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word smart 2-9


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패 트뤄 모우 니 1, an inheritance, especially from a father; a legacy:If Bob keeps spending at this rate, he will have exhausted his entire ~ by the end of the year.
패 뤄 그뤄 네이 션 4, 주유(周遊):Matthew's ~s across Europe have given him a vaguely continental accent and a walletful of unusable currency.
펄 페취 우 에잍 2, 영속시키다:The new forestry bill contained conservation measures intended to help ~ the nation's timber resources.
펄 벌쓰 2, contrary:It is ~ of Tim to insist on having the window seat, since looking down from great heights makes him airsick.:괴팍한:Ralph takes a ~ pleasure in making his garden the ugliest on the block; it pleases him to know that he deeply annoys his neighbors.
팬 태 점 1, 허깨비:Though Aaron seems confident, fear and insecurity hover in his background like ~s ready to haunt him again at any moment.
플렉 매 틱 2, 무감각한:It must be true that opposites attract; Debbie becomes upset at the slightest provocation, while Webbie is so ~ that nothing seems to bother him at all.:무관심한:Vinnie tried to be ~ about his eleven last-place finishes on field day, but as soon as he got home, he broke down and cried like a baby.
필 그뤄 미쥐 1, 순례:Every year, thousands of tone-deaf(토운 대프 1, 음치의) people make a ~ to the shrine of St.Piano, hoping that musical ability will be restored to them.:긴여행:Someday I'm going to make a ~ back to the most important spots of my childhood, beginning with the McDonald's across the street from my old house.
플라이 어 벌 1, flexible;easy to bend; easy to convince, persuade, or mold:If you work the modeling clay until it is ~, you will find that it is easier to mold into shapes.:The tennis coach preferred working with very young children, because he found them to be more ~ than older players, who had often become set in their ways.:Sharon was so ~ that she would instantly changer her mind whenever anyone disagreed with her.n.pliability
플라잍 곤경:Moved by the ~ of the hostages, the rich man assembled an army of mercenaries(용병) to rescue them.
플런 덜 1, to loot; to ransack(약탈하다):Mrs.Ort told her son to stop ~ing the refrigerator before he ate up all the food that she had prepared for her guests.:The victorious soldiers ~ed the town until there was nothing left to steal.
플룰 뤄 리 점 1, 다원주의:~ is the only hope for American society; our country is made up of too many different kinds of people for a single culture to prevail.:다양성:Anne's reading habits relfected a healthy ~; she read all the classics, but she also enjoyed murder mysteries and historical novels.adj.pluralistic
판 티 퍼 케잍 2, 거만하게,권위적으로말하다:Mr.Burgess doesn't so much speak as ~; he makes even "hello" sound like a proclamation from on high.
파 뤄쓰 1, 다공성(多孔性)의:You just can't build a ~ boat and expect it to float.:흡수력이좋은:They're advertising a paper towel so ~ that one sheet can soak up a whole sinkful of water.n.porousness or porosity(파 롸 써 티 2 다공성):~ is not a desirable quality in an umbrella.
파쓰 태 뤄 티 2, 후세:Richard necessarily paints for ~; nobody alive has any interest in his pictures.
파쓰 춰 머쓰 1, 사후의:The ~ publication of Hemingway novels has become a minor literary industry, even though Hemingway clearly had good reasons for keeping the novels unpublished.
파쓰 춸 1, to act or speak artificially or affectedly:Jessica is always ~ing about the plight of farm workers, even though she has never set foot on a farm in her life.:The creative writing workshop quickly disintegrated into an orgy of
~ing by the self-important student poets, all of whom were trying to prove that they were tortured geniuses.
프뤠 털 1, 수다떨다:Billie Jean ~s ceaselessly about the only things that interest her:make up, shopping, and her weight.:(어린애처럼) 말을 더듬거리다:A baby's ~ is utterly adorable unless you have to listen to it all day long.
프뤼 코우 쉬어쓰 2, 조숙한:The ~ child could tie her shoes five minutes after she was born and tap dance before she was a month old.:uncommonly gifted:Beethoven's father was so proud of his son's ~ musical genius that he used to wake the boy up in the middle of the night and make him play the piano for guests.
프뤼 디 꺼 먼트 2, 곤경:"Now, let's see. How will I escape from this ~?" asked Monty as he stared at the tiger charging toward him.
