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Multi-subject Army board study guide


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What are the four major factors of Leadership?
The Leader, The Led, The Communication, The Situation.
What are the two ways to sanitize water?
Iodine Tablets and Boiling.
What AR covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10
What is the policy on nuclear weapons and when they can be used?
Only the President has the authority to order the use nuclear weapons, only if necessary as a last resort.
What does the acronym COLD stand for?
Keep it CLEAN, avoid OVERHEATING, wear LOOSE layers, and keep it DRY.
When should a casualty not be placed in the shock position?
If he has a:
-Head Injury
-Abdominal wound
-Unsplinted fractured leg
What are the Army Values?
Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage
What is the FM concerning the M16/A1, M16/A2, and M4 Rifles?
FM 3-22.9
When must Identification Tags be worn?
When directed by the Commander, engaged in field training, in an aircraft, or OCONUS.
What is a battle roster?
A listing of individuals, crews, or elements that reflects capabilities, proficiencies of critical tasks, and other information concerning war-fighting capabilities.
What does ACS stand for?
Army Community Service
What is COMSEC?
Communications Security
What military clothing items can be worn with civilian clothes?
- Low Quarters
- The Windbreaker
- The all-weather coat
What are the five F's of sanitation?
Fingers, Foods, Fluids, Flies, Feces
What is First-Aid?
It is the first care given to injured soldiers before medical personnel are available.
What do the colors on the flag represent?
-Red - Hardiness & Valor
-White - Purity & Innocence
-Blue - Vigilance, Perservation, and Justice.
What type of manual is used to perform operator level maintenance?
The Technical Manual (10 series)
How is the flag draped over the casket?
So the stars are over the left shoulder.
When is the flag flown upside down?
In a state of emergency.
How many stripes does the American Flag have?
13 Stripes (7 red, 6 white)
What is Field Sanitation?
Creating and maintaining healthful environmental conditions, these include safeguarding food, safeguarding water, and controlling disease bearing insects and rodents.
What are some places that the flag is flown 24 hours a day?
-US Capitol in Washington, DC
-USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor, HI
-The World War memorial in Worchester, MA
-Fort McHenry Nat'l Monument
-The Moon
-Arlington Cemetary
-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
-Francis Scott Keys grave
Describe the M4 Rifle
A 5.56mm, magazine fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, semi-automatic or three-round burst, hand-held, shoulder-fired weapon.
What are five methods of communication?
Radio, sound, visual, messenger, wire
What are five types of ammunition for an M16?
Ball, Blank, Tracer, Dummy, Plastic
Why is the Flag worn on the right shoulder of the Utility Uniform?
To give the effect of the flag waving in the breeze as the wearer moves forward.
What does SOI stand for?
Signal Operation Instructions
What does METL stand for?
Mission, Essential, Task, List
What are the three general orders?
-I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved
-I will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a military manner.
-I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions to the commander of the relief.
What date was Pearl Harbor bombed, and by who?
7 December 1941, by Japan
What FM is Army leadership covered under?
FM 22-100
What FM covers Counseling?
FM 22-100
What are the four levels of maintenance?
-Direct Support
-General Support
What do you treat first? The entry or the exit wound?
Treat the larger wound first, however the exit wound is usually larger than the entry wound.
What are two primary responsibilities of a leader?
Mission accomplishment and the welfare of the soldier
What is the motto of ACS?
Self-Help, Service, and Stability
Name Three Catogories of heat injuries
-Heat Cramps
-Heat Exhaustion
-Heat Stroke
What are the three types of bleeding?
-Arterial - Blood is bright red and spurts with the heart beat
-Venous - Blood is dark red and flows in a steady stream
-Capillary - Blood oozes from the wound
What is military courtesy?
The respect that soldiers show to each other
When was the army flag dedicated?
14 June 1956
(it was approved 12 June 1956)
What does AER stand for and what do they offer?
Army Emergency Relief
They offer grants and interest-free loans.
What are the eight steps in evaluating a casualty?
Check for:
-Possible Concussions
What are the three types of procedures for MOPP gear exchange?
-Buddy team
-Triple buddy
Name four common points for checking pulse
-Side of the neck
-The Wrist
-The Groin
-The Ankle
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16/A2 Rifle?
3100 feet per second
What are five activities that Morale support provides?
PX, Gym, Commissary, Swimming Pool, Bowling, Movie Theatre, Sporting events
Name the three types of NBC warnings?
-Verbal (GAS!, GAS!, GAS!)
-Hand and Arm Signals
-Banging metal on metal
What is an NCO in the Army?
The backbone of the Army
What are three types of Court-Marshal?
Summary, Special, General
What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
-Steady position
-Proper Aim (sight picture)
-Trigger Squeeze
What are the 5 MOPP Levels?
MOPP 0 - Gear accessible
MOPP 1 - Overgarment
MOPP 2 - Overgarment, Boots
MOPP 3 - Overgarment, Boots, Mask
MOPP 4 - Overgarment, Boots, Mask, Gloves
What is a TEWT?
A Tactical Excercise Without Troops
How deep do you bury WD1 wire under hard-packed roads?
6 to 12 inches
How deep do you bury WD1 wire in loose or sandy soil?
Atleast 3 feet
What is the most important military courtesy?
The hand Salute
What Army Regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1
Who is the Sergeant Major of the Army?
SMA Kenneth O. Preston
What are the 2 methods of rescue breathing?
-Mouth to Mouth resusitation
-Back-pressure arm lift method
What is Immediate Action?
Reducing a stoppage without investigating the cause.

