking - didn't have lawyers
seas around greece
Aegean, Black, Mediterraninan, Ionian
greece lacked
natural resources - timber, precios metals, arable land
Minoan bulls
religion, bull leaping
Minoan palaces & noble homes had
running water
Mycenaean social classes
sharp devisions, only wealthy had bronze
Elysian Fields
paradise, part of underworls, only for heroes
athenian tyrants
support of lower classes, promises for peace & prosperity

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