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Ammonia smell to breath
- uremia
- Marfan’s
Ascending weakness / paralysis
- Guillain-Barre syndrome
Asterixis : flapping hand tremor
- Alcoholic cirrhosis
Bag of worms - scrotal sac
- Varicocoele
Barrel chest
- emphysemia
Bat Wing appearance on CXR
Pulmonary edema
Bird's beak on barium swallow
- Achalasia
Bitter almonds (scent)
- Cyanide poisoning
Black eschars
- Anthrax
Black urine
- Alkaptonuria
genetic disorder w/ truncus arteriosus & tetralogy of fallot
22q11 syndromes
genetic disorder w/ ASD or VSD
Downs syndrome
Bronze diabetes
- Hemochromatosis
Buffalo hump
- Cushing's syndrome
genetic disorder w/ coarctation of the aorta
Bull's neck lymphadenopathy : involving cervical lymph nodes
- Diptheria
Bunch of grapes
- Hydatiform mole
Chancre [painless]
- 1° Syphilis (treponema pallidium)
Cherry-red lips
- CO
Cheyne-Stokes Breathing
- cerebral lesion
Chocolate brown blood
- methemogloinemia
Christmas tree pattern of skin lesions
- Pityriasis rosea
What Brachial plexus injury & autoimmune disease presents with Claw hand?
- lower trunk injury (C8, T1)

- Scleroderma
Currant-Jelly Stool
- Intussusception
Hyperresonant percussion;
trachea pushed to contra-side
Double bubble on Abdominal film
- Duodenal atresia
Genetic disorder w/ Aortic insufficiency
- Marfan’s
Erythema Chronicum Migrans
- Lyme Disease
Fish-mouth vertebrae of lumbar spine on xray
- Sickle cell
Bug causing:
Flask shaped ulcers
- Entameba histiolytica

Floppy baby
- Clostridium botulinum
Fruity odor to breath
- ketosis
Fungus ball in lung
- Aspergillus
Garlic (scent)
- Arsenic poisoning
Goiter : enlarged thyroid
- iodine deficiency
Gummas : granuloma of rubbery consistency
- tertiary syphlis
Hamman crunch : crunching sounds on chest auscultation
- Air dissected into subcutaneous tissue
- rib fx
- ruptured esophagus
most common form of childhood systemic vasculitis.
- Henoch-Schonlein
Heterophil Antibodies
- infectious mononucleosis (EBV)
Infantile cataracts
- Rubella

- I-cell

- Glactosemia
Koilonychia : spoon nails
Spoon nails are not HIP:

1. Hemochromatosis

2. Iron deficiency anemia

3. Plummer-Vinson syndrome
Koplik Spots : blue-gray spots on buccal mucosa
- measles
Lead Pipe sign on abdominal X-ray
- Ulcerative colitis
Leg ulcers
- Sickle cell anemia
Lemon yellow skin color
- Pernicious anemia
thickened stomach wall due to diffuse infiltration by cancer cells
Linitis plastica
Malar rash
Monoclonal Antibody Spike
1. Multiple myeloma
this is called the M protein
(usually IgG or IgA);

2. MGUS;

3. Waldenstrom's macroglobinemia
cause of congenital transposition of great vessels
Offspring of diabetic mother
Musty [mousy] body odor
Non-pitting Edema
- Myxedema
- Anthrax Toxin
abdominal "Olive" in baby
Pyloric stenosis
Pink eye virus
- Adenovirus
Porcelain Gallbladder on x-ray : dystrophic calcification
- Chronic cholecystitis
- Adenocarcinoma of the prostate
Pseudomembranous colitis
- C. difficile
- shigellosis
- ischemic bowel disease
Pseudomembranous pharyngitis
- Corynebacterium diptheriae
Purple striae
- Cushing's syndrome
Putrid breath
- lung abscess
Red diaper
- serratia marccescens UTI
Rice-water stool
- vibrio cholera infection
Rose spots [rash]
- typhoid fever
Russell bodies : bright red globules of immunoglobulin in cytoplasm of plasma cells
- Multiple myeloma
S4 Heart Sound
LVH/RVH (resistence to filling);
Pulmonary Stenosis;
Pulmonary HTN
Schwartzman Reaction : impressive rash with bugs
- Neisseria meningitidis
Shield chest : widely spaced niples
- Turner's syndrome
Snowstorm appearance on pelvic US
- Hydatiform mole
Strawberry Gallbladder : CH ladden macrophages
- Cholesterolosis; no clinical significance
Sulfur granules in draining sinuses from jaw
- Actinomycosis [A. israelii]
Thumb print sign on barium enema
- ischemic bowel
Thumb sign : thumb protrudes over clenched fist
- Marfan syndrome
Where is the brachial plexus injured with a Waiter's tip (arm is extended, adducted, internally rotated)?
- Upper trunk injury (C5, C6)
Webbed neck
- Turner's syndrome
White reflex in eye
- retinoblastoma
Winged scapula
- Long thoracic n. damage; trauma to chest wall
Wrist drop
- Radial n. damage
- fall on shoulder
- birth injury
CK increased 100% in new born.
Duchenne's muscular dystrophy
increased direct bilirubin
Bile duct obstruction
Mixed increased direct bilirubin & indirect bilirubin
- Viral hepatitis
- Alcoholic hepatitis
increased indirect bilirubin
hemolytic anemia
MCC increased Calcium
1. Primary hyperparatyhroidism

2. SCC of lung
Dull percussion;
Trachea pushed to contra side
Pleural effusion
Dull percussion;
Trachea pushed to ipsi-lateral side
normal percussion & fremitus;
fine or coarse crackles
Pulmonary fibrosis
hyperresonant percussion;
crackles, wheezing
possible splinting;
increased fremitus
Consolidated pneumonia w/ patent bronchus

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