What is the purpose of a retreat ceremony?
To retire the colors from the days activities, and to end the work day
What size Projectile is fired from the M203?
40mm Grenade
Who is the only person that is on your Chain of command and the NCO support channel?
Your direct line supervisor
What is the basic load of M16/A2 Rifle?
210 rounds (7 mags of 30 rounds each)
What is military leadership?
Influencing soldiers through the use of purpose, motivation, and direction
What forms do NBC contaminants come in?
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
What are training aids?
Items that assist in the conduct of training and process of learning
What are contour lines?
Imaginary lines that represent high and low ground elevation
What does TABE stand for?
Test of Adult Basic Education
What is a JSLIST and when do you get it?
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology

It is the new MOPP gear that you get when you report to your unit
What does ACS service and what type of services do they offer?
Military and family members. They offer:
-Soldier and Family Readiness
-Financial Readiness
-Relocation assistance
-Employment assistance
-Mayoral program
What are three types of article 15?
-Company grade
-Field grade
What is a map?
A graphical representation of the earth's surface as seen from above
What are three types of non-judicial punishment?
-Corrective training
-Denial of pass privileges
-Reduction in grade
When did the Army purchase its first vehicle?
Why do commanders give non-judicial punishment?
To Correct, Educate, and Inform soldiers
Name 3 types of flags normally flown and their sizes.
Storm -5ft x 9 1/2ft
Post -8ft 11 3/8in x 17ft
Garrison -20ft x 38ft
What Army regulation covers ACES?
AR 621-5
What is a battle drill?
Executing a collective action rapidly without hesitation
What type of duty does an NCO get when they receive an Article 15?
Supervisory duty only
What Army Regulation is AER covered under?
AR 930-4
What is the first thing you do when you handle a weapon?
Make sure you clear it
Wear and appearance of military uniforms is covered under what regulation?
AR 670-1
What is the range of a TA-1 field phone?
1 mile
What does PMCS stand for?
Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services
What do the 13 stripes on a flag represent?
The 13 original colonies (states)
What does the word OPSEC mean?
Operational Security
The US Flag is flown half-staff for what?
How long do you apply pressure when using the auto injector?
10 seconds
What is the maximum range of the M4 rifle?
3600 meters
What is the maximum effective range of the M4 rifle?
-Point target: 500 meters
-Area target: 600 meters
What does SALUTE stand for?
Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment
What does SINCGARS stand for?
Single Channel Ground/Airborne radio system
When is the Army's Birthdate?
June 14, 1775
What regulation covers the Army safety program?
AR 385-10
What regulation is Army Equal Opportunity program covered under?
AR 600-20
What does MAPEX stand for?
Map excercise
What does STX stand for?
Situational Training Excercise
What does BOS stand for?
Battlefield Operating Systems
What is a crew drill?
A collective action that must be performed to use a weapon or equipment
What branch of the Army is known as the "Queen of Battle"?
The Infantry
Who was the first Command Sergeant Major of the Army?
CSM William O. Woolridge
What are the three leadership styles?
What are the five "S" you should know when you capture an enemy?
What are the three security classification categories?
-Top Secret
What does the acronym MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
What inspections or checks are involved in the PMCS?
Before, During, After, Weekly, and Monthly
What are the three categories of military vehicles?
Administrative, Tactical, Combat
What does "BII" stand for and where will you find the BII list?
-Basic Issue Items
-The back of the -10
What leaks, no matter how bad will dead line (DL) a vehicle?
Fuel, and brake fluid
The Army method of controlling equipment is known as what?
What does "SERE" stand for?
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
If captured, when is the best time to escape?
As soon as possible (most likely, this is when you will be closest to your own lines).
Who authorized the code of conduct in 1955?
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
What is the weight (in lbs) of the M4 Carbine?
w/o magazine and sling: 6.49
w/ sling and 30 round magazine: 7.50
What is the length of the M4?
Buttstock closed: 29.75
Buttstock open: 33.00
What are the maximum effective rates of fire for the M4?
(Rounds Per Minute)
Semiautomatic: 45
Burst: 90
Sustained: 12-15
What is meant by "sustained" rate of fire?
The rate of fire that a weapon can continue to deliver for an indefinite period without overheating.
What is the muzzle velocity (fps) of the M4?

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