프뤡 넌트 1, 의미심장한:India's message to her boyfriend contained only three words, yet those three words were ~ with meaning ("I am ~")
프뤨 륟 1, 서막:As a ~ to her recital, Mrs.Oliver lectured for about an hour on some of the finer points of the composition she was about to sing.:준비행위:Stretching exercises should be a ~ to any long bout of exercise; stretching muscles before exerting them helps protect them from injury.
프뤼 메 디 태이 턷 2, 미리계획된:Jerry's seemingly fortuitous(뜻밖의) rise to the presidency had actually been carefully ~; for twenty years, he had been quietly sucking up to anyone in the company whom he felt could advance his career.
프뤼 판 더 뤈쓰 2, (수적,양적)우세:Looking around the well-dressed crowd at the ball, Richard was surprised to notice a ~ of women wearing baseball caps.
프레 씨쥐 1, ..의전조가되다:Patty's sullen looks ~ yet another family battle.:predict:The meteorologist's record at ~ing the weather was not very impressive; he was correct only about half the time.
프뤼 젠 터 먼트 2, 예감:"I knew the boat would sink,"Aunt Louise said triumphantly. "I just had a ~ about it when I saw that leaky bottom."
프뤼 주 머 블리 2, 아마,생각컨대:~ Elsie would have worn her glasses if she had known that her driver's test was today.
프뤼 써 포우즈 3, 단정하다:We mustn't ~ that the new headmaster hates girls just because he's always been in charge of boys' schools before; after all that time spent living with boys, it may actually be boys whom he hates.:..을전제로하다:A high score does not ~ good play by either team; sometimes sloppy teams run up a big score through carelessness.
프롸이 멀 1, 가장중요한:~ among a puppy's needs is access to expensive shoes that it can chew.:원시적인:The throbbing music engendered a sort of ~ excitement in the crowd, causing people to bang their chests and jump up and down on their seats.
프롸이 베이 션 2, 궁핍:Oh, come on, Debbie! Not having an indoor swimming pool isn't exactly a ~, you know!
프로우 클레임 2, 선포하다:The blossoms on the cherry trees ~ed spring from every branch.:Ordinary people don't usually ~ things.
프뤄 큐얼 2, 입수하다:It took a lot of effort and know-how to ~ Oreos at the health spa, but Stuart bribed the chief chef.n.procurement
프롸 저 니 1, 자손<집합적>:Mr.March is rich in nothing but ~; he says he'd rather have a million children than a million dollars.
프롸 퍼 게잍 1, 증식시키다:It shocked the nation when Tom gave up his career in professional basketball and devoted his life to ~in tree fungi(펑거쓰의 복수 펑가이, 버섯):사상을전파하다:The Cold Sun Society is dedicated to ~ing the theory that the sun is a huge iceball, and its members wear winter coats all year long to protect them from icy blasts of sunlight.
프뤄 파운드 2, 제기하다:"This evening" began the scientist, "I plan to ~ my hypothesis that trees grow because invisible giants pull them out of the ground."
프로우 터 줴이 1, 제자, 문하생(a person under the care of someone interested in his welfare or career:"I would like you to meet my ~, Dirk Simpson," said Miss Charlton. "I am training him to manage my estate and will leave the bulk of my fortune to him when I pass away."cf.protegee(female protege)
프로우 터 껄 1, (외교상의)의례,의전:It isn't exactly ~, but diplomats' children can generally behave as badly as they want and not get punished for it.
프롸 버 케이 션 3, 도발:Despite the bully's ~s, Peter refused to be drawn into a fight.
프롸우 이쓰 1, 용감무쌍함:Annie is famous all across the country for her ~ on horseback; in fact, some people say she's one of the most talented trick riders in the world.
프루 뤼 언트 1, 호색적인:Since Miss Goggins was afraid that art books with naked statues in them would appeal to teenager's ~ interests, she had all the art books removed from the library shelves.:n.prurience
싸이 키 1, 영혼:Mel has a very fragile ~; when anyone criticizes him, he pout(토라지다)s for two days and refuses to eat.
퍼 멀 1, 주먹으로 연달아 때리다:You often have to ~ bread dough in order to knead(반죽하다) it correctly.
