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Diverse Learners Final Exam


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Personal Intervention Plan
Focuses mainly on the causes of students behavior and what to do to improve it.
A condition that develops slowly and has long lastin symptoms
Student has poor self mointoring skills
An acute condition develops quickly with intense symptoms that last for a relatively short period of time.
Injured when the caretaker becomes angry or frustrated and shakes the child violently to try to make him stop crying
A type or seziure where you loose conscience and the whole body is affected.
Inability to use lanuage appropriately result of a headd injury
Tonic-Clonic seizures
affect a student's motor control area of the brain, as well as sensory, behavioral, and cognitive areas. Can occur in only one region of the brain or spread to other brain hemispheres.
Open Head Injury
pentrates the bones of the skull allowing bacteria to have contact with the brain and potentially impairing specfic functions, usually only those controlled by the injurd part of the brain.
Altering curriculm
Teaching content that will enable students to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills that are typically not addressed in the general ed. classroom
When a student has a seziure and they may be picking at clothes, repeating a sentence, or even running ( no memory/random movements)
Apagar screening
is a method for determing the health of a newborn immediately in transition to life outside of the womb. The screening occurs in the first minute after birth and again at the fifth minute after birth.
Other Health Impairments
those having limited strength, vitality or alettness, including a heightened alertness to environmental stimuli that results in limited alertness with respect to the educational environment
Occupational therapy
training to reaquire their fine motor skills in order to fuction independently
closed head injury
Results when the brain whips back and forth during an accident, causing it to bounce off the inside of the skull. It does not involve penetration or a fracture of the bone of the skull.
Occurs when a person has too much sugar in his/her bloodstream as a result of lack of insulin
A lateral curve of the spine
Universal Precautions
A list of necessary hygenic procedures to prevent the spread of communicable conditions.
Muscular Dystrophy
Refers to a group of hereditary muscles destroying disorders that vary in their inheritance pattern, their age of onset to muscles inintally attacked and their rate of progressive
Refer to aspects of the environment that cause development malformation in humans
Spina Bifida
Is a conditon in which the person's Vertbral arches (the connectivve tissue between the vertebra and another) are not compleetely closed, the person spine is split thus spina spine bifidia is the most common form of nerual tube defect
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Results from the mothers alcohol use during pregancy
Before birth
Health Care Plans
Coordinate students medical information and needs among family members and medical and school staff.
Respite Care
The provision of planned activties in which the family can participate and or babysitting services to allow family member to have a break for caregiving
Invovles tightness in one or more muscle groups and accounts for 70%-80% of indiviuals with cerbral palsy
Orthopedic impairment
means orthopedic impairment that adversely affects a child's educational preformance(motor or bone impairment)
Cerebral Palsy
Refer to a lack of muscle control that affects a student's ablility to move and to maintain balance and posture and it has a neurological basis
Speech disorder
Refers to difficulty in producing sounds as well as disorders of voice quailty or fluency of speech, often referred to as stuttering
Pertains to the technical mastery of skills and knowledge within a domain
Cleft palate
a condition in which a person has split in the upper part of the oral cavity or upper lip
domain Specific gifteness
a definition that regards intelligence as multidemensional
a regional varation of a lanauage as when someone speakes English using terms or pronunciations common only in that region.

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