펑ㅋ 틸 리 어쓰 2, (지나치게)꼼꼼한:The prosecutor's ~ recitation of the case against the defendant left the jury no choice but to convict.:Mr.Tholen's punctiliousness about table manners made his children tremble as they approaced the dining room.
펀 딭 1, 인도의 석학(碩學), 범학자(梵學者)-->전문가;권위자:I can never decide what the most important issues of the day are, so I let the ~s who write the columns on the editorial page tell me.
펀 전트 1, 혀,코를찌르는:The simmering soup gave off a ~ aroma that stung the nostrils of the cook.:신랄한:Rachel's wit is a little too ~ for me; there is a tinge of cruelty in the jokes she tells about her friends.
퓨 너 팁 1, inflicting(<벌 등을> 주다, 과하다) a punishment:Claude designs clothes so tight that wearing them is almost ~.
펄 블라인드 1, 눈이침침한:Surgery is not a job for the ~; last week, the myopic Dr.Jones sewed his watch inside someone's abdomen.
퓨 뤄 태 니 컬 3, (도덕적으로) 엄격한:Ursula's parents are quite ~; they won't let her talk to boys, and won't let her stay out past seven-thirty without a chaperon((사교계에 나가는 젊은 여성의) 여성 보호자, 샤프롱)
쿠웨인트 별난:In this town people have the ~ custom of throwing their plates at the hostess when they've finished eating.
쿠완 드뤼 1, 난처한처지:Joe's in a ~; tomorrow he's scheduled to marry three different woman in three different towns, and he can't decide whether to try to pull it off or move to another country.
쿠웨이 자이 1, 준(準), 반(半):Our invention was a ~-success; it didn't do what we wanted it to do, but it also didn't blow up.
키이 부두(부두(埠頭)[명사] 항구에서, 배를 대어 여객이 타고 내리거나 짐을 싣고 부리는 곳.):The party is being held on the ~; that means that at least five people will get pushed into the water at some point during the evening.
크웰 가라앉히다:Only his girlfriend could ~ Whit's wrath(격노) at not having been chosen for the varsity team.
큐우 줄지어차례를기다리다:People were so eager for tickets that they started to ~ up the night before the box office opened.
크위 에 썬트 2, 활동하지않는:Theodore was bubbling over with energy as a young man, but in old age he settled into a peaceful quiescence.
퀴 지 컬 1, 짖꿎은:Josh gave Jennifer's waistline a ~ glance as she reached for her third piece of pie.:당혹한:The policeman's ~ expression hinted that perhaps I hadn't explained very well why I had to speed on the highway.
쿠오우 티 디 언 2, 매일일어나는:Having an airplane crash in your backyard isn't exactly a ~ event; in fact, for most people it isn't even a weekly one.
뤰 펀트 1, 만연한:Crime was ~ in the high school building; every locker has been broken into.:과격한:A ~ horde(무리)of squealing(깩깩거리는)fans swarm(<사람벌레 등이> 떼지어 몰려들다)ed the rock star:손쓸수없이마구퍼지는:A rumor that the princess is expecting triplets is running ~ through the village; by noon, everyone in the county will have heard it.
뤠 뤄 파읻 1, 심원한:Wendell's musical compositions are so ~ that only a few people can really appreciate them.
뤠 터 파이 1, 비준(비ː준(批准))하다(1.신하의 상주(上奏)를 임금이 재가(裁可)하는 일.
2.조약의 체결에 대하여, 국가가 최종적으로 확인하고 동의함, 또는 그 절차.
¶한일 조약을 비준하다.):If the latest version of the disarmament treaty isn't ratified soon, we must prepare for the possibility of war.
뤠 씨 어 써 네이 션 5, 논리적 추론:Winning the love of Wilma was clearly not a problem that could be solved by ~ alone; Wendell decided to turn off his computer and ask her out.
뤄 커쓰 1, 귀에거슬리는:Jed laughed ~ly when his sister toppled(넘어지다) off her chair.
뤠 액 션 너 뤼 2, 극우적인:Grandpa Gus is so ~ that he doesn't think women should be allowed to vote.
뤼 버프 2, 퇴짜놓다:Don't be surprised if Willie ~s your advances(여자에게의) 구애, 접근; if you want him to kiss you, you're just going to have to invest in some false teeth.
뤼 씨 더 비 점 2, 재범:There's not much evidence that imprisoning people reforms them; the rate of ~ among released convicts is very, very high